vSphere Data Protection 5.1 Release Notes

vSphere Data Protection 5.1 | 10 SEP 2012

Supported Environments

For information on supported environments, see the VMware Compatability Guide.

Known Issues

The following known issues have been discovered through rigorous testing. The list of issues below pertains to this release of vSphere Data Protection only.

  • Backup Jobs with large numbers of virtual machines

    In certain cases, if you create a backup job with a large number of virtual machines (for example, approximately 100 or more), some of the virtual machines may not be included in the backup job. You can address this issue by editing the backup job and adding the virtual machines that were left out.

  • vSphere Data Protection does not support backing up virtual machines that use independent or physical RDM disks.

    If you back up a virtual machine that uses independent or RDM disks, vSphere Data Protection will not issue an error. vSphere Data Protection will skip backing up the unsupported disks, but the virtual machine backup may appear successful.

    Similarly, if you attempt to restore a virtual machine with independent or RDM disks that was backed up with vSphere Data Protection, the restore operation will not succeed.

  • As soon as you make a change to the vSphere Data Protection appliance with the Virtual Data Protection configuration tool, you will not be able to rollback the appliance to earlier states.

    After making changes with Virtual Data Protection configuration tool, it is strongly recommended that you immediately use the vSphere Data Protection user interface to run an integrity check on the appliance.

  • Tasks become "orphaned"

    In certain cases vSphere Data Protection tasks can become "orphaned." That is, the progress of a task does not change and the task never completes or fails.

    Workaround: If you have an orphaned task, use vCenter to cancel the task.

  • Pre-release versions

    If you installed a pre-release version of vSphere Data Protection, you may find that, after upgrading vSphere Data Protection to the released version, the first log in to the vCenter may not show vSphere Data Protection as an option.

    Workaround: If this occurs, log out of the vSphere Web Client and then log in again. Subsequent logins will show vSphere Data Protection as an option.

  • Upgrading the appliance during the backup window

    Do not attempt to upgrade the vSphere Data Protection appliance during the backup window. If a backup job is running when the upgrade process runs, the upgrade process will fail.

    Workaround: Perform all appliance upgrades during the maintenance window.

  • Performing ad hoc backups

    After a virtual machine has been included in a vSphere Data Protection backup job, an ad hoc backup of the virtual machine can be launched from an inventory view of virtual machines by right-clicking the virtual machine and selecting All VDP Actions > Backup Now. However, if a virtual machine has been added to a container such as a vApp or a resource pool, the All VDP Actions option may be missing from the right-click menu.

    Workaround: To perform an ad hoc backup of virtual machines that do not have the All VDP Actions option, go to the vSphere Data Proection Reports tab in the vSphere Data Protection user interface, select the virtual machine you wish to back up from the Virtual Machines list, click the All Actions icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select Backup Now.

  • "Used Capacity" of the appliance exceeds 95%

    If the "Used Capacity" of the vSphere Data Protection appliance exceeds 95% then scheduled back jobs and "Backup Now" jobs will not start and will not show up in the Tasks console. You can reduce the used capacity by deleting backups; however, you will have to wait until after the next maintenance window ends before vSphere Data Protection will recognize that there is more space available.

  • Editable fields on the Configuration tab

    On the Configuration tab, if you click the Edit button on the Backup Window Configuration portion of the screen, vSphere Data Protection displays editable fields that allow you to change Backup Start Time, Backup Duration, and Blackout Duration. After making changes and clicking Save on this page, the editable fields will not display if you click the Edit button again/

    Workaround: Log out of the vSphere Web Client and then log in again.

  • Version listed in the user interface

    These release notes are for version of vSphere Data Protection. However, on the Configuration tab of the vSphere Data Protection user interface, the version number incorrectly displays as 6.1.80-179.

  • Untrusted publisher

    When deploying vSphere Data Protection appliance OVA using the vSphere Web Client, the OVA is incorrectly identified as "Untrusted" even if intermediate certificates have been installed on the machine where your browser is running.