VMware vCloud Suite 6.0 Release Notes

Updated on: 7 April 2015

VMware Cloud Suite™ 6.0 | 12 March 2015

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What's in the Release Notes

These release notes apply to vCloud Suite 6.0, and cover the following topics:

What's New

VMware vCloud Suite is an integrated offering for building and managing a VMware vSphere private cloud based on the Software-Defined Data Center architecture that enables IT organizations to achieve transformational outcomes. vCloud Suite 6.0 is the latest release of the suite and has the following enhancements:

  • Server Virtualization for both Scale-Up and Scale-Out applications—Improvement in scale and configuration maximum for vSphere make it possible to virtualize and run SAP HANA, Hadoop, and Big Data workloads with significant performance gains. Instant Clone deploys new nodes 10x faster than was possible in previous releases.
  • Cloud Business Management—Automated infrastructure costing and metering report users' consumption of virtualized infrastructure and associated costs. Integrated pricing with self-service provisioning portal make infrastructure costs transparent to users before consumption.
  • Availability for Planned Live Migration—Multi-processor fault tolerance eliminates downtime for workloads with up to 4-vCPU, including POS, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services applications, which means less unplanned downtime and revenue lost.
  • Superior Desktop Virtualization—NVIDIA GRID Virtual Graphics Processing Unit (vGPU) enables superior 2D/3D graphics and performance for virtual desktops. vSphere Instant Clone clones and deploys thousands of virtual desktops in minutes without overwhelming storage with I/O intensive operations.
  • Centralized Content Library—The vSphere Content Library stores and manages VM templates, vApps, ISO images, and scripts from a central location, making it easier and faster to deploy content to a host or cluster. A single administrator can now manage content for many users, providing efficient virtual machine lifecycle management. You can clone and migrate VMs across hosts for simplified data center management.
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack—Developers leverage VMware Integrated OpenStack to access OpenStack APIs and connect to VMware's best-of-breed components (such as vSphere and NSX) for deploying, managing, and running OpenStack Infrastructure. vCloud Suite customers can use VMware Integrated OpenStack free of charge. Optional support for VMware Integrated OpenStack is sold separately on a per CPU basis. For more information, see VMware Integrated OpenStack.
  • Increased Integration with Cloud Automation—Out-of-the-box integration between cloud automation and operations provides VM health visibility in vRealize Automation. A command-line utility and an improved vRealize Automation API provides a unified interface across vRealize Automation, providing improved customer-facing actions.
  • Scale-out, Resilient Architecture for Cloud Operations—Improved operations management with greatly increased scale and resiliency, actionable smart alerts, fully customizable dashboards, and advanced capacity modeling.

Components of vCloud Suite 6.0

Updated vCloud Suite 6.0 includes the following components.

  • ESXi 6.0
  • vCenter Site Recovery Manager 6.0
  • vCenter Server 6.0
  • vRealize Automation 6.2.1
  • vRealize Automation Application Services 6.2
  • vRealize Business for vSphere 6.1
  • vRealize Configuration Manager 5.7.3
  • vRealize Operations Manager 6.0.1
  • vRealize Orchestrator 6.0.1
  • vRealize Infrastructure Navigator 5.8.4
  • vRealize Hyperic 5.8.4
  • vSphere Big Data Extensions 2.1
  • vSphere Replication 6.0
  • vSphere Data Protection 6.0

IMPORTANT vCenter Server is required for building the core infrastructure of the Software-Defined Data Center and is licensed separately on a per instance basis. See vCenter Server product overview.

Components No Longer Available in vCloud Suite 6.0

VMware is announcing the End of Availability of the following components, which were included in vCloud Suite 5.8. These components are no longer available with vCloud Suite 6.0. To learn more about the End of Availability of these components, and any impact on the use of existing products, see the Knowledge Base articles below for the respective component.

Known Issues

vCloud Suite 6.0 has the following known issues. If you encounter an issue that is not in this known issues list, search the VMware Knowledge Base, or let us know by contacting VMware Technical Support.

To learn about known issues specific to individual vCloud Suite components, see the release notes for the individual products.

  • vRealize Orchestrator displays the vCenter Server plug-in as unusable
    After upgrading vRealize Orchestrator to version 6.0.x if the Site Recovery Manager plug-in is not upgraded to 6.0.0, the vCenter Server plug-in becomes unusable.

    Workaround: Upgrade the Site Recovery Manager plug-in to version 6.0.0, or disable the Site Recovery Manager 5.8.0 plug-in.

  • vCenter Server certificate fails to register with certain products during upgrade
    This issue is visible in vRealize Infrastructure Navigator and vSphere Replication in the following manner:

    • After you upgrade vRealize Infrastructure Navigator from version 5.8.3 to version 5.8.4, the vRealize Infrastructure Navigator extension is not visible in vCenter Server vSphere Web Client. For additional information, see vRealize Infrastructure Navigator Release Notes.

    • After you upgrade vCenter Server and vSphere Replication, configuring Single Sign-on in the vSphere Replication VAMI fails with the error: Bad exit code: 1. For additional information, see vSphere Replication Release Notes.

    Other products may experience similar issues obtaining the vCenter certificate.

    Workaround: Power the solution appliance off and on from the vCenter Server vSphere Web Client. This should register the vCenter certificate on the respective appliance. If this does not solve the issue, please contact VMware Technical Support.