Bugs Fixed in GemFire Native Client 3.6.3

Last updated: 06/13/2012

Ticket Created Title Description Workaround for earlier gemfire versions
#724 10/10/11 Cache close may take a long time Closing the client cache may take a long time (10 seconds or more) depending on the configured subscription redundancy level.
#731 01/11/12 GetAll operation is slow for a large number of keys The GetAll bulk operation performs slowly for a large number of keys.
#735 01/23/12 Clients may not rebalance connections when expected. Clients may not rebalance connections to servers as expected based on pool's load-conditioning-interval setting when servers are rebalanced.
#748 03/11/12 Possible OutOfMemoryException on the server if authentication fails. A connection leak occurs if authentication fails possibly causing an OutOfMemoryException on the server.
#752 04/08/12 Frequent file access may occur due to internal TimeoutExceptions for stack trace processing When the system property stacktrace-enabled is set to true there may be frequent library file accesses for stack trace information gathering due to internal TimeoutExceptions thrown for idle subscription connections. Set the system property stacktrace-enabled to false.
#754 04/10/12 Possible unexpected exception when pool thread-local-connections is set to true Unexpected internal exceptions may occur when thread-local-connections is set to true due to pool's internal connection management.
#756 04/18/12 Transactions may fail due to pool's internal connection management Client-server transactions may fail with an internal exception due to the pool's connection management settings of idle-timeout and load-conditioning-interval. Increase pool's configured idle-timeout and load-conditioning-interval settings.
#760 05/15/12 Pool thread-local-connections does not work with pr-single-hop-enabled setting. If thread-local-connections is needed to be set to true, the pr-single-hop-enabled option must be set to false.
#761 05/22/12 Idle subscription connections may be dropped by firewalls If subscription connections are idle due to no events being generated, a firewall may drop the idle connections without the client or server detecting it to attempt recovery. Implement a user level mechanism to send occasional dummy events over the client subscriptions, or configure the firewall to not drop idle socket connections.