POST /vdc/{id}/action/composeVApp

POST /vdc/{id}/action/composeVApp
Composes a new vApp using VMs from other vApps or vApp templates. The vCloud API supports composing a vApp from any combination of vApp templates, vApps, or virtual machines. When you compose a vApp, all children of each composition source become peers in the Children collection of the composed vApp. To compose a vApp, a client makes a compose vApp request whose body is a ComposeVAppParams element, includes the following information: - An InstantiationParams element that applies to the composed vApp itself and any vApp templates referenced in Item elements. - A SourcedItem element for each virtual machine, vApp, or vAppTemplate to include in the composition. Each SourcedItem can contain the following elements: - A required Source element whose href attribute value is a reference to a vApp template, vApp, or VM to include in the composition. If the Source element references a VM, the Item must also include an InstantiationParams element specific to that VM. - An optional NetworkAssignment element that specifies how the network connections of child VM elements are mapped to vApp networks in the parent. - If any of the composition items is subject to a EULA, the ComposeVAppParams element must include an AllEULAsAccepted element that has a value of true, indicating that you accept the EULA. Otherwise, composition fails. The composed vApp must be deployed and powered on before it can be used. The status of vApp will be UNRESOLVED(0) until the compose task is finished.
Input parameters
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Output parameters
VAppType This operation returns a task in the vApp resource, the user should wait this task to finish to be able to use the vApp.

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