Internal use only.
Media type(s):
XML Representation:
<SerialPortConfigType xmlns="">
    <Status> xs:string </Status>
    <StartConnected> xs:boolean </StartConnected>
    <AllowGuestControl> xs:boolean </AllowGuestControl>
    <Direction> xs:string </Direction>
    <ServiceUri> xs:string </ServiceUri>
    <YieldOnPoll> xs:boolean </YieldOnPoll>


Element Type Occurrence Modifiable Since Description
VCloudExtension VCloudExtensionType 0..* always 1.5 An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes.
Status string 0..1 none 1.5 Indicates the current status of the connectable device. Valid only while the virtual machine is running. The set of possible values: ok The device is working correctly. recoverableError The device has reported a recoverable error. For example, attempting to connect to network device that is being used by another virtual machine or some other program would result in this status. unrecoverableError The device cannot be used. For example, attempting to connect to a network device that does not exist would result in this status. untried The device status is unknown, or it has not been requested to connect when the VM is powered on.
StartConnected boolean 0..1 always 1.5 Flag to specify whether or not to connect the device when the virtual machine starts.
AllowGuestControl boolean 1 always 1.5 Flag to allow the guest to control whether the connectable device is connected.
Direction string 1 always 1.5 The direction of the connection. Possible values are "client" and "server". "client" indicates that the virtual machine can initiate a connection with a system on the network using the specified serviceURI. "server" indicates that the virtual machine can listen for a connection on the specified serviceURI.
ServiceUri string 1 always 1.5 Identifies the local host or a system on the network, depending on the value of direction. If you use the virtual machine as a server, the URI identifies the host on which the virtual machine runs. In this case, the host name part of the URI should be empty, or it should specify the address of the local host. If you use the virtual machine as a client, the URI identifies the remote system on the network.
YieldOnPoll boolean 1 always 1.5 Setting yieldOnPoll to true causes the virtual machine to provide processor time information only when the virtual machine's sole task is polling the virtual serial port.