vFabric Hyperic 4.6 Release Notes

vFabric Hyperic | 30 NOV 2011
vFabric Hyperic 4.6.0    | 13 SEP 2011

Last Document Update: 20 DEC 2011

What's in the Release Notes

What's New in vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ

Version of vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ simply fixes a number of known issues. See Issues Fixed in Hyperic 4.6.

What's New in Hyperic HQ 4.6.0

VMware® vFabric™ Hyperic® 4.6 includes the following new features. (To learn which features pertain to Hyperic HQ 4.6, see What's New in Hyperic HQ 4.6 .)

Enhanced LDAP Support

In vFabric Hyperic 4.6, a Hyperic user can be automatically assigned to Hyperic roles based on groups to which the user is assigned in your LDAP system. If your LDAP groups correspond well in terms of membership to the roles you will set up in Hyperic, you can use this feature to automate the process of assigning Hyperic roles to a new user.

Given an LDAP group whose membership is identical to the users you want to assign to a particular Hyperic role, you create a Hyperic role with the same name as the LDAP group.

The first time a user logs on to Hyperic with LDAP credentials, the user is authenticated through the LDAP system, and registered as a Hyperic user. If the LDAP user belongs to any LDAP groups whose names match existing Hyperic roles, those roles are assigned to the new Hyperic user account.

To enable this behavior:

  • When you configure Hyperic Server to use your LDAP system for authentication, you specify the LDAP group search base and associated filter criteria.
  • You create roles with names that match the name of corresponding LDAP groups.

Note: Subsequent changes to the LDAP user's group membership are not reflected in the associated Hyperic user's role assignments.

Schedule Maintenance Downtime for a Resource

In vFabric Hyperic 4.6, you can schedule downtime for an individual resource. In previous releases, downtime could be scheduled only for a resource group. The Schedule Downtime command is available on the Tools menu for a platform, server, service, or group.

Product Plugin for Spring Insight Operations

Spring Insight is a Web application that runs in tc Server Developer Edition and analyzes the runtime performance of applications running in the container. Spring Insight provides visibility into application performance on a request-by-request basis. Spring Insight Operations is available as two templates (server and agent) with vFabric tc Server Spring Edition.

The vFabric Hyperic 4.6 Spring Insight plugin collects application metrics from Spring Insight Operations. The plugin provides a user interface that correlates the performance of an application with the performance of the application server it runs in, and also with the platform that hosts the application server. Given a performance problem that appears to be at the application level, you can jump from the Hyperic Insight Applications view to the Insight Operations Dashboard, into the same application context as the problem occurred, to diagnose the underlying problem.

New Licensing Scheme

vFabric Hyperic 4.6 is available as a component of vFabric Cloud Application Platform 5.0 (vFabric Platform) and as a standalone product. The Hyperic licensing scheme is changed in Hyperic 4.6 to support vFabric Platform 5's platform-level license management.

You no longer install a license.xml file into ServerHome/conf. Instead, to activate your license:

  1. If you obtained vFabric Hyperic standalone, create a file named vf.hyp-serial-numbers.txt that contains the product serial number provided by VMware. Install the serial number file in:
    • /etc/opt/vmware/vfabric/ on Unix-like platforms
    • %ALLUSERPROFILE%\vmware\vfabric on Windows platforms.
  2. If you obtained vFabric Hyperic as a part of vFabric Platform, configure the location of the VMware License Server that administers the network license for vFabric Platform, by adding the vfabric.licenseServer.url property to ServerHome/conf/hq-server.conf.

  3. Restart the Hyperic Server.

You can view your license terms on the HQ License Details section of the Administration tab in the Hyperic user interface.

Documentation Packaging and Publishing

The complete vFabric Hyperic documentation set is built in to Hyperic 4.6, and can be accessed by clicking help on any page in the Hyperic user interface. The Hyperic Server option to connect to the Hyperic support site (http://support.hyperic.com) for help content is removed from Hyperic 4.6. (In previous Hyperic releases, only help pages for the user interface were packaged in the product, and there was a configuration option on the HQ Server Settings page to toggle between product-internal help and help served from http://support.hyperic.com.)

Upon G.A. of VMware vFabric Platform 5.0, vFabric Hyperic 4.6 documentation, including downloadable PDFs, will also be available at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_4.6.html, where Hyperic documentation will be published henceforth. Documentation for vFabric 4.6 and later will not be maintained on the Hyperic support site.

Product Plugin Management and Deployment

Hyperic 4.6 provides new features that ease the process of deploying and managing product plugins. These features include a user interface for managing product plugins, and new Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent behaviors for ensuring consistent plugin deployment across a Hyperic environment.

The new plugin management features are briefly described in the paragraphs below. For more detailed information, see "Plugin Deployment and Management" in vFabric Hyperic Administration at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_Administration.html.

Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager is a new user interface that enables you to deploy and manage plugins across a Hyperic deployment from the Hyperic user interface. You can use Plugin Manager to deploy and remove plugins on the Hyperic Server and all agents reporting to the server.

Server-Agent Plugin Synchronization

The new Server-Agent Plugin Synchronization (SAPS) feature ensures that product plugins are consistently deployed across a Hyperic deployment. SAPS is enabled by new behaviors on the Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent. When a Hyperic 4.6 Agent starts up, it sends a plugin status report to the Hyperic Server. If an agent's deployed plugins do not exactly match those deployed on the Hyperic server, the server updates the agent's plugins appropriately. Similarly, each time the Hyperic Server is restarted, it compares the product plugins it deploys to most recent plugin status reported by each agent — if an agent's deployed plugins do not exactly match those deployed on the Hyperic server, the server updates the agent's plugins appropriately. SAPS is enabled by default; it can be disabled using the new server.pluginsync.enable server property, described in the next section.

New Hyperic Server Property to Enable and Disable SAPS

Hyperic 4.6 provides a new Hyperic Server property, server.pluginsync.enable, which you can use to disable the SAPS feature described in the previous section. To disable SAPS, add server.pluginsync.enable=false to ServerHome/conf/hq-server.conf, and restart the Hyperic Server.

Required Plugin Descriptor Element to Support SAPS

As of Hyperic 4.6, all product plugins must have a version. The version of a plugin must be specified in a <property> element in the root <plugin> element in the XML descriptor for a product plugin. For more information, see vFabric Hyperic Product Plug-in Development at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_Product_Plug-in_Development.html.

Security Changes

The paragraphs below briefly summaries new and changed security features in Hyperic 4.6. For more detailed information, see "Hyperic Security Features and Recommendations" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_Installation_and_Configuration.html.


If you use SSL for agent-to-server communication, you can use trusted SSL certificates from a certificate authority, or a self-signed certificate generated by Hyperic. Hyperic recommends you configure user-managed keystores for the Hyperic 4.6 Server and Hyperic 4.6 Agents. Using unverified certificate reduces the security of the Hyperic environment.

For a more secure environment, run only Hyperic 4.6 Agents with a Hyperic 4.6 Server.

Server Keystore

In Hyperic 4.6, for a -full installation, the installer prompts for whether you want to configure Hyperic Server for a user-managed keystore.

If you respond "yes", the installer prompts you to supply the path to the keystore and its password.

If you respond "no", the installer creates a keystore for the server, with a self-signed certificate.

For an -upgrade installation, the installer does not prompt for whether you want to configure Hyperic Server for a user-managed keystore. For compatibility with pre-4.6 Hyperic Agents, the installer automatically creates a keystore and self-signed certificate for the server.

The properties that configure location and password for a user-managed keystore on the server are server.keystore.path and server.keystore.password in ServerHome/conf/hq-server.conf

Agent Keystore

By default, a Hyperic 4.6 Agent creates its own keystore with a self-signed certificate the first time it starts up. To configure the agent for a user-managed keystore, you must specify the path and password of that keystore in the agent.properties file.

The properties that configure the location and password for a user-managed keystore on the agent are agent.keystore.path and agent.keystore.password in AgentHome/conf/agent.properties

Certificate Validation

If the server presents an unverified certificate to a 4.6 agent, the agent warns that the authenticity of the Hyperic Server host cannot be established. It prompts for confirmation that you want to connect and import that certificate.

Similarly, if a 4.6 agent presents an unverified certificate to the 4.6 server, the server issues a warning, and prompts for confirmation to continue.

Upgrade Considerations

Instructions for upgrading the Hyperic Server and all Hyperic Agents to 4.6 are provided on "Hyperic 4.6 Upgrade Processes and Options" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_Installation_and_Configuration.html.

Note that if you use Hyperic Product plugins that communicate with managed servers over SSL, it may be necessary to import the managed server's SSL certificate into the Hyperic Agent's keystore. For more information, about SSL and Hyperic product plugins, see "Hyperic Security Features and Recommendations" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_Installation_and_Configuration.html.

iPad and iPhone Support

You can access the Hyperic 4.6 user interface from iPads and iPhones.

Updated Plugins

All Hyperic plugins XML descriptors are updated to define the version of the plugin as a <property> element named "version".

In addition, the following Hyperic plugins are updated with new functionality, or to support more recent versions of the managed product:

  • GemFire. Updated to support the security updates described above in Security Changes.
  • RabbitMQ. No longer requires access the erlang.cookie file — the plugin now uses the rabbitmq-management plugin. The configuration process has changed, and additional metrics are available. For more information see "RabbitMQ" in vFabric Hyperic Resource Configuration and Metrics at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_Resource_Configuration_and_Metrics.html. In addition, this plugin has been updated to support the security updates described above in Security Changes.
  • vSphere. Updated to support the security updates described above in Security Changes.
  • tc Server. Support for tc Server 7.0 added.
  • Jboss. Support for Jboss 5.1 and 6.0 added.
  • PostgreSQL. Support for PostgreSQL 9.0 added.
  • WebSphere. Improvements to enable better troubleshooting of auto-discovery issues.
  • WebLogic Server Plugin. Enhanced to enable discovery of node managers and managed servers in a WebLogic domain without accessing the Administration Server for the domain. In previous releases, it was necessary to discover the Administration Server for a domain, and then configure that resource with WebLogic Server credentials, in order to discover the node manager and managed servers in the domain.

HQApi Updates

Hyperic 4.6 includes HQApi 5.0. Changes include:

  • client.properties — Supports encrypted passwords, and can be stored in either ~/.hq or hqapi1-client-n.n.n/conf. In previous versions, the APIs look for server connection properties in ~/.hq/client.properties; to use a connection properties in a different location you had to supply the path to the client.properties on the command line, using the --properties command qualifier. (Supplying the properties file location on the command line is still supported.) For more information about specifying connection properties in a file, see "HQApi Command-Line Tools" in vFabric Hyperic Web Services API at http://pubs.vmware.com/vfabric5/topic/com.vmware.vfabric.hyperic.4.6/vFabric_Hyperic_Web_Services_API.html.
  • groovyshell — New API that allows you to run Groovy scripts from the command shell.
  • maintenance — Updated to enable maintenance downtime to be scheduled for individual resources. In previous releases, maintenance could only be scheduled for a group of resources.

What's New in Hyperic HQ 4.6.0

Hyperic HQ 4.6 includes the following new features, which are also available in vFabric Hyperic 4.6.

Issues Fixed in vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ 4.6

Note: Issues listed as fixed for Hyperic HQ are also fixed in vFabric Hyperic.

Issues Fixed in vFabric Hyperic

Issues Fixed for vFabric Hyperic (2 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Task HQ-3773 Resolved Trivial Upgrade tc Server plugin to 2.6.2
Improvement HQ-3771 Resolved Critical Upgrade license client version to 1.0.1

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ

Issues Fixed for Hyperic HQ (1 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5223 Closed Critical vmware, iis, ntds, exchange, mssql plugins have incorrect metric names

Issues Fixed in vFabric Hyperic 4.6.0

Issues Fixed for vFabric Hyperic 4.6 (53 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HQ-3714 Closed Critical RabbitMQ plugin - password is displayed in plain text but should be masked (hidden)
Bug HQ-3712 Closed Critical Apache plugin - Apache server auto-discovered but no metrics collected and no services auto-discovered
Bug HQ-3711 Closed Blocker Upgrade from 4.4 Uni-ddirectional agent to 4.6 fails because of Keystore alias
Bug HQ-3710 Closed Critical Apache plugin - Apache not auto-discovered and agent.log reports AutoScan failed for Apache 2.2 java.lang.NullPointerException
Bug HQ-3709 Closed Critical Turning on debug log level caused NPE error when using LDAP
Bug HQ-3681 Closed Critical vSphere plugin:cannot search vCenter inventory
Bug HQ-3666 Closed Trivial SCOTzilla: file use request for oswego concurrent 1.3.4
Bug HQ-3663 Closed Major Operation Center page is not getting refreshed after any action
Bug HQ-3661 Closed Critical Uni-directional agent displays "Timeout occurred waiting on agent response."in server log
Bug HQ-3660 Closed Major Licensing - removing platform does not decrease license count until server restarted
Bug HQ-3642 Closed Trivial Make internal help the default/only option
Bug HQ-3641 Closed Trivial Remove ability to retrieve help from external source
Bug HQ-3640 Closed Trivial Update help docs
Bug HQ-3638 Closed Minor Old Tomcat juli version 6.0.20 in hq-server's pom.xml
Bug HQ-3636 Closed Major JBoss artifacts moved to new repository, need pom changes
Bug HQ-3627 Closed Critical The default install option should be removed
Bug HQ-3621 Closed Blocker java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded -Functiona Environment
Bug HQ-3598 Resolved Major In HA DataPurgeJob runs on all nodes
Bug HQ-3588 Closed Major Cannot Check Select All Check box in Operation center and Alert Center
Bug HQ-3583 Closed Trivial Grammar error in license agreement acceptance question
Bug HQ-3582 Resolved Critical MSI agent install only failing
Bug HQ-3570 Closed Major No Data is displayed for Saved Charts
Bug HQ-3567 Closed Major One agent errors out from group of 6 agents on "org.hyperic.hq.common.SystemException: error transferring agent plugins" when trying to push a plugin
Bug HQ-3550 Closed Trivial Backport CSRF changes to 4.5.1.x
Bug HQ-3539 Closed Trivial Fix formatting in eula.txt
Bug HQ-3536 Closed Critical Java heap space OutofMemory - large env ~2000 platforms .. all platforms down
Bug HQ-3532 Closed Critical [Scale] MetricsNotComingInReport causes instability in the HQ server
Bug HQ-3526 Closed Critical Error displayed every time the resource page for a platform is viewed: "The Schedule Downtime feature has been disabled because of the following error: Bundle not found: gregorian in dojo.cldr , locale=en-us"
Bug HQ-3524 Closed Trivial Integrate new licensing build and merge to master
Bug HQ-3523 Closed Trivial Work with QA to verify GE use cases are fixed
Bug HQ-3497 Closed Major Alert priority color scheme is missing from operation center and Alert center
Bug HQ-3495 Closed Major Cannot Fixed or Acknowldge Alert from Operation center and Alert Center "An error occurred processing your request."
Bug HQ-3494 Closed Critical Cannot Add Control action to an Alert Definitions
Bug HQ-3493 Closed Critical Monitoring Defaults breadcrumb for Edit Alerts displays Stack trace
Bug HQ-3492 Closed Critical Cannot open Clone Platform popup
Bug HQ-3491 Closed Critical Network and Host Dependency Manager displays "Loading Datasets" and spining
Bug HQ-3490 Closed Major Admin/sql.jsp throws 403 error
Bug HQ-3489 Closed Critical Problem resource portlet is blank
Bug HQ-3456 Closed Major When Scehdule Downtime currently in progress... ,user cannot reschedule the end time
Bug HQ-3454 Closed Trivial Updated licensing implementation w/ new jars + interfaces
Bug HQ-3440 Closed Blocker Fix cross site forgery issues as reported by customers and reported in security audit
Improvement HQ-3433 Closed Major Improve maintenance window dialogs
Bug HQ-3432 Closed Trivial Implement upgrade scenario for new licensing scheme
Bug HQ-3431 Closed Trivial Improve clarity of "file not found" text in plugin UI
Feature HQ-3402 Closed Critical Import Roles from LDAP groups
Improvement HQ-3359 Closed Critical Support ERS 4.x
Bug HQ-3280 Closed Critical Actual value reported for a metric on fired multi condition alert are different
Bug HQ-3277 Closed Critical Uni-directional agent can't read requests from server due to java.lang.ClassCastException
Bug HQ-3100 Closed Trivial DojoTable refresh partly broken in operations center
Bug HQ-2745 Closed Critical Uni-directional agent displays "Timeout occurred waiting on agent response."in server log
Bug HQ-2623 Closed Major Unable to send autoinventory platform data to server due to org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException
Bug HQ-1845 Closed Minor Report Center page Java Script error
Bug HQ-1830 Closed Major Show error for invalid LDAP config

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ 4.6.0

Issues Fixed for Hyperic HQ 4.6 (121 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5134 Closed Blocker Alert Center is not loaded correctly in OSS
Bug HHQ-5129 Closed Blocker setup-noniteractive fails if accept.unverified.certificates not set, causes MSI install to fail
Bug HHQ-5121 Closed Critical Groovy Console shows error after executing code a few times
Bug HHQ-5120 Closed Critical RabbitMQ plugin - The configuration has not been set for this resource due to : Invalid configuration: Error reported by Agent @ Timeout occurred waiting on agent response.
Bug HHQ-5118 Closed Critical Unable to add control action to alert definitions if custom roles defined
Bug HHQ-5112 Closed Trivial Plugin Manager - missing error message for "Invalid xml" plugin upload
Bug HHQ-5108 Closed Trivial server.log is too verbose, should not log.info() each plugin transferred to an agent and when an agent restarts
Bug HHQ-5107 Closed Critical Agent.log reports java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Accept timed out every second in DEBUG
Bug HHQ-5105 Closed Blocker AIX agent install - Error: java.security.KeyStoreException: The algorithm is not supported. Error message:SunX509 KeyManagerFactory not available
Bug HHQ-5102 Closed Major Plugin Manager - upgrade agent from 4.5.2 to 4.6.0 does not update sync status
Bug HHQ-5101 Closed Critical RabbitMQ plugin - Queues are not discovered
Bug HHQ-5099 Closed Major RabbitMQ - Server availability and metrics still report when SSL cert removed from keystore
Bug HHQ-5098 Closed Critical RabbitMQ plugin - Server Availability and Metrics not reporting for RabbitMQ 2.1.x
Bug HHQ-5094 Closed Blocker vSphere plugin - SSL configuration is lost with latest build and availability/metrics no longer report
Bug HHQ-5093 Closed Major Help information needed for RabbitMQ Configuration to instruct users to import SSL certificate to keystore
Bug HHQ-5088 Closed Major Error creating org.hyperic.hq.plugin.weblogic.WeblogicDetector: java.lang.InstantiationException
Bug HHQ-5087 Resolved Trivial updated http client logs debug information instead of the error as set in agent.properties when agent.logLevel=DEBUG
Bug HHQ-5079 Closed Major HQ vSphere continue to function with vCenter SSL certificate removed from keystore
Bug HHQ-5078 Closed Critical RabbitMQ support SSL
Bug HHQ-5076 Closed Critical Fixing alerts in batch with the "Fix all previous alerts" option causes 403 Forbidden error
Bug HHQ-5074 Closed Blocker Oracle upgrade from 4.5.0 to 4.6.0 is failing on running SchemaSpec: 3.207
Bug HHQ-5070 Closed Major Help information needed for vSphere Configuration to instruct users to import vCenter server SSL certificate to keystore
Bug HHQ-5066 Closed Blocker NullPointerException at LatherDispatcher's measurementSendReport
Bug HHQ-5063 Closed Critical RabbitMQ 2.1 no longer supported with Hyperic 4.6.0
Bug HHQ-5061 Closed Major Plugin Manager UI slows down in a scaled env
Bug HHQ-5060 Closed Major ConcurrentStats stat AVAIL_BACKFILLER_NUMPLATFORMS is incorrect
Improvement HHQ-5059 Closed Critical AgentSynchronizer needs better error handling
Bug HHQ-5057 Closed Blocker Autodiscovery for vSphere plugin doesn't work due to java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Bug HHQ-5052 Closed Major DOC: Use unix style paths when specifying keystore path in hq-server.conf and agent.properties files
Bug HHQ-5050 Closed Minor SSL-When server importing agent cert, we should use a unique alias each time. (It was: All the keystore should have different "CN")
Bug HHQ-5045 Closed Blocker HQ Server fails to start after upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6
Bug HHQ-5042 Closed Minor HQ Server installer console/log shows admin user password text
Bug HHQ-5040 Closed Critical Trivial INFO log message at DefaultSSLProviderImpl can be removed
Bug HHQ-5031 Closed Blocker Server install failing when attempting to run chmod
Bug HHQ-5024 Closed Trivial gettime and puttime units wrong in gemfire plugin
Bug HHQ-5013 Closed Major Plugin Manager: The help doc link in agent sync status page is incorrect
Bug HHQ-5008 Resolved Minor Removing a HQU plugin dir does not remove the entries in the database
Bug HHQ-5005 Resolved Major Apache Tomcat 5.5 auto discovery disabled
Bug HHQ-5003 Resolved Major Can't deploy plugin which contain xml include files
Bug HHQ-4997 Closed Major Compatible Groups browse listing is not showing the shortcut to alerts (the A next to the checkbox)
Bug HHQ-4985 Closed Minor HQ Health Page -> Database Query doesn't run after multiple query attempts at the same flow
Bug HHQ-4981 Closed Critical At startup orphaned plugin removal causes a removal sync to all agents, this should not occur
Bug HHQ-4979 Resolved Major Get back JBoss Web (tomcat) support
Improvement HHQ-4974 Closed Critical Plugin manger should prompt user with resource details on plugin delete
Bug HHQ-4973 Closed Blocker HQ Server Upgrade 4.5 -> 4.6 (MySQL backend) has database index & constraint differences after upgrade
Improvement HHQ-4971 Closed Major Visual Indication like different color or icon for Customs Plugins to avoid version confusion
Improvement HHQ-4960 Resolved Major Logfile tracking on Apache server is case sensitive when checking for severity
Bug HHQ-4957 Resolved Minor JarFiles need to be properly closed in the places they are used.
Bug HHQ-4944 Closed Major Plugin Manager header links doesn't have CSRF_NONCE
Bug HHQ-4931 Closed Critical HQHealth Links to Agents in Agent tab are broken and Alert Center,Event Center and Currently down and vSphere reource link are broken too
Bug HHQ-4929 Closed Minor Plugin Manager: "Report Center" missing from Analyze tab when viewing Plugin Manager
Bug HHQ-4928 Resolved Minor EmbeddedActiveMQServerDetector leaks handles to files in webapps directory
Bug HHQ-4920 Closed Critical The availability downtime report is reporting negative uptime for end range
Bug HHQ-4919 Closed Critical Weblogic Log Track not catching entire line and date is set to 0 if timestamp cannot be parsed.
Bug HHQ-4889 Closed Major Show last 8 hours link is broken
Bug HHQ-4880 Closed Critical Plugin Manager - when removing plugins the pop up returns before the server responds to the request
Bug HHQ-4879 Closed Major HQ Health print report link throws stack trace
Bug HHQ-4878 Closed Critical ojdbc5- is missing from Agent bundle
Bug HHQ-4858 Closed Major Cannot Delete resources from Tools Menu
Bug HHQ-4849 Resolved Major JMX mbean services don't report as down when the mbeans are not reachable
Bug HHQ-4830 Closed Critical Chart Metrics in indicators displays stack trace-"ParameterNotFoundException: entity ids not found "
Bug HHQ-4816 Resolved Major Plugin Manager - A plugin will be marked "deleting" even though the user got a removal error because of permission issue.
Feature HHQ-4815 Resolved Major SQL Server Unallocated Database Space Metric
Improvement HHQ-4813 Resolved Major Plugin Manager - users should not be allowed to remove a plugin while AgentPluginStatus objs are SYNC_IN_PROGRESS
Improvement HHQ-4791 Closed Trivial Plugin Manager - Add Summary of Agent Sync Status
Improvement HHQ-4786 Resolved Trivial Plugin Manager - errors need to be localized
Bug HHQ-4784 Resolved Major Alerts.do lists next day's alerts when alert date and time is 12:00am
Bug HHQ-4776 Closed Blocker Plugin Manager - certain plugins should never be allowed to be deleted
Bug HHQ-4774 Closed Critical HQ Server Upgrade (Oracle11g backend): java.sql.SQLException: ORA-30649: missing DIRECTORY keyword while upgrading from 4.5 to 4.6
Improvement HHQ-4773 Resolved Trivial Plugin Manager - add deleted field to EAM_PLUGIN table
Bug HHQ-4762 Closed Major Method exceeded message in server log "org.hyperic.hq.measurement.shared.MeasurementManager.handleCreateRefreshEvents(List) "
Bug HHQ-4760 Resolved Major Add plugin filenames to the removal message in the Plugin Manager UI
Bug HHQ-4758 Closed Minor Plugin Manager - styling problem with "Select File" button in upload plugin dialog
Bug HHQ-4757 Closed Blocker HQ Server Upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6 throws org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException while creating dataPurgeJob bean during server startup
Bug HHQ-4755 Resolved Major Plugin Manager - Agent with plugins.exclude option won't start.
Bug HHQ-4754 Resolved Trivial HQ cannot function correctly without the hq-plugins dir, lots of NPEs
Bug HHQ-4752 Resolved Major SAPS - UI status should eventually show failure if an agent is down and its plugins are not updated
Bug HHQ-4750 Resolved Major SAPS - Change the Plugin Manager UI refresh behavior
Bug HHQ-4749 Resolved Major SAPS - Add more robustness for agent transfer and reboot mechanisms
Bug HHQ-4748 Closed Major SAPS - Plugin Manager UI Icons need to be reviewed
Bug HHQ-4734 Closed Critical Cannot configure mysql Caused by: org.hyperic.hq.measurement.monitor.LiveMeasurementException:
Bug HHQ-4731 Closed Trivial Plugin Manager - a user can click upload button without selecting any plugin to upload
Bug HHQ-4726 Closed Critical Cannot Add Resources in Metric Viewer Portlet
Bug HHQ-4725 Closed Critical Cannot Add Resources in Favorite Resource Portlet
Bug HHQ-4719 Closed Minor Groovy Console highlights Analyze tab instead of Administrator
Bug HHQ-4718 Resolved Major SAPS - Error on agent when deploying plugins in custom dir and server dir
Bug HHQ-4705 Closed Critical Review usage of Metric.toString()
Feature HHQ-4695 Resolved Minor Allow configuring SNMP retries and timeouts along with other options on HQ screen
Bug HHQ-4688 Closed Critical Alert definition for Group and Resource Types are not displayed in Alert center
Bug HHQ-4669 Resolved Major Websphere MQ plugin does not include the path to the necessary dlls on windows
Bug HHQ-4646 Closed Critical All services discovered are defaulted to hqadmin even when the owner of the server is not hqadmin.
Improvement HHQ-4643 Closed Critical Support ERS 4.x
Bug HHQ-4635 Closed Blocker Non-privileged user can manipulate Metric Templates
Bug HHQ-4634 Closed Trivial Overriding build.properties file can't be read on Windows
Bug HHQ-4633 Closed Major Text boxes shouldn't select default text when clicked
Feature HHQ-4613 Closed Critical Product plugin manager UI
Bug HHQ-4604 Closed Critical Masthead drop down and Search are broken
Bug HHQ-4601 Closed Critical org.hyperic.hq.appdef.server.session.AIQSynchronizer.sync runs on every page
Improvement HHQ-4598 Closed Critical Upgrade our shipped ojdbc jar to ojdbc6.jar
Feature HHQ-4597 Resolved Major The alert emails on a japanese system need to handle japanese characters
Bug HHQ-4595 Resolved Minor RuntimeReportFilter should move to hq-pdk.jar
Feature HHQ-4585 Closed Critical Product plugins should have their own version number
Feature HHQ-4575 Resolved Major Add child processes metric to Process service
Feature HHQ-4570 Closed Critical Plugins should be sync'ed in environment
Feature HHQ-4569 Closed Critical Remove a product plugin and resources
Feature HHQ-4568 Closed Critical Allow Hot deploy plugins to be "pushed"
Bug HHQ-4536 Closed Minor Clicking add (+ icon) for Add content to this column: when "Select Portlet" is selected results in a "bad" portlet being added
Bug HHQ-4533 Resolved Major Performance issues with MetricsNotComingInDiagnostic
Bug HHQ-4502 Resolved Major DBUpgrader can downgrade schema version
Bug HHQ-4482 Closed Blocker Agent doesn't start "Critical error running agent java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: MINUTES"
Bug HHQ-4481 Resolved Minor NPE in agent log when its running discovery for VMs
Bug HHQ-4477 Closed Critical SSL - Security Warning error in IE when viewing HQU plugins that use Dojo 0.4.4 widgets
Bug HHQ-4366 Closed Major Gemfire plugin - MissingPropertyException displayed for stopped server in HQ GemFire view
Bug HHQ-4228 Closed Major Ops center page: alerts do not load when db contains large number of alerts
Bug HHQ-4225 Closed Major hq-stats log: jms_event_topic writes cumulative data over time instead of deltas
Bug HHQ-4101 Closed Major RSS feeds redirect to login page.
Bug HHQ-4038 Resolved Major A badly written plugin will prevent HQ from starting
Bug HHQ-3820 Closed Major Server type Scan buttons doesn't work in New Auto discovery page
Bug HHQ-3781 Closed Minor Agent will not start in certain environments on solaris
Bug HHQ-3625 Closed Major Safari Browser 5.0.x issues
Bug HHQ-3559 Closed Critical Child resources do not have metrics rescheduled when parent configuration changes

Known Issues in vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ

Note: Issues listed for Hyperic HQ also exist in vFabric Hyperic.

Known Issue with Firefox 3.x
Some pages in Hyperic's user interface appear blank intermittently in Firefox 3.x. This problem has not been detected with Firefox 4.x or 5.x. The issue is https://jira.hyperic.com/browse/HHQ-4434.
Failover Not Supported in 4.6 and
Due to a known problem, vFabric Hyperic's failover configuration is not supported in versions 4.6 and
vSphere Plugin Issue
Due to a known problem (https://jira.hyperic.com/browse/HQ-2418), each vCenter Server resource managed by Hyperic must be configured with a unique URL. If multiple vCenter Server resources are defined with the same URL, for instance the default

all discovered Hosts and VMs will appear under one of the vCenter Server instances.

Problem configuring email alert actions
Due to a known problem in 4.6.0 and, ( https://jira.hyperic.com/browse/HHQ-5226), an error occurs during setup of email alert actions. When you create a Notify Roles, Notify HQ Users, or Notify Other Recipients action, clicking the Add to List button results in the following error:
The specified resource does not exist.

The workaround is to either: (1) edit the URL to replace the string "eid" with "aetid", or (2) add the desired email recipient(s) to an escalation, and assign the escalation to the alert.

Known Issues in vFabric Hyperic

Known Issues for vFabric Hyperic (156 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HQ-3784 Open Critical Blind SQL Injection on resource/common/monitor/visibility/ViewChart.do
Bug HQ-3783 Open Critical CSRF error om ViewAvailSummary.do
Bug HQ-3782 Open Critical SQL Injection Error:ModifyCriticalAlert.do (X-Forwarded-For: ')
Bug HQ-3781 Open Critical SQL Injection Error:modifyAvailSummary.do (X-Forwarded-For: ')
Bug HQ-3780 Open Critical SQL Injection Error:modifyAvailSummary.do (token)
Bug HQ-3770 Open Critical After failover agents can no longer talk to server
Bug HQ-3769 Open Minor msi EE installer wizard has wrong product name and out-of-date branding, and maybe OOD license
Bug HQ-3768 Open Major Availability Downtime Report has incorrect rounding
Bug HQ-3767 Open Major Platform Alerts are not displayed in Problem Resource Portlet
Bug HQ-3764 Open Trivial Memory leak in com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.SSLSessionImpl
Bug HQ-3747 Open Critical Heap dump in the 4.6 RC 1 Oracle large env
Bug HQ-3746 Open Major BeanCreationNotAllowedException Exception in Server log on stopping the server
Bug HQ-3716 Open Critical Report Center generates 403 after generating reports
Bug HQ-3713 Open Critical Websphere plugin - secure connection and not specifying 'websphere.useext=true' in agent.properties with WAS 6.1 results in Critical error running agent java.lang.StackOverflowError
Bug HQ-3707 Reopened Major Apache plugin - no validation for using SSL with no certificate
Bug HQ-3706 Open Major Gemfire plugin - Need information to inform users to specify Name when starting Cache Server
Bug HQ-3692 Reopened Critical Agent is not sending availability metric,but the process is still running "Failed handling new connection" error in agent log
Bug HQ-3680 Open Major Down Resources' option on Ops Center page takes ~7 mins to load
Bug HQ-3678 Reopened Major No chunking ability for long log events
Bug HQ-3677 Reopened Major Mismatched limits for log/config track events
Bug HQ-3672 In Progress Major Platform dependent XML definitions don't work for config_track plugin
Bug HQ-3658 Open Trivial Missing step in win32 installer
Bug HQ-3644 Open Major Marking an alert fixed while Schedule Downtime in progress triggers new alert to fire
Bug HQ-3628 Reopened Trivial File permissions on files and directories in agent and server bundles should be as restrictive as possible
Bug HQ-3626 Reopened Critical Agent properties that contain any credential information must have that information encrypted
Bug HQ-3625 Open Minor Unexpectedly added platform and all services
Bug HQ-3572 Open Major [large scale] Method duration warning and subsequent stalestate exception during restart of multiple agents
Bug HQ-3568 Reopened Major Need default cache max values increased in ehcache.xml
Bug HQ-3533 Open Major Resource hub pages are slower when non admin user has permissions to view lesser number of resources of that type
Bug HQ-3531 Open Major IO error sending measurements in agent logs [multiagents, large scale]
Bug HQ-3525 Open Major [Large Scale] TransactionTimedoutException from MetricsNotComingInDiagnostic
Bug HQ-3510 Reopened Major [Scale] Alert list for count of 1 alert takes 12 mins (close to timing out) on large env
Bug HQ-3506 Open Major [Scalability] Slow server start up times for a larger environment
Bug HQ-3463 Open Major SQLException in server log from DataPurge infrequently
Bug HQ-3450 Open Minor IE :Tools Menu drop down doesn't collapse after Schedule downtime popup is displayed
Bug HQ-2890 Open Minor ActiveMQ 5.4 not supported in HQ 4.5.0
Bug HQ-2876 Open Minor Alerts using SNMP traps have a space embedded in OID string
Bug HQ-2829 Open Major SpringSource tc Server Command-line Interface highlights Analyze tab instead of Administration
Bug HQ-2820 Open Minor IE: CSV reports are not displayed as CSV files
Bug HQ-2814 Open Major Intermittent agent restarts due to it being detected as hung by the service wrapper
Bug HQ-2808 Open Major StaleStateException error in server log when deleting resource that are in scheduled downtime
Bug HQ-2805 Open Major WLS Discovery will not find servers in domains, looking in the wrong place for config.xml
Bug HQ-2802 Open Trivial "can not process invocation requests since is not in started state!" in the agent log for an uni-directional agent (SHOW ONLY ONE TIME)
Bug HQ-2788 Open Major Intermittently, a successfully completed scheduled control action is still reported as In progress in control action history, due to agent being unable to send result to the server
Bug HQ-2787 Reopened Major Internal error when attempting to open tc Server plugin's server configuration view, possibly due to org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException
Bug HQ-2786 Open Major Internal error when attempting to open the resource hub, possibly caused by org.hibernate.StaleStateException
Bug HQ-2785 Open Major A user that has been deleted may still actually be present, thereby preventing the creation of a new user with the same name
Bug HQ-2783 Open Major Internal error when attempting to open the resource hub, possibly caused by SessionNotFoundException
Bug HQ-2774 Open Minor Dependency Platform Link displays "invalid regular expression: invalid repetition count(s)"
Bug HQ-2773 Open Major SQLException in server log from getMinTimestamp on large Oracle env during DataPurge
Bug HQ-2772 Open Major Tomcat threadpool maxes out when ReportProcessorImpl class is set to DEBUG
Bug HQ-2771 Open Major When beta websphere_mq plugin is loaded with an active websphere installation exceptions are thrown.
Bug HQ-2763 Open Major Server log reports "SQLException: No more data to read from socket" on Oracle Large Env
Bug HQ-2762 Open Major SQLException from method CalculateBaselines on Oracle large env
Bug HQ-2761 Open Major Downtime windows displays "TransactionTimedOutException " for one platform with 3202 alerts
Bug HQ-2753 Open Critical SessionNotFoundException when executing a control action
Bug HQ-2752 Open Major Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction in MYSQL (Down time window or Data compression trigger the error)
Bug HQ-2742 Open Major Multiple recovery alerts for multiple down alerts fired for same resource
Bug HQ-2736 Open Minor InvalidConfigException from MeasurementManagerImpl@ in server log as WARN
Bug HQ-2721 Open Critical Removing a server from the inventory fails intermittently
Bug HQ-2717 Open Major Opening a tc Server Monitoring page doesn't show the tc Server during automated test
Bug HQ-2707 Open Critical Agent does not start on FreeBSD 8.1; Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
Bug HQ-2686 Open Minor Quick Install on Windows prompts for SMTP server
Bug HQ-2684 Open Trivial Error [CommandListener] java.io.EOFException reported in agent.log
Bug HQ-2678 Open Major Metric Schedule Update DEBUG statements do not record messages for all agents/resources updated
Bug HQ-2677 Open Minor Server log rollover is displaying the wrong time stamp for some logging
Bug HQ-2675 Open Minor HQ vSphere java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'id' on null object reported in server.log
Bug HQ-2666 Reopened Minor Cannot schedule control action for Service and Platform resources with Recur =Never
Bug HQ-2665 Open Trivial Schedule control action calendra doesn't displays any dates
Bug HQ-2663 Open Trivial Initial startup of hq-agent with vSphere complains of url not configured
Bug HQ-2656 Open Major Agent stopped collecting metrics from 58 DB table services after server upgrade
Bug HQ-2654 Open Minor Built-IN tomcat displays error when executing Control Action "Unable to fetch plugin configuration: Could not open Windows Service: Apache Tomcat"
Bug HQ-2651 Open Minor Hq-stats file missed 1 collection interval during a major java memory garbage collection
Bug HQ-2650 Open Major Accessing the "metric not collecting" diagnostic on the portal causes server to become unresponsive for sevral mins/hours in a large env
Bug HQ-2644 Open Minor Server start up took 5.6 min in a large env
Bug HQ-2619 Open Major Escalation execution stops after failover in HA
Bug HQ-2606 Open Major HQ 4.4 displays OOM after running for 30 days
Bug HQ-2596 Open Major HQ product update info shows in the dashboard after upgrading to 4.5
Bug HQ-2584 Open Minor Stopping one oracle rac when fixing 15 group alerts displays stack trace in server log
Bug HQ-2578 Open Major Bulk delete alerts via API fails for count of 850 and more
Bug HQ-2564 Open Major Too many measurement schedules sent to agents, with no user action prompting for schedule change
Bug HQ-2563 Reopened Major Hierarchical Alerting broken; child alert not supressed when parent is down
Bug HQ-2553 Open Major HQ Portal becomes unusably slow after ~450 agents are shutdown for ~2 hours and brought back up
Bug HQ-2543 Reopened Minor On windows agent install should include service install message before telling user to start the agent
Bug HQ-2527 Open Minor NPE in server log from TransactionInterceptor
Bug HQ-2501 Open Critical HQ Throwing away data points on Oracle
Bug HQ-2446 Open Minor OC4J Plugin error: Malformed URL: [service:jmx:rmi://localhost:23791] reported in agent.log
Bug HQ-2436 Open Trivial Heart beat should also display some description along with the color upon completion
Bug HQ-2434 Open Trivial HQ vSphere Control Actions should match vSphere Client naming convetions for both Control Action name and Confirmation dialog
Bug HQ-2419 Open Trivial Metric labels hide the graphs in HQ vSphere plugin UI
Bug HQ-2418 Open Major Hosts and VMs from multiple vCenter Servers show up under one vCenter Server when configuration properties are the same
Bug HQ-2417 Open Trivial HQ vSphere Create Snapshot Intermittently fails after entering snapshot name
Bug HQ-2392 Reopened Major Live Exec netstat does not display results from AIX
Bug HQ-2387 In Progress Minor Delays with Firing Group Alerts
Bug HQ-2369 Open Minor HQ vSphere Plugin error: url not configured reported in agent.log after new VM auto-discovered
Bug HQ-2360 Open Major HQ vSphere UI performance charts should match the default Level 1 Statistics charts from vCenter
Bug HQ-2359 Open Critical Severe failure: org.hyperic.hq.autoinventory.AutoinventoryException: Cannot detect platform with platform.ip=null
Bug HQ-2349 Open Major Remove constraint on Platform name requiring it to be unique
Bug HQ-2340 Open Minor HQ vSphere Inventory Tree does not automatically display updated VM after being moved to new ESX host and Datastore using vMotion
Bug HQ-2330 Open Major Down time Window doesn't diable Alerts and measurements for its virtual childrens
Bug HQ-2327 Open Critical Hierarchical Alerting :If the agent is down on vCenter ,Alerts are fired for vCenter,Esx-Host ,VM and on Agent
Bug HQ-2325 Open Trivial Pagination drop down displays 15 instead of All in Control History tab
Bug HQ-2324 Open Trivial Text Update for "Are you sure (Overwrite the HQ server database (ERASE all existing data))? [default '1']:"
Bug HQ-2323 Open Minor HQ vSphere Inventory Tree does not list ESX hosts in numerical order
Bug HQ-2322 Open Major Hierarchical Alerting doesn't consider Power Off state
Bug HQ-2321 Open Trivial ESX-HOST power off displays "null,null' for one of the events
Bug HQ-2318 Open Minor Metric extrapolation chart only goes back one month, should go back further
Bug HQ-2308 Open Major Search results drop down displays scroll bar for Fire fox 3.0 and 3.6 and full list for IE 7/8
Bug HQ-2301 Open Major Hung browser in LDAP user registration page
Bug HQ-2297 Open Minor Pagination does not reset when changing Platform Types in Browse Resources
Bug HQ-2296 Open Major Availability for auto-discovered VMware vSphere VMs in Browse Resources differ from HQ vSphere
Bug HQ-2294 Open Trivial Event Center and Event log/tracking displays users=
Bug HQ-2273 Open Major User running HQ Server process is publicly displayed in browser
Bug HQ-2271 Open Trivial Vertical Scroll bar in Summary tab for vCenter and ESX-Host
Bug HQ-2266 Open Minor Execute and Cancel button is not green in IE 7/8
Bug HQ-2242 Open Minor Performance tab view is not persist ,when going back forth to resources and HQ vSphere
Bug HQ-2241 Open Trivial HQ vSphere has no true Confirmation for Create Snapshot; dialog is only to enter name
Bug HQ-2239 Open Minor Back slash (\) and Percent sign (%) rendered as HTML URL encoding in HQ vSphere
Bug HQ-2227 Open Minor HQ vSphere shows Gateway value as null for Network Details within Host Information
Bug HQ-2211 Open Minor Availability bar is displays as broken
Bug HQ-2168 Open Minor HQ vSphere VM displays incorrect IP address
Bug HQ-2151 Open Minor Changing HQ database password requires changes to hibernate.cfg.xml
Bug HQ-2138 Reopened Minor Should not be able to edit Type & Network Properties for VMware vSphere VM
Bug HQ-2128 Open Minor alert masthead message gets truncated on IE8
Bug HQ-2127 Open Trivial StaleStateException while calculating Baseline
Bug HQ-2125 Open Major Group related pages slow when resources under groups > 8000
Bug HQ-2124 Open Major Resource Type Alerts with 8000+ alerts very slow to create and list via API
Bug HQ-2119 Open Trivial Background alert delete service fails with timeout error when there are too many fixed alerts to delete
Bug HQ-2115 Open Major Group alerts should be aware of resources that may be in maintenance
Bug HQ-2109 Open Major Availability metrics shows unavailable for Tomcat and JBoss on the server
Bug HQ-2105 Open Major JBoss resource Alert tab does not display fired alerts & date selection widget
Bug HQ-2102 Open Major StaleState exceptions in server log
Bug HQ-2100 Open Major Alert sync (add/edit) errors out while alerts are firing
Bug HQ-2099 Open Major HQ API creates alerts with ?? names when condition is missing in definition
Bug HQ-2087 Open Major Agent upgrade from UI is not updating the agent version in Browse resource page
Bug HQ-2081 Open Trivial Orphaned alert definitions cause stacktraces in server log when alerts are deleted
Bug HQ-2076 Open Critical Report generation displays stack trace in UI and server log after stopping one oracle rac server
Bug HQ-2061 Open Minor HQ EE Win Installer: Agent config verbiage misleading
Bug HQ-2060 Open Trivial HQ Win installation: Path shows mixed slash types
Bug HQ-2057 Open Minor Unable to add groups in the "Groups Alert Summary" portlet using Safari 4.0.3
Bug HQ-2042 Open Major NPE Error in server log with SNMP notification in Alert definition
Bug HQ-2030 Reopened Critical Even after down time window ends ,resources are in Pause state
Bug HQ-1936 Open Minor Windows MSI installer fails to install agent and server windows services
Bug HQ-1934 Open Minor Slave node in HA configuration is running escalation steps after startup
Bug HQ-1928 Open Major Role cannot be removed from Application Group
Bug HQ-1920 Open Major Recovery alert fires again after server restart even though the recovery alert fired previously and the most current problem alert is fixed
Bug HQ-1915 Open Major Group Resource indicator page load times are slow as number of resources increase
Bug HQ-1883 Open Trivial Save Chart Portlets issue with html in name
Bug HQ-1877 Open Trivial Error in server.log on HQ shutdown
Bug HQ-1864 Open Minor Resource page intermittently not displaying any information below Properties bar (no indicator charts, services, or servers)
Bug HQ-1853 Open Major Create role displays "duplicate key violates unique constraint "eam_role_name_key"" error in server log- Intermittent
Bug HQ-1849 Open Minor Invalid Configuration displays Stack trace for "Script" Platform Service
Bug HQ-1841 Open Minor OpsCenter paging issue
Bug HQ-1838 Open Major "Get Current Values" in Compare Metrics page displays a warning message
Bug HQ-1805 Open Major HYPERIC_ALERT_DESCRIPTION parameter displays null in the output file for an Alert Script Action
Bug HQ-1667 Open Major Resource type alert edit/delete times out if there are too many resources associated with it

Known Issues in Hyperic HQ

Known Issues for Hyperic HQ (267 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5294 Open Minor Mysql Stats plugin getting wrong values if same table name exists on multiple databases
Bug HHQ-5290 Open Major postgresql-plugin doesn't distinguish table names across schemas
Bug HHQ-5289 Open Major moving a files/folders to unmonitor location is not traced by frantic
Bug HHQ-5288 Open Major weblogic - unable to detect configuration changes in .xml and .sh files
Bug HHQ-5287 Open Major creation of a directory with only 1 file results incorrect event
Bug HHQ-5281 Open Major frantic - error when watching "mv" commands
Bug HHQ-5273 Open Critical Vulnerabilities in Hyperic HQEE
Bug HHQ-5269 Open Major NPE caused loss Availability data
Bug HHQ-5246 Open Critical Group Alert Summary portlets should wait for a response before issuing another request
Bug HHQ-5240 Open Major Inconsistent interaction in setup.{sh,bat}
Bug HHQ-5238 Open Trivial hq-server.conf has OOD values for server.database
Bug HHQ-5234 Open Critical On upgrades, customers are seeing foreign key issues with the HQU plugins, which causes the HQU plugins no to load correctly.
Bug HHQ-5232 Open Trivial WebSphere plugin uses deprecated calls
Bug HHQ-5228 Open Trivial Configuration help in PostgreSQL plugin is out-of-date
Bug HHQ-5222 Open Major ERS (Apache) Tomcat not autodiscovered correctly
Bug HHQ-5221 Open Major Filter broken in Add Resources to Favorite Resources
Bug HHQ-5217 Open Minor IE7 and IE8 does not properly display the columns on the agents table in hq health.
Bug HHQ-5216 Open Major Websphere plugin classpath needs to be adjusted for WAS7
Bug HHQ-5210 Open Major netservices-plugin HTTP Service has incomplete metric template for sockaddr (netstat) metrics
Bug HHQ-5198 Open Minor Error verifying if HQ schema is valid
Bug HHQ-5190 Open Major Agent plugins are being built with JDK 1.6.0_21 when they should still being built with 1.5 compatible version.
Bug HHQ-5187 Open Minor Avail balloon bar is not correctly calculated on group level
Bug HHQ-5178 Open Major Diagnose refresh issues on Ops Center
Bug HHQ-5177 Open Critical Investigate performance issues for Alert Center
Bug HHQ-5172 Open Critical Investigate slowness for all dashboard portlets
Bug HHQ-5170 Reopened Critical Dashboard portlets should wait for a response before issuing another request
Bug HHQ-5167 Open Major When trying to install Hyperic server on MacOSX with mysql, it fails on the db installation.
Bug HHQ-5157 Open Minor agent.properties has *NIX line breaks on Windows
Bug HHQ-5140 Open Critical Few of the agents(platform) disappeared from the Inventory after upgrading groups of agents
Bug HHQ-5131 Open Minor MeasurementManager.syncPluginMetrics broken
Bug HHQ-5130 Open Blocker WebSphere plugin - Unable to configure WebSphere 6.1; The configuration has not been set for this resource due to : Invalid configuration: Error contacting resource: The WebSphere plugin needs a IBM JVM !!! (agent jvm=Sun Microsystems Inc.)
Bug HHQ-5128 Open Major Nagios plugin - Nagios Server 3.2.3 not auto-discovered
Bug HHQ-5126 Open Major Server.log reports Unhandled exception org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Batch update returned unexpected row count from update [40]; actual row count: 0; expected: 1
Bug HHQ-5123 Open Major MSI installer fails to uninstall if only server or agent is initially installed and also when both Server and agent are install at the same time
Bug HHQ-5119 Open Critical Agent.log reports ERROR [Poller Client] [PollerClientImpl$PollingRunnable] Error connecting the undirection poller client to the hq server: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Bug HHQ-5116 Open Major javascript:displayStackTrace() not working
Bug HHQ-5106 Open Trivial Solaris install - ./hyperic-hqee-installer-4.6.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT/setup.sh: reset: not found
Bug HHQ-5104 Open Trivial RabbitMQ plugin - typo for nondurable in Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-5097 Reopened Critical RabbitMQ plugin - command line discover fails with ERROR AutoScan failed for RabbitMQ
Bug HHQ-5095 Open Minor Filtering resource hub page on an expired session causes login page to return with an error
Bug HHQ-5086 Open Major vSphere plugin - Command line discover finds zero servers
Bug HHQ-5073 Open Minor Agent installer should not show NumberFormatException stack trace and break after user input invalid server ip
Bug HHQ-5038 Open Trivial EmbeddedActiveMQServerDetector leaks handles to files in webapps directory - fix should be in a finally block
Bug HHQ-5037 Open Major WebSphere stack overflow prevents agent communication after successful auto-discovery completes
Bug HHQ-5032 Open Minor 'Currently down resources' page list 1000 option does not work
Bug HHQ-5002 Open Major NullpointerException when updating a platform from autoinventory
Bug HHQ-5001 Open Minor PlatformDetector not passing product configs to server scan methods
Bug HHQ-4996 Open Critical Memory leak in SessionManager
Bug HHQ-4954 Open Trivial WebSphere MQ plugin descriptor needs <help>
Bug HHQ-4939 Open Critical charting is unreliable
Bug HHQ-4873 Open Minor Issue with "boolean" config option type in resource plugins
Bug HHQ-4869 Open Major WebSphere 6.1 Plugin "org.apache.commons.logging.LogConfigurationException: Invalid class loader hierarchy"
Bug HHQ-4867 Open Major AgentDListProvider is limited to the UTF encoded string length
Bug HHQ-4862 Open Minor SSL - Security Warning error in IE when viewing XLS Reports
Bug HHQ-4844 Open Major Cache tab on HQ-Health page takes around 1 minute to load in functional environment
Bug HHQ-4785 Open Minor Fail installer with correct message if postgres port is busy
Bug HHQ-4772 Open Minor Method exceeded message in server log "void org.hyperic.hq.measurement.shared.MeasurementManager.disableMeasurementsForDeletion"
Bug HHQ-4761 Open Minor Method exceeded message in server log ''org.hyperic.hq.hqu.shared.UIPluginManager.findAttachments(AttachType,AuthzSubject) "-Intermittently
Bug HHQ-4751 Open Trivial SAPS - "C:\fakepath\<pluginname>" shows in upload files in Chrome and Safari
Bug HHQ-4741 Open Minor IE 7:Breadcrumbs are not wrapped properly
Bug HHQ-4740 Open Major When a monitored DB2 database is deleted, the agent fails to connect and runs out of memory.
Bug HHQ-4723 Open Major Enforce ResourcePrototype uniqueness
Bug HHQ-4703 Open Major Investigate repeated agent reschedules
Bug HHQ-4675 Open Minor Dashboard tab is not highlighted with the first login (Intermittent)
Bug HHQ-4671 Open Trivial Ctrl + on browse resource page hides the controls
Bug HHQ-4636 Open Trivial NPE in UI if metric used in condition set has been removed.
Bug HHQ-4626 Open Major NPE occuring intermittently in dashboard while creating roles from Administration tab, occurs when the user's session expires
Bug HHQ-4618 Reopened Trivial Nagios HQU plugin broken in 4.5
Bug HHQ-4603 Open Trivial Deleted VMs cause error in agent log, takes 15 minutes to be removed from inventory
Bug HHQ-4600 Open Major Changing metric interval from Monitoring Defaults for a type having many resources gives stack
Bug HHQ-4594 Open Major Compatible Groups has blank page and NullpointerException
Bug HHQ-4591 Open Minor java.lang.NullPointerException in UI when trying to add a server tye:File Server to Availability Summary portlet
Bug HHQ-4590 Open Major Unsafe creation of agent dlist
Bug HHQ-4588 Open Major Duplicate Apache httpd discovered on windows
Bug HHQ-4583 Open Major HQ Agent stop from windows services throws error but completes successfully
Bug HHQ-4578 Open Major Allow SNMPTrapReceiver to be used from multiple plugins.
Bug HHQ-4563 Open Trivial NullPointerException in AlertDefinitionManagerImpl.findAllAlertDefinitions(AuthzSubject)
Bug HHQ-4541 Open Major Zip and MSI installer on 64 bit windows 7 fails with default install path [c:\Program Files (x86)]
Bug HHQ-4524 Open Minor Process cpu usage chart on solaris can be more then 100%
Bug HHQ-4522 Open Major Cannot start agent on zlinux; unable to locate binaries
Bug HHQ-4521 Open Minor MSI installer doesn't install HQ Agent service if the path contains parenthesis
Bug HHQ-4520 Open Minor When a server resource is restarted, don't restart the file watcher
Bug HHQ-4512 Open Major Delete service from resource hub sometimes takes more than 4 seconds to complete in a basic single platform HQ inventory
Bug HHQ-4510 Open Critical WebLogic plug-in to auto-discovering Managed Servers
Bug HHQ-4500 Open Major Duplicate entry for key 'PRIMARY' on inserting into EAM_SRN
Bug HHQ-4494 Open Major MeasurementCommandsService throws error getting VM measurement
Bug HHQ-4491 Open Minor Console log off shuts down server
Bug HHQ-4487 Open Major Unidirectional agent ran out of memory while monitoring 1000 http service checks
Bug HHQ-4486 Open Major Deleting 15 services from browse resources give stale state exception
Bug HHQ-4466 Open Major No availability is send because of oracle driver getting locked up
Bug HHQ-4465 Open Major Agent logs no performance metrics for VMs message intermittantly but vcs is collecting it fine
Bug HHQ-4464 Open Major JBoss plugin - control action start does not complete and reports error
Bug HHQ-4463 Open Major JBoss plugin - control action restart does not complete start and errors
Bug HHQ-4461 Open Minor Gemfire plugin - should remove services from inventory that are no longer available
Bug HHQ-4446 Open Major Error running binary '/export/home/kymeng/testings/ers/400/apache-2.2.9/apache2.2-64/bin/httpsd.worke': not found reported in Solaris SPARC agent.log
Bug HHQ-4445 Open Minor Apache Tomcat 5.5 is auto discovered as Tomcat 6
Bug HHQ-4441 Reopened Major Disabling all metrics doesn't unschedule collection on agent
Bug HHQ-4437 Open Trivial RabbitMQ plugin - Help Docs link to Monitoring and Managing RabbitMQ opens in existing window
Bug HHQ-4433 Open Minor "java.io.FileNotFoundException:" error is displayed after the starting the upgraded server from OSS to EE
Bug HHQ-4412 Open Minor vSphere plugin - Error setting availability for deleted VM not found reported in agent.log
Bug HHQ-4404 Open Minor Gemfire plugin - HQ GemFire view intermittently does not display updated Distributed System details without clearing IE browser cache
Bug HHQ-4390 Open Minor Adding 16th agent does not show in HQ Health Agents
Bug HHQ-4379 Open Major Deleting a platform displays a stack trace in server log(StaleStateException)
Bug HHQ-4377 Open Major foreign key constraint error in UI and server log while deleting 100 services during the 10th hour
Bug HHQ-4375 Open Minor Gemfire plugin - user entered values are not validated for Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-4367 Open Major bug while setting baselines
Bug HHQ-4364 Open Major Gemifre plugin - no indication to setup configuration properties
Bug HHQ-4362 Reopened Minor Hovering over icon is partial displayed for Auto group pages
Bug HHQ-4357 Open Major Gemfire plugin - auto-group for Cache Servers show available and uptime metrics even when one server is unavailable
Bug HHQ-4353 Open Minor bootstrap.log contrinues to collect errors while server is up
Bug HHQ-4338 Open Trivial Updating resource configuration should re-set modification time (mtime)
Bug HHQ-4333 Open Major Deleting a resource does not remove references of the resource from alert action configurations
Bug HHQ-4330 Open Trivial Default value for agent.setup.camSecure in agent.properties is incorrectly set to yes
Bug HHQ-4328 Reopened Major UI page load does not timeout on pages taking longer than 15 mins
Bug HHQ-4327 Open Major Agent SenderThread sending same measurements more than once in one batch
Bug HHQ-4325 Open Major WebLogic command discover results in Exception in thread "ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'default'" java.lang.StackOverflowError
Bug HHQ-4323 Open Trivial MSI Shortcut to stop HQ server displays "cannot stop message" ,but eventually server is stop
Bug HHQ-4318 Open Minor WebSphere error javaVendor does not exist reported in server.log
Bug HHQ-4315 Open Trivial set maxIdle to same value as min pool size
Bug HHQ-4312 Open Trivial java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in server log
Bug HHQ-4310 Open Major TransportDisposedIOException and Illegalstate exceptions in log right after restarting the server
Bug HHQ-4305 Open Major ObjectNotFoundException from MetricsNotComingInDiagnostic@ on deleting a resource that was not reporting metrics
Bug HHQ-4301 Open Minor Empty server.log with yesterday's date is created
Bug HHQ-4296 Open Major Stalestate exception related to set userprefs on clicking elements in indicator page of MySQLtable stats open in 2 browser tabs
Bug HHQ-4292 Open Major Unable to Deploy an Application on tc Runtime server
Bug HHQ-4291 Open Minor Status for tc Runtime server Managed Deployed Applications show as Stopped
Bug HHQ-4290 Open Minor Unable to Start & Stop Managed Deployed Applications for tc Runtime server
Bug HHQ-4288 Open Trivial Delete a user that is associate with alert for Notification displays warning message in server log
Bug HHQ-4287 Open Major The tc Runtime server jmx.password is displayed as plain text in agent.log
Bug HHQ-4286 Open Major Cannot start tc Runtime server via Control Actions
Bug HHQ-4278 Open Trivial RSS Feed displays "Username and Auth token do not match" error in server log
Bug HHQ-4276 Open Trivial BindException during server startup
Bug HHQ-4268 Open Minor Errors in server log regarding couple of constants that already exist
Bug HHQ-4263 Open Major Warnings from GAlert Event Listener in server log on shut down
Bug HHQ-4257 Open Major Metric Default schedule update gives BatchUpdateException: Statement cancelled due to timeout or client request
Bug HHQ-4252 Open Major Exception from SinglemetricMultipleResource chart page because JDBC pool was empty
Bug HHQ-4243 In Progress Major Samba Server 3.x not Auto-Discovered
Bug HHQ-4241 Open Major HQ ActiveMQ 5.3 indicator page causes "Data point value higher than ceiling" error in server log
Bug HHQ-4240 Open Major Deleting Platform resource and shutting down oracle rac1 stops HQ server
Bug HHQ-4239 Reopened Minor HQ Server upgrade does not maintain comments in hq-server.conf
Bug HHQ-4238 In Progress Major purging alerts fails at scale
Bug HHQ-4230 Open Minor HQU exceptions in HQ server log on server start up
Bug HHQ-4218 Open Major Command line plugin invocation throws NoClassDefFoundError
Bug HHQ-4212 Open Minor Resin plugin command reports java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.management.AttributeNotFoundException
Bug HHQ-4211 Open Minor Resin Plugin command line discover shows java.io.IOException: Operation not permitted
Bug HHQ-4208 In Progress Major WebLogic plugin - Control Actions fail for WebLogic WebApp due to MBean instance not found error
Bug HHQ-4207 Open Minor WebLogic plugin control start action shows IsWeblogicRunning False Error in agent.log when trying to start running WebLogic Admin Server
Bug HHQ-4206 Open Minor Re-registering the agent using hq-agent.sh setup between unidirectional and bi-directional can prevent the agent from registering
Bug HHQ-4205 Open Trivial Exception shown attempting to create a new platform with no agents in the inventory
Bug HHQ-4204 Open Major Running Plugin command line discover results in StackOverflowError
Bug HHQ-4195 Reopened Major HQ perf server does not stay up, something keeps killing it
Bug HHQ-4193 Open Trivial Group count in HQ-Health and Resource Browse page are different
Bug HHQ-4191 Open Major ui calls have too much overhead grabbing jdbc connections
Bug HHQ-4184 Open Major Setting alert condition measurement Id to 0 Error in server log
Bug HHQ-4183 Open Major Large compatible group indicator page gives IndexOutOfBoundsException
Bug HHQ-4177 Open Major Make the query property-based in the plugin to monitor multiple Spring applications on one machine
Bug HHQ-4173 Open Major java.lang.ClassCastException: when running autodiscoverer for plugin: OC4J 10
Bug HHQ-4168 Open Trivial Weblogic does not set a timeout on metric collection
Bug HHQ-4161 Open Major HQ 4.5 server crash after running for 6 days
Bug HHQ-4155 Open Major tcsadmin set-jvm-options command not handling --servername correctly
Bug HHQ-4153 Open Trivial Inappropriate exception thrown from ApplicationManagerImpl.removeAppService when a bad appServiceID value is passed in.
Bug HHQ-4139 Open Trivial Hq is failed to add resources to inventory when the installation path of resource is too long
Bug HHQ-4127 Open Trivial HQ Server config settings: Data validation missing for some of the input fields
Bug HHQ-4123 Open Major Agent measurement_schedule disklist size needs to be increased
Bug HHQ-4118 Open Trivial Wrong path to log file if HQ fails to start
Bug HHQ-4100 Open Major ESX-Host and VM's Groups display Live exec button,but individual Host and VM doesn't
Bug HHQ-4099 Reopened Minor git bundle is part of our installer
Bug HHQ-4096 Open Major Stack trace in server log when deleting all the platforms from UI"integrity constraint (NIPUNA.FKEEEB4C1162B21414) violated - child record found"
Bug HHQ-4091 Open Trivial Sigar Win32Exception while opening RegistryKey-subkey
Bug HHQ-4056 Open Minor Custom changes made to wrapper.conf are not persisted when agent upgraded
Bug HHQ-4050 Open Major agent nowrapper ping should exit with a non-zero status when it cannot connect
Bug HHQ-4037 Reopened Major Measurement Scheduling still occurs on VMs when ESX host moved from one vCenter server to another vCenter server
Bug HHQ-4008 Open Trivial Enable config tracking for the JBoss server displays error
Bug HHQ-4004 Open Trivial VIM plugin creating excessive login events
Bug HHQ-4000 Open Minor HQ-Health displays unknown FQDN after deleting HQ-Agent server
Bug HHQ-3999 Open Minor Resin plugin: AttributeNotFoundException reported for several attributes when running command line discover
Bug HHQ-3996 Open Minor XenServer plugin: not all CPUs shown as available for Xen Host CPU Autogroup
Bug HHQ-3994 Open Minor Xen Plugin: Add Information to Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-3993 Open Trivial The WebSphere Help information shows ${server.name} variable on Windows; not actual Server Name
Bug HHQ-3992 Open Trivial The WebSphere help information to export HQ_JAVA_HOME needs to be related to Windows
Bug HHQ-3991 Open Minor The hq-agent requires restart to auto-discover new resources for plugin applications
Bug HHQ-3990 Open Major Inconsistency with 32 and 64 bit support on Windows 2008
Bug HHQ-3989 Reopened Major WebLogic Plugin Control Action Start cannot start WebLogic
Bug HHQ-3988 In Progress Minor WebLogic plugin does not Auto-Discover WebApps and Applications
Bug HHQ-3982 Open Minor Oracle 11g plugin does not auto-discover newly created tablespaces or user instances
Bug HHQ-3980 Open Minor java.util.NoSuchElementException: DiskList$DiskListIterator -errror in agent log
Bug HHQ-3973 Reopened Minor DB2 Plugin: Add Information to Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-3970 Open Trivial Blankspace below footer on viewing large compatible or auto group
Bug HHQ-3969 Open Minor NavMap fails to load with 9000 resource compatible group
Bug HHQ-3966 Open Trivial Stats for MeasurementScheduleZevent and MeasurementZevent are not displayed in hq health
Bug HHQ-3957 Open Major NPE error in UI after clicking Add to Inventory twice
Bug HHQ-3953 Open Major Agent response-Time out error in server log
Bug HHQ-3950 Open Minor DB2 notes to enable monitoring metrics needs to be in Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-3940 Open Trivial http service check using HEAD on HQ server gives exception
Bug HHQ-3938 Open Minor DB errors during RPM installation of HQ points to wrong path (missing logs dir in the path)
Bug HHQ-3935 Open Trivial License agreement text is incorrect
Bug HHQ-3929 Open Trivial Monitoring Defaults should be listed in alphabetical and numerical order
Bug HHQ-3903 In Progress Minor NPE: Unexpected error running autodiscoverer for plugin: WebSphere Admin 6.1 or 7.0: null
Bug HHQ-3902 Open Major LDAP case insensitive authentication may lead to unwanted users
Bug HHQ-3900 Reopened Major Exceptions in AvailabilityManagerEJBImpl.sendDataToEventHandlers can cause availability to not be stored
Bug HHQ-3897 Open Minor Initiating a Control Action when none is selected clears the controls from the screen
Bug HHQ-3896 Open Major Metrics that are not collected by Solaris shouldn't be ON by default
Bug HHQ-3879 Open Major Oracle plugin needs to throw MetricUnreachableException if managed Oracle instance is not available due to read timeout
Bug HHQ-3878 Open Minor Installation default for DB doesn't accept default value
Bug HHQ-3877 Open Minor Hyperic HQ tc server installer should exit normally instead of with an ERROR when the user exits the installer option
Bug HHQ-3876 Open Minor Error message during install fail is confusing
Bug HHQ-3875 Open Minor Simple install fails if localhost is not
Bug HHQ-3873 Open Minor Executing a command line plugin operation yields ClassNotFoundException: com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver
Bug HHQ-3870 Open Minor WebSphere message 'SEVERE: ssl.client.config.parse.CWPKI0019E' received running command line discover
Bug HHQ-3869 Open Minor Collection Interval for Individual Resource doesn't display any warning if value is added as "0"
Bug HHQ-3851 Open Minor Clicking on Availability indicator which displays as 0% throws stack trace in UI and server log
Bug HHQ-3835 Open Minor on windows 64, can't easily manage 64 bit jre for hq agent and 32 bit jre for hq server
Bug HHQ-3832 Open Trivial IBM Java Version shows incorrect version number
Bug HHQ-3828 Open Minor Negative values graphed above 0 instead of below 0
Bug HHQ-3826 Open Major tc Server plugin deployment fails after upgrade due to Foreign Key Constraint violation when removing old server type
Bug HHQ-3825 Open Major Resources listed for the group ,all have the same machine name listed
Bug HHQ-3822 Open Trivial NPE error in agent log for WindowsServer
Bug HHQ-3821 Open Major After deleteing a Platform and restart the agent,Platform and services are displayed in Resourcehub page
Bug HHQ-3802 Open Trivial Command Line discover metrics for non-mssql plugin reports warning message 'WARN [main] [MetricsTag] MsSQL 2000 include not found: mssql-cache'
Bug HHQ-3795 Open Minor Upgrade the hq server database is ending up with ERROR message
Bug HHQ-3794 Open Minor Overwrite the HQ server database is ending up with ERROR message
Bug HHQ-3787 Open Minor Agent list in HQ Health dojo table differs from that in the print report
Bug HHQ-3780 Reopened Minor Security, auth and permisions holes with users in view only role (including guest)
Bug HHQ-3769 Open Major Stopping one oracle rac when alerts are firing displays stack trace in server log "No more data to read from socket"
Bug HHQ-3766 Open Minor Can't use & in HQ MySQL DB password
Bug HHQ-3749 Open Trivial consistent slow method calls in AvailabilityManager.addData to HierarchicalAlertingManager.suppressMeasurementEvents
Bug HHQ-3716 Open Minor HQ does not unschedule metrics determined to be coming from the wrong agent
Bug HHQ-3700 Open Minor java.io.FileNotFoundException: ..\..\bundles\agent-\pdk\mibs when starting agent in platform neutral agent (tcserver licensed restricted bundle)
Bug HHQ-3699 Open Major noJRE package - agent seems to still be looking for bundled jre on startup
Bug HHQ-3696 Open Trivial Bad use of getUpdateCount
Bug HHQ-3627 Open Trivial DaemonDetector does not set control configuration
Bug HHQ-3615 Open Major Olders agent appears in AI queue a newly install 4.3.0 server
Bug HHQ-3601 Open Trivial Skip Checked Resources button on Dashboard doesn't look right
Bug HHQ-3595 Open Minor JVM parameters in hq-server.conf on windows are ignored
Bug HHQ-3582 Open Major Cannot delete user which was used to create other users
Bug HHQ-3570 Open Trivial NPE when MBean ObjectName key properties have extra spaces before property name
Bug HHQ-3553 Open Minor Sendmail plugin's ptql does not account for the sendmail client processes, this causes the availability metric to change when multiple processes that match the ptql are found.
Bug HHQ-3536 Open Trivial Duplicate alerts created when refreshing page
Bug HHQ-3523 Open Major mysql _stats plugin doesn't reconnect after wait_timeout disconnect
Bug HHQ-3511 Open Minor After setting baselines from the Metric Data view by checking the checkbox and selecting Set Baselines does not seem to set them (at least in the UI)
Bug HHQ-3489 Open Minor Errors in server.log after AMS 2.0 -4.2 upgrade
Bug HHQ-3487 Reopened Minor Add to inventory displays "Block_size"error for oracle 11g
Bug HHQ-3461 Open Critical Updating and Deleting Resource Type Alert Definitions are not Atomic Operations
Bug HHQ-3450 Open Major Agent is displayed as unavailable if the postgres db plugin is stopped
Bug HHQ-3445 Reopened Critical Exchange 2007 server is displaying "java.io.EOFException"
Bug HHQ-3441 Open Major Send mail server is down,but the services are displayed as available
Bug HHQ-3440 Open Minor Hoste server select all for Application doesn't work for firefox
Bug HHQ-3439 Open Major Sendmail plugin is not Auto discover on Ubuntu platform
Bug HHQ-3402 Open Major Stoping HQ-server via services on windows displays NPE error in server log
Bug HHQ-3393 Open Major Custom plugin Log Tracking configuration defaults not being applied without manual intervention
Bug HHQ-3389 Open Critical StaleStateException while deleting Alert Definitions
Bug HHQ-3385 Open Trivial Disk Service Time not Collected for Windows based Servers
Bug HHQ-3382 Open Trivial Counter trigger alert email should provide counter condition
Bug HHQ-3378 Open Major Error in server log"ould not open relation 1663/16384/16644: Invalid argument"
Bug HHQ-3364 Reopened Major Approving 25 agents in AIQ leaves some agents with no schedule and unavailable in HQ
Bug HHQ-3321 Open Minor Down/Recovery alert may fire immediately after recovery alert fires
Bug HHQ-3308 Open Major Configuration options marked as type="secret" do not inherit default values
Bug HHQ-3305 Open Minor ObjectNotFoundException when deleting an escalation that doesn't exist
Bug HHQ-3304 Open Major RollbackException and java.lang.IllegalStateException in server log
Bug HHQ-3303 Open Minor Transaction timeout when enabling all platform alerts from resource hub
Bug HHQ-3266 Open Trivial Inconsistent times given on indicators page
Bug HHQ-3255 Open Major JMX plugin continues to reconnect jmx monitored app even when its down
Bug HHQ-3250 Open Major Change to problem resource portlet under Role dashboard gets saved to user dashboard
Bug HHQ-3243 In Progress Major Xen plugin uses agent fqdn for server names instead of it's own fqdn
Bug HHQ-3121 Open Minor DataManagerEJBImpl throwing a "Hibernate Exception: Unable to find current session" every minute
Bug HHQ-2002 Reopened Major Conversion issue with Bits received/transmitted per second in alert condition
Bug HHQ-1758 Reopened Major JSW:All hq-agent command fails on HP-UX

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