Represents users in the vCloud system.
Media type(s):
XML Representation:
<User xmlns="" href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" name="xs:string" id="xs:string">
    <Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
    <Description> xs:string </Description>
        <Task href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" name="xs:string" id="xs:string"
                status="xs:string" operation="xs:string" operationName="xs:string" startTime="xs:dateTime"
                endTime="xs:dateTime" expiryTime="xs:dateTime">
            <Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
            <Description> xs:string </Description>
            <Tasks> TasksInProgressType </Tasks>
            <Owner href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Error message="xs:string" majorErrorCode="xs:int" minorErrorCode="xs:string" vendorSpecificErrorCode="xs:string"
            <User href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Organization href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Progress> xs:int </Progress>
            <Params> ... </Params>
    <FullName> xs:string </FullName>
    <EmailAddress> xs:string </EmailAddress>
    <Telephone> xs:string </Telephone>
    <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
    <IsLocked> xs:boolean </IsLocked>
    <IM> xs:string </IM>
    <NameInSource> xs:string </NameInSource>
    <IsAlertEnabled> xs:boolean </IsAlertEnabled>
    <AlertEmailPrefix> xs:string </AlertEmailPrefix>
    <AlertEmail> xs:string </AlertEmail>
    <IsExternal> xs:boolean </IsExternal>
    <IsDefaultCached> xs:boolean </IsDefaultCached>
    <IsGroupRole> xs:boolean </IsGroupRole>
    <StoredVmQuota> xs:int </StoredVmQuota>
    <DeployedVmQuota> xs:int </DeployedVmQuota>
    <Role href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <Password> xs:string </Password>
        <GroupReference href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>


Attribute Type Required Modifiable Since Description
href anyURI No always 0.9 Contains the URI to the entity.
type string No always 0.9 Contains the type of the entity.
name string Yes always 0.9 The name of the entity.
id string No none 0.9 The entity identifier, expressed in URN format. The value of this attribute uniquely identifies the entity, persists for the life of the entity, and is never reused.


Element Type Occurrence Modifiable Since Description
VCloudExtension VCloudExtensionType 0..* always 0.9 An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes.
Link LinkType 0..* none 0.9 Optional link to an entity or operation associated with this object.
Description string 0..1 always 0.9 Optional description.
Tasks TasksInProgressType 0..1 none 0.9 A list of queued, running, or recently completed tasks associated with this entity.
FullName string 0..1 always 0.9 Full name of the user.
EmailAddress string 0..1 always 0.9 User s email address.
Telephone string 0..1 always 0.9 Telephone contacts of the user.
IsEnabled boolean 0..1 always 0.9 Not specifying this flag in the request to update a User will result in disabling it (default value if flag is not specified is false).
IsLocked boolean 0..1 always 0.9 This flag is set if the user account has been locked due to too many invalid login attempts. A locked user account can be re-enabled by updating the user with this flag set to false. (However, the account cannot be manually locked by setting it to true - setting this flag is only done by the login process).
IM string 0..1 always 0.9 User's instant messaging address.
NameInSource string 0..1 always 0.9 User name as retrieved from, and in the encoding used by, LDAP.
IsAlertEnabled boolean 0..1 always 0.9 True if alerts are enabled for the user.
AlertEmailPrefix string 0..1 always 0.9 String to prepend to alert message Subject line.
AlertEmail string 0..1 always 0.9 True if this user should get alert email.
IsExternal boolean 0..1 always 0.9 Indicates whether a user is imported from an external source or not. Set to true on user creation in order to import from an external (LDAP) source.
IsDefaultCached boolean 0..1 always 0.9 True if this user is cached.
IsGroupRole boolean 0..1 always 0.9 True if this user has a group role.
StoredVmQuota int 0..1 always 1.0 Quota of vApps that this user can store. A value of 0 specifies an unlimited quota.
DeployedVmQuota int 0..1 always 1.0 Quota of vApps that this user can deploy concurrently. A value of 0 specifies an unlimited quota.
Role ReferenceType 0..1 always 0.9 A reference to the user s role. When you are creating a User, the request body must contain exactly one Role element.
Password string 0..1 always 0.9 The user s password. This value is never returned by GET. It is inspected on create and modify. On modify, the absence of this element indicates that the password should not be changed.
GroupReferences GroupsListType 0..1 none 0.9 Container for ReferenceType elements that reference groups of which this user is a member.


CRUD Operation Description Since
create POST /admin/org/{id}/users Creates or imports a user in an organization. 0.9
read GET /admin/user/{id} Retrieves a user. 0.9
update PUT /admin/user/{id} Modifies a user. 0.9
delete DELETE /admin/user/{id} Deletes a user. 0.9
action POST /admin/user/{id}/action/unlock Unlocks a user. 1.5