vFabric Hyperic 5.7 Release Notes

vFabric Hyperic 5.7 | 11 June 2013 | Build 67

Last Document Update: 04 July 2013

The VMware® vFabric™ Hyperic® 5.7 release notes cover the following topics:

What's New in vFabric Hyperic 5.7

This vFabric Hyperic version includes the following new features.

  • A scalable REST API, for integration with vCenter Operations Manager.
  • An updated vApp deployment wizard that includes deployment environment size profiles.
  • Additional security fixes have been made.
  • Several plug-ins have been updated as follows:
    • A SharePoint plug-in has been added.
    • A GemFire plug-in, which supports Gemfire 6.x and 7.x, has been added.
    • A log tracking plug-in, which supports Regex, has been added.
    • The Insight Operations plug-in supports the latest Insight agent.
    • The Microsoft Active Directory, .NET and IIS plug-ins support the latest Windows versions.
    • The JBoss plug-in supports JBoss 7.1.
    • The Websphere MQ plug-in is updated.
  • The vFabric Hyperic agent supports Windows 2012 and AIX 7.1.
  • Agent scalability is enhanced to enable SNMP monitoring of hundreds of network devices from a single agent.
  • SNMP traps support additional parameter options for both alerts and recovery alerts.
  • vFabric Hyperic supports vPosgreSQL 9.1.9 for both the built-in and external vPostgreSQL databases.
  • vFabric Hyperic is bundled with Java 7. VMware recommends that Java 7 be used when installing a no-JRE package.

Documentation for vFabric Hyperic 5.7

vFabric Hyperic documentation is currently in a transition phase. Consequently, the vFabric Hyperic 5.7 versions of the documentation are only available in PDF format. The in-product documentation is not completely synchronized with the PDF versions.

vFabric Hyperic 5.7 documentation is downloadable from the vFabric Hyperic Documentation Landing Page.

Issues Addressed in vFabric Hyperic 5.7

The following issues have been addressed in vFabric Hyperic 5.7.

  • A user with the Super User role cannot change a user's password without knowing the user's current password.
  • When servers do not have measurement enabled, platform availability is not correct.
  • Non-ASCII characters cannot be used in dashboard filters.
  • Windows 2003 is not discovered automatically on 32-bit and 64-bit machines.
  • The vFabric Hyperic JBoss plug-in does not provide control action functionality for JBoss 7 servers.
  • If the RPM installer has preconfigured properties, installation fails.

Known Issues in vFabric Hyperic 5.7

The following known issues affect the vFabric Hyperic 5.7 release.

  • Installation of the vFabric Hyperic Server on Windows Server 2008 SP1 fails if the internal database option is selected.
    Before installing the vFabric Hyperic Server, install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) on the target host.
    Download the package from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29.
  • Deleting a resource from the inventory causes any resources currently in the auto-discovery queue to be removed from the queue and from the Auto-Discovery portlet on the dashboard.
    The resources reappear in the portlet when they are next auto-discovered and added to the queue.
  • In a large vFabric Hyperic deployment, deleting multiple platforms simultaneously from the user interface can result in orphaned resources, browse errors, incorrect results in the user interface, and under some circumstances, a stack trace.
    The following message in server.log indicates that this error condition has occurred:
    05-04-2012 13:10:54,185 EDT ERROR [tomcat-http--19] [org.hyperic.hq.ui.util.UIErrorHandler@49] An exception was thrown for the following request URI
    at org.hyperic.hq.bizapp.server.session.MeasurementBossImpl.findGroupCurrentHealth (MeasurementBossImpl.java:3204)

    If you experience this problem, contact VMware Global Support Services.
  • The vFabric Hyperic vApp does not automatically monitor the vFabric PostgreSQL-based vFabric Hyperic database.
    Contact VMware Global Support Services for a assistance.
  • The Operations Center page intermittently is empty and displays Sorry, an error occurred.
    A stack trace is written to server.log when the error occurs.
  • If a vFabric Hyperic agent is deployed on an operating system with an IP address that is currently associated with an existing resource (platform) in vFabric Hyperic, the agent will not auto-discover the platform, servers, and services associated with this operating system.
    Prior to deploying the application, remove vFabric Hyperic resources that are currently associated with the IP address to be reused.
  • When adding alert definitions that include a recovery alert to a plug-in JAR file, the loader fails to parse the recovery alert.
    Comment out the recovery alert and the loader will parse correctly.
  • Role names and group names in vFabric Hyperic must be prefixed by org/. For example org/Admin.
  • Do not start or restart the vFabric Hyperic server using root credentials.
  • When SELinux is enabled, the CentOS 5.8/5.7 32-bit vFabric Hyperic Agent running on Java 7 fails to start.
  • When using Internet Explorer, you cannot customize SNMP trap OIDs for escalation actions and SNMP notifications.
  • Emails are not sent when vFabric Hyperic is deployed from an OVA file.
    Update the email configuration properties on the Administration page.
  • In vFabric Hyperic, the description for Windows 2012 properties displays as 2008.
  • In the HQ API, when you call get resource config, the platform.config_track.files value is empty.
  • Sometimes, an incorrect DSN for collecting virtual machine or ESX server data is passed by the server to the vFabric Hyperic agent. In this case, the virtual machine or ESX server appears to be unavailable.
    Change the default collection interval for the affected resources, so that the server sends the DSN to the agent again.