vFabric GemFire Native Client 3.6.3 Release Notes

vFabric GemFire Native Client 3.6.3 | 13 JUN 2012

Last Document Update: 13 JUN 2012

VMware® vFabric™ GemFire® Native Client provides access for C++ and Microsoft® .NET™ clients to the vFabric GemFire distributed system. For information on setting up GemFire for use by your native client applications, see the vFabric GemFire documentation.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New in vFabric GemFire Native Client 3.6.3

The 3.6.3 release of vFabric GemFire native client includes the following changes and enhancements. These changes and enhancements are in addition to those in vFabric GemFire Native Client 3.6.0 and vFabric GemFire Native Client 3.6.2.

  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements. For a list of specific bugs that were fixed, see Resolved Issues.
  • Added "client-cache" as the declarative XML root element to be consistent with the Java client DTD. Note that the older "cache" element is still supported.

Resolved Issues

For a list of bugs that are fixed in GemFire native client 3.6.3 and that are resolved in the VMware bug tracking system, see BugsFixedGemFireNC363.html.

Known Issues

The GemFire native client 3.6.3 release works only with GemFire or later, due to the addition of a SERVER_TO_CLIENT internal subscription ping message.

For a list of known issues with GemFire native client 3.6.3 that have been registered as bugs in the VMware bug tracking system, see BugNotesGemFireNC363.html.