Extension representation of provider vDC type.
Media type(s):
XML Representation:
<VMWProviderVdc xmlns="http://www.vmware.com/vcloud/extension/v1.5" xmlns:vcloud_v1.5="http://www.vmware.com/vcloud/v1.5" href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" name="xs:string" id="xs:string"
    <vcloud_v1.5:Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
    <Description> xs:string </Description>
        <vcloud_v1.5:Task href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" name="xs:string" id="xs:string"
                status="xs:string" operation="xs:string" operationName="xs:string" startTime="xs:dateTime"
                endTime="xs:dateTime" expiryTime="xs:dateTime">
            <vcloud_v1.5:Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
            <Description> xs:string </Description>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Tasks> vcloud_v1.5:TasksInProgressType </vcloud_v1.5:Tasks>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Owner href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Error message="xs:string" majorErrorCode="xs:int" minorErrorCode="xs:string" vendorSpecificErrorCode="xs:string"
            <vcloud_v1.5:User href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:Organization href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Progress> xs:int </Progress>
            <Params> ... </Params>
            <Units> xs:string </Units>
            <Allocation> xs:long </Allocation>
            <Total> xs:long </Total>
            <Used> xs:long </Used>
            <Overhead> xs:long </Overhead>
            <Units> xs:string </Units>
            <Allocation> xs:long </Allocation>
            <Total> xs:long </Total>
            <Used> xs:long </Used>
            <Overhead> xs:long </Overhead>
        <IsElastic> xs:boolean </IsElastic>
        <IsHA> xs:boolean </IsHA>
        <Units> xs:string </Units>
        <Allocation> xs:long </Allocation>
        <Total> xs:long </Total>
        <Used> xs:long </Used>
        <Overhead> xs:long </Overhead>
        <vcloud_v1.5:Network href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:SupportedHardwareVersion> vcloud_v1.5:SupportedHardwareVersionType </vcloud_v1.5:SupportedHardwareVersion>
        <vcloud_v1.5:Vdc href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
        <vcloud_v1.5:NetworkPoolReference href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <vcloud_v1.5:VimServerRef href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <MoRef> xs:string </MoRef>
            <VimObjectType> xs:string </VimObjectType>
            <vcloud_v1.5:VimServerRef href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <MoRef> xs:string </MoRef>
            <VimObjectType> xs:string </VimObjectType>
    <vcloud_v1.5:VimServer href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <HostReferences href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string">
        <vcloud_v1.5:Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
        <vcloud_v1.5:HostReference href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <HighestSupportedHardwareVersion> xs:string </HighestSupportedHardwareVersion>


Attribute Type Required Modifiable Since Description
href anyURI No always 1.0 Contains the URI to the entity.
type string No always 1.0 Contains the type of the entity.
name string Yes always 1.0 The name of the entity.
id string No none 1.0 The entity identifier, expressed in URN format. The value of this attribute uniquely identifies the entity, persists for the life of the entity, and is never reused.
status int No none 1.0 Creation status of the provider VDC. One of: -1 (creation failed), 0 (not ready), 1 (ready), 2 (unknown), 3 (unrecognized)


Element Type Occurrence Modifiable Since Description
VCloudExtension VCloudExtensionType 0..* always 1.0 An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes.
Link LinkType 0..* none 1.0 Optional link to an entity or operation associated with this object.
Description string 0..1 always 1.0 Optional description.
Tasks TasksInProgressType 0..1 none 1.0 A list of queued, running, or recently completed tasks associated with this entity.
ComputeCapacity RootComputeCapacityType 0..1 none 1.0 Read-only indicator of CPU and memory capacity.
StorageCapacity ProviderVdcCapacityType 0..1 none 1.0 Read-only indicator of datastore capacity.
AvailableNetworks AvailableNetworksType 0..1 none 1.0 Read-only list of available networks.
Capabilities CapabilitiesType 0..1 none 1.0 Read-only list of VM hardware versions supported by this vDC.
Vdcs VdcsType 0..1 1.0 Read-only list of organization vDCs supported by this provider vDC.
IsEnabled boolean 0..1 always 1.0 Flag to show the enabled status of provider VDC. Note that the provider vDC is always enabled on creation, but can be modified later through the isEnabled flag.
NetworkPoolReferences NetworkPoolReferencesType 0..1 none 1.0 Read-only list of network pools available to this provider vDC.
DataStoreRefs VimObjectRefsType 1 always 0.9 vSphere datastores backing this provider vDC.
ResourcePoolRefs VimObjectRefsType 1 always 1.5 Resource pools backing this provider vDC. On create, you must specify a resource pool that is not used by (and is not the child of a resource pool used by) any other provider vDC. On modify, this element is required for schema validation, but its contents cannot be changed.
VimServer ReferenceType 0..* always 0.9 The vCenter server that provides the resource pools and datastores. A valid reference is required on create. On modify, this element is required for schema validation, but its contents cannot be changed.
HostReferences VMWHostReferencesType 0..1 none 1.0 Shows all hosts which are connected to VC server.
HighestSupportedHardwareVersion string 0..1 always 1.0 The highest supported virtual hardware version in the provider vDC. The two possible values are: vmx-07 -- virtual hardware version 7. vmx-08 -- virtual hardware version 8.


CRUD Operation Description Since
create POST /admin/extension/providervdcs Creates a provider vDC. 0.9
read GET /admin/extension/providervdc/{id} Gets an extension representation of provider vDC. 0.9
update PUT /admin/extension/providervdc/{id} Modifies a provider vDC. 0.9
delete DELETE /admin/extension/providervdc/{id} Deletes a provider vDC. 0.9
action POST /admin/extension/providervdc/{id}/action/disable Disables a provider vDC. 0.9
action POST /admin/extension/providervdc/{id}/action/enable Enables a provider vDC. 0.9