Bugs Fixed in vFabric GemFire Native Client 7.0.0

Last updated: 10/25/2012

Id Created Title Description Workaround for previous versions
#768 06/08/12 On Windows, the GemFire native client installer does not reset the GFCPP variable if it is already set If the GFCPP variable is already set in Windows, the native client installer does not reset the value of the variable. After upgrading the native client on Windows, manually redefine the GFCPP variable to point to the new native client installation. Alternatively, you can copy the NCProduct\bin folder to the application\bin folder to run native client without setting the GFCPP variable.
#794 08/09/12 SSL trust store handling is incorrect When SSL is enabled, due to a defect in SSL trust store handling most common use cases for generated certificate files (trust store PEMs) will cause errors while connections are made with locators and servers.