vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 Release Notes

vFabric Hyperic | 3 May 2012

vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 | 15 Mar 2012

Last Document Update: 3 May 2012

What's in the Release Notes

The VMware® vFabric™ Hyperic® release notes cover the following topics:

What's New in vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ

Version of vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ fixes a number of known issues. See Issues Fixed in vFabric Hyperic and Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ 4.6.5..

What's New in vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 and Hyperic HQ 4.6.5

Except where noted, the following new features are included in both vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 and Hyperic HQ 4.6.5.

Installation Sizing Profiles (vFabric Hyperic Only)

The vFabric Hyperic installer is enhanced to pre-configure the Hyperic Server based on the size of your Hyperic deployment.

When you run the vFabric Hyperic installer in -full mode, it prompts you to select a sizing profile based on the size of your Hyperic deployment. Depending on the volume of platforms you will manage, you choose a "small", "medium", or "large" sizing profile. Based on the profile you select, the installer sets the values of a variety of Hyperic Server properties in ServerHome\server.conf and ServerHome\hq-engine\hq-server\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\web.xml that specify the Java options used to start the Hyperic Server; the server's JMS memory limits; the Hyperic database connection pool size; and the number of threads available to the Hyperic Server's internal application server. In the Hyperic documentation, see "About Sizing Profiles in vFabric Hyperic" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration.

Note: In -upgrade mode, the vFabric Hyperic installer does not prompt for a sizing profile. As desired, you can select an installation profile after upgrading the vFabric Hyperic Server to 4.6.5, by running the installer again, using the new -updateScale qualifier. In the Hyperic documentation, see "Change vFabric Hyperic Server Sizing Profile" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration.

Agent Bundle Updated to JRE 1.6

Hyperic Agent packages that include a JRE have JRE 1.6.

JMX Port Closed by Default

The JVM's JMX port is closed by default. As a result, Hyperic does not automatically discover and monitor its internal ActiveMQ Server. hq-server.conf includes two new properties that you can use to enable the JMX port and set the JMX port number: server.jms.usejmx and server.jms.jmxport.

New Requirement for Changing Admin Account Password

You must supply the current administration account password in order to change it.

Requirements for Server Agent Plug-in Synchronization

The Server Agent Plug-in Synchronization (SAPS) process does not synchronize plugins on Hyperic Agents whose version is earlier than the Hyperic Server. The Hyperic 4.6.5 Server can only synchronize plugins on agents running the same or later version as the server. In the Hyperic documentation, see "Plug-in Deployment and Management" in vFabric Hyperic Administration.

New Server Property Defaults

The default values of two server properties are changed:

  • server.java.opts in ServerHome\conf\hq-server.conf now includes an additional Java option: -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC.
  • The default value of org.hyperic.lather.maxConns in ServerHome\hq-engine\hq-server\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\web.xml is now 3000. In previous versions of Hyperic, the default value of org.hyperic.lather.maxConns was 475.

New Server Properties for Tomcat Configuration

The file hq-server.conf includes two new properties you can use to configure the number of threads available to Hyperic Server's internal Tomcat server: tomcat.maxthreads and tomcat.minsparethreads, whose default values in Hyperic HQ are 500 and 50, respectively. If you manage more than fifty platforms, it may be appropriate to adjust these values. In the Hyperic documentation, see "Scaling and Tuning Hyperic Performance" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration for more about tomcat.maxthreads, tomcat.minsparethreads, and other server properties you can use to tune the Hyperic Server in large environments.

Updated Plugins

The following product plugins have been updated to support newer versions of the managed product:

  • vSphere plugin — updated to support vSphere 5.
  • JBoss plugin — updated to support JBoss 7.
  • Tomcat plugin — updated to support Tomcat 7.

In addition, see the plugin updates described in New Plugin Support Class for Event-Based Configuration Tracking.

New Plug-in Support Class for Event-Based Configuration Tracking

In Hyperic 4.6.5, a new plug-in support class —-- org.hyperic.hq.product.FileChangeTrackPlugin --— enables more detailed change tracking than available in previous versions of Hyperic. This plug-in tracks the change type ("add", "delete", "modify", or "rename") and the actual changes in text files.

In the Hyperic documentation, see "Log and Configuration Event Tracking" in vFabric Hyperic Overview for more about the configuration tracking functionality, and see "FileChangeTrackPlugin" in vFabric Hyperic Plug-in Development for more about the new support class.

In Hyperic 4.6.5 the following plug-ins have been updated to use FileChangeTrackPlugin:

  • Tomcat
  • Apache
  • WebSphere
  • WebLogic Server
  • JBoss
  • PostgreSQL
  • mySQL
  • Oracle

These plug-ins provide default Configuration File filters. Note that configuration tracking for these types is disabled by default. You can enable configuration tracking on the Configuration Properties page for a resource.

Enhancements to HQ Health Page

The HQ Health page, available on the Plug-ins section of the Administration tab in the Hyperic user interface, has two new tabs:

  • HQ Inventory — Resource types currently in Hyperic inventory, and the number of resources of each type.
  • Maintenance — Database maintenance commands you can run to remove orphaned resources from the Hyperic Database.

For more information, in the Hyperic documentation, see "ui-HQHealth" in vFabric Hyperic User Interface.

Changed Behavior for Delete Platform Command

If you delete all platforms that a Hyperic Agent manages, the Hyperic Server also removes the saved authentication token for that agent from the Hyperic database. So if you delete a platform that is managed by an agent that does not manage any other platforms (as in the case of an agent that manages only the platform it runs on), the agent can no longer connect to the Hyperic Server. If you do want the agent to rediscover the platform where it runs, you must repeat the agent setup process.

Hyperic 4.6.5 Documentation Site and Documentation for Earlier Releases

Hyperic 4.6.5 documentation, including downloadable PDFs, is available in the vFabric 5.1 Documentation Center. Documentation for Hyperic 4.6.5 and later releases will not be available on http://support.hyperic.com. Documentation for previous versions of Hyperic is still available on http://support.hyperic.com.

Issues Fixed in vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 and Hyperic HQ 4.6.5

Issues Fixed in vFabric Hyperic

This section lists the fixes in vFabric Hyperic vFabric Hyperic also includes the fixes listed in Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ

Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HQ-3828 Closed Blocker LDAP Auth Broken
Bug HQ-3823 Closed Blocker Compatible group with more than 1000 resources displays stack trace in UI for Oracle

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ

Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5497 Closed Blocker Rabbit plugin cannot set up alerts due to control plugin configuration issue

Issues Fixed in vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5

This section lists the fixes in vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5. vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 also includes the fixes listed in Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ 4.6.5.

Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HQ-3811 Closed Blocker 0 agents are sync after upgrading Server from RC1 to RC2
Bug HQ-3808 Closed Critical HA:Second node doesn't start in HA with external Postgres DB "Invalid keystore format'"
Developer HQ-3806 Closed Critical Mediun Scale Profile should have +UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX in server.java.opts
Improvement HQ-3803 Closed Major UpdateScale flag should display profile options same as -full flag
Bug HQ-3800 Closed Critical no configuration tracking for TC server plugin
Developer HQ-3798 Closed Critical Server Inventory tab diaplays XSS vulnerability if the platform name contains <SCRIPT>alert("XSS Vulnerable")</SCRIPT>
Bug HQ-3794 Closed Critical Edit Metric collection interval for around 39518 services displays stack tarce
Developer HQ-3792 Closed Critical Support multiple sizing profiles should only be in vFabric Hyperic(EE version)
Security Review HQ-3789 Closed Major PostgreSQLServerDetector discovers hqdb with hardcoded credentials
Bug HQ-3786 Closed Major Phishing throgh frame attempt was successful for ViewAvailSummary.do
Developer HQ-3785 Closed Critical Add to Inventory times out with Uni-Directional agent
Bug HQ-3783 Closed Critical XSS error on ViewAvailSummary.do
Improvement HQ-3779 Closed Critical support vSphere 5.0
Bug HQ-3777 Closed Critical Update bundled tcServer version
Improvement HQ-3776 Closed Major Batch Permission Manager calls
Bug HQ-3774 Closed Critical Privilege Escalation
Bug HQ-3770 Closed Critical After failover agents can no longer talk to server
Bug HQ-3753 Closed Trivial Build break in JSPs
Bug HQ-3692 Closed Critical Agent is not sending availability metric,but the process is still running "Failed handling new connection" error in agent log
Bug HQ-3628 Closed Trivial File permissions on files and directories in agent and server bundles should be as restrictive as possible
Developer HQ-3554 Closed Major ObjectNotFound exception on deleting platforms
Developer HQ-3457 Closed Critical updating metric collection schedule for a prototype with 73,000+ resources throws a transaction timeout stack trace
Security Review HQ-1892 Closed Minor Recent Alerts portlet and Problem Resources portlets are broken if Resouce Name has html in it

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ 4.6.5

This table includes issues fixed in Hyperic HQ 4.6.5. These fixes also apply to vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5.

Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5455 Closed Major Alerts are not being created
Bug HHQ-5450 Closed Blocker invalid compressed data--crc error when the installer tries to open the JRE on SUSE 32 bit
Bug HHQ-5430 Closed Blocker JRE is not bundle with HPUX and AIX agent installers
Bug HHQ-5428 Closed Blocker Exchange 2007 and 2010 are not autodiscovered
Bug HHQ-5421 Closed Critical jboss 6 on windows isn't traking Frantic changes
Bug HHQ-5417 Closed Blocker Deleting a Resources displays Stack trace in UI and NPE in server log
Bug HHQ-5416 Closed Blocker Solaris installer fails while running setup
Bug HHQ-5415 Closed Trivial Change online help link to Release Notes
Bug HHQ-5414 Closed Major UI for config tracking broken for plugins that use older config tracking method
Bug HHQ-5412 Closed Blocker metrics and notifications from hyperic 4.6.5 are not presented in AppInsight
Bug HHQ-5411 Closed Critical NPE and ObjectNotFoundExceptions while deleting 50 platforms in scaled env
Bug HHQ-5409 Closed Trivial update copyright year and patent list where needed
Bug HHQ-5401 Closed Major Export report for Resources Not Collecting Metrics to Excel in Report Center shows error
Bug HHQ-5400 Closed Critical Can't upload .jar plugin when hyperic server is on windows
Bug HHQ-5399 Closed Critical Can't upload .xml plugin which include other plugins when hyperic server is running on windows
Bug HHQ-5397 Closed Critical Add plugin Jar file to Plugin Manager throw error and exception .
Bug HHQ-5395 Closed Major Plugin Manager -the Updated Time field isn't update when the plugin file is updated.
Developer HHQ-5391 Closed Critical Oracle upgrade fails from to 4.6.5
Bug HHQ-5390 Closed Major Plugin Manager should not sync plugins that didn't properly load up on the server side to an agent
Bug HHQ-5388 Closed Critical unable to disable config tracking for different servers
Bug HHQ-5387 Closed Critical Upgrading agent from 4.5.1 to 4.6.5 does not work.
Bug HHQ-5386 Closed Critical Plugin Manager does not display correct information about number of plugins successfully pushed to agent after the versioning changes
Bug HHQ-5385 Closed Critical Plugin Manager popup for agents that do not synchonize breaks when there are too many agents
Developer HHQ-5384 Closed Major System names are displayed in Favroite resourcs Portlet
Bug HHQ-5383 Closed Major "system" servers are displayed on compatible groups of platform services
Bug HHQ-5380 Closed Critical Add Change Tracking to Jboss 7 plugin
Bug HHQ-5379 Closed Critical Update TCServer definitions to include config chage monitoring (Frantic)
Bug HHQ-5378 Closed Major Correct UI for Config Tracking
Bug HHQ-5377 Closed Minor Controls on control tab in HQ vSphere are not listed in alphabetical order
Bug HHQ-5375 Closed Major Error in inventory page of group that added in Tools Menu of existing group
Bug HHQ-5374 Closed Major no configuration changes tracking for oracle 10g/11g plugin
Bug HHQ-5373 Closed Major missing files extensions to track in the default websphere plugin
Bug HHQ-5372 Closed Minor one remaining issue with help style sheet
Bug HHQ-5370 In Progress Major no configuration changes are traced for IIS server by default
Bug HHQ-5366 Closed Major no configuration changes are traced for apache httpd server by default
Bug HHQ-5365 Closed Major changes in files without extensions are passing the frantic filter altough they are not confgured for tracking
Improvement HHQ-5364 Closed Major httpd plugin by default should monitor more configuration changes
Bug HHQ-5361 Closed Blocker vSphere hosts in vSphere machin are up and in hyperic server thay are down
Developer HHQ-5359 Closed Major Integration Tests Memory Leaks
Developer HHQ-5358 Closed Critical Hyperic fresh installation fails with oracle DB
Bug HHQ-5357 Closed Trivial Force to end the command line for plugin testing.
Bug HHQ-5355 Closed Minor Control Action doesn't represh the Current Status and shows an error
Bug HHQ-5354 Closed Minor Control Action schedule execute actions befor the time selected to execute
Bug HHQ-5350 Closed Minor The agent.log full in exceptions of AgentKeystoreConfig
Bug HHQ-5348 Closed Trivial mysql configuration change arn't track by Frantic
Bug HHQ-5347 Closed Critical Control Action createsnapshot doesn't work for VC 5
Developer HHQ-5346 Closed Critical Upgrade from build 12-20120110 to build 15-20120116 fails "Error creating bean with name 'dbKeystoreManager': Invocation of init method failed;"
Bug HHQ-5344 Closed Major error in inventory page of jboss6 server
Bug HHQ-5343 Closed Critical dbkeystoreManager initialization causes a mysql error
Bug HHQ-5341 Closed Critical Error when starting agent with older jvm causes it to crash, due to unknown encryption provider
Bug HHQ-5333 Closed Major In Tomcat 7 Agent log I see many attempts at connection and disconnections
Bug HHQ-5332 Closed Major Unable to enable log tracking on tomcat 7 server
Bug HHQ-5331 Closed Major frantic jars are not updated (causing fixed problems to reprdouce)
Developer HHQ-5330 Closed Minor Hyperic copyright year should be 2004-2012 instead of 2011
Bug HHQ-5329 Closed Minor Reevaluate the disabling of the performance tab for the vsphere plugin.
Bug HHQ-5328 Closed Critical Don't require vmware tools to be installed on VMs for the vSphere plugin to detect
Feature HHQ-5326 Closed Major vSphere Host Datastore Metrics
Developer HHQ-5325 Closed Major Java version in UI page is not displayed correctly
Bug HHQ-5323 Closed Major Tomcat 6 and Postgres 8.2(built-in) of Hyperic has not been configured properly and displayed gray color
Bug HHQ-5322 Closed Minor servers view in inventory tab do the selection only the first time select
Bug HHQ-5316 Closed Major The Postgres DB server still running after shutting down Hyperic server until to stop manually
Bug HHQ-5314 Closed Major Frantic functionality should be disabled by default
Bug HHQ-5313 Closed Major Support package should not be included in distribution
Bug HHQ-5312 Closed Major jboss server don't have help how to configure
Bug HHQ-5311 Closed Critical Can't use 4.6.5 agent on DSL linux
Bug HHQ-5309 Closed Major command line in jboss7 machine is not discovering jboss 7.
Developer HHQ-5304 Closed Blocker Agent is failing during set up "Error validating user: The authenticity of host 'localhost' can't be established"
Developer HHQ-5302 Closed Major IE 8/9: Some buttons are unresponsive on "Favorite Resources Settings page"
Bug HHQ-5301 Closed Major "year" logic in schedule.js is unintuitive
Bug HHQ-5300 Closed Critical Unable to update General Properties or Type and Network Properties for Platform
Bug HHQ-5299 Closed Critical agent is not going up after AgentUpgradeManager restarts it
Bug HHQ-5298 Closed Major Tomcat 7 server identified by tomcat 6 plug-in.in windows OS
Bug HHQ-5296 Closed Trivial RabbitMQ plugin broken for rabbit version 2.7.1
Bug HHQ-5295 Closed Major unable to run New Auto Discovery
Bug HHQ-5293 Closed Trivial Test 123 Mayan
Developer HHQ-5291 Closed Blocker Java home didn't find.
Bug HHQ-5290 Closed Major postgresql-plugin doesn't distinguish table names across schemas
Bug HHQ-5289 Closed Major moving a files/folders to unmonitor location is not traced by frantic
Bug HHQ-5288 Closed Major weblogic - unable to detect configuration changes in .xml and .sh files
Bug HHQ-5287 Closed Major creation of a directory with only 1 file results incorrect event
Bug HHQ-5286 Closed Critical Hyperic server is working extremely slow with Oracle DB.
Developer HHQ-5285 Closed Blocker installation problem -couldn't find file "server-small.xml".
Improvement HHQ-5284 Closed Critical support exchnage 2010
Improvement HHQ-5283 Closed Major turn on Agent compiler switches
Bug HHQ-5282 Closed Critical Frantic "Processor thread" crashes after exception in thread "ChangeEventProcessor"
Bug HHQ-5281 Closed Major frantic - error when watching "mv" commands
Developer HHQ-5278 Closed Major After applying Frantic patch we need to reinitialize agent after deleting data directory
Developer HHQ-5277 Closed Major Remote agent events are not displayed in Event center or Platform Monitor page
Bug HHQ-5276 Closed Trivial The generic error page should not contain a link to the stack trace or the stack trace data as hidden.
Improvement HHQ-5275 Closed Critical Support multiple sizing profiles.
Bug HHQ-5273 Closed Critical Vulnerabilities in Hyperic HQEE
Bug HHQ-5272 Closed Critical samba-plugin no longer jre 1.5 compatible
Improvement HHQ-5264 Closed Critical Rework installer to be more user friendly
Improvement HHQ-5259 Closed Major Enhance HQ Agent Diagnostics
Improvement HHQ-5258 Closed Critical Enhance HQ Agent CommandListener.listenLoop() mechanism
Improvement HHQ-5256 Closed Major SRN implementation needs to be reviewed and rewritten
Improvement HHQ-5255 Closed Critical Plugin Manager should only sync to agents that are >= to the server version
Bug HHQ-5253 Closed Major update HQ server keystore so that it stores entries in the db rather than a file
Improvement HHQ-5249 Closed Major Upgrade bundled jre to the latest 1.6 version
Bug HHQ-5247 Closed Major Merge into 4.6.0.x branch, 4.6.x, and master
Bug HHQ-5246 Closed Critical Group Alert Summary portlets should wait for a response before issuing another request
Bug HHQ-5245 Closed Critical Availability reported as 50% when resource goes from 100% to 0%
Bug HHQ-5244 Closed Critical DataPoints on MetricChart are mis-plotted by 1 minute
Bug HHQ-5243 Closed Critical Improve Agent performance for JMX plugins
Feature HHQ-5241 Closed Major Add support for Jboss 7.0
Bug HHQ-5239 Closed Critical IndexOutOfBoundsException during email template rendering
Feature HHQ-5237 Closed Major Add support for Tomcat 7.0
Bug HHQ-5236 Closed Critical mvc mapping in webapp-servlet-ee.xml is incorrect
Bug HHQ-5235 Closed Critical NetServicesCollector insists on using SSL for all sockets
Bug HHQ-5233 Closed Trivial iis plugin help text incorrectly implies response time metrics are still available.
Bug HHQ-5228 Closed Trivial Configuration help in PostgreSQL plugin is out-of-date
Improvement HHQ-5227 Closed Minor Harden HQ Server and HQ Agent by removing obsolete ciphers
Bug HHQ-5226 Closed Major Alert Actions have incorrect link
Bug HHQ-5225 Closed Major Administration -> "List Users" throws error
Bug HHQ-5224 Closed Critical vsphere plugin can't load jasypt classes
Bug HHQ-5222 Closed Major ERS (Apache) Tomcat not autodiscovered correctly
Bug HHQ-5220 Closed Major Plugin Manager throws NPE if agent is down during sync
Bug HHQ-5219 Closed Minor pdk/examples don't get built with plugin version tag
Bug HHQ-5215 Closed Major ScheduleThread class can incorrectly end up creating many more executors on startup
Bug HHQ-5213 Closed Trivial Agent will not start without agent.logFile property
Bug HHQ-5209 Closed Major Network Interface shows 100% when link is down
Bug HHQ-5206 Closed Major ConfigSchema not thread safe
Bug HHQ-5185 Closed Major Stacktrace on second page of ResourceHub
Bug HHQ-5184 Closed Minor Memory Usage column in hq health cache listing sorts incorrectly
Bug HHQ-5179 Closed Critical Improve the efficiency of Base64 decode() / encode() to alleviate cpu issues
Improvement HHQ-5173 Closed Trivial FileServer File Service: Add ability to alert if file has not changed since last interval.
Bug HHQ-5170 Closed Critical Dashboard portlets should wait for a response before issuing another request
Bug HHQ-5169 Closed Major Agents with no associated platforms remain in the db
Bug HHQ-5163 Closed Major DBUtil.isBuiltinDB() returns true when database isn't the builtin
Improvement HHQ-5160 Closed Minor HQ Health enhancements: Groovy to clean up orphaned data
Improvement HHQ-5143 Closed Major Enhance lather with Tunable Lather Controls
Bug HHQ-5136 Closed Critical hq-server AlertDefinition.java out of sync with hqapi AlertDefinitionBuilder.java
Bug HHQ-5113 Closed Major Unable to to add user with more than 3 levels in emails's domain
Bug HHQ-5038 Closed Trivial EmbeddedActiveMQServerDetector leaks handles to files in webapps directory - fix should be in a finally block
Bug HHQ-4996 Closed Critical Memory leak in SessionManager
Bug HHQ-4986 Closed Major openldap-plugin: Metric collection fails if slapd restarted
Bug HHQ-4798 Closed Blocker DEFAULT_CONFIG_TRACK_ENABLE and DEFAULT_LOG_TRACK_ENABLE in plugin XML not automatically applied when resource first created
Improvement HHQ-4624 Closed Trivial Enable JIT by default on agent JRE (painful performance issue)
Developer HHQ-4509 Closed Major Sybase plugin - NONE set for Collection Interval for Sybase Engine Service
Bug HHQ-4434 Closed Critical Intermittently, we get a completely blank page when navigating the HQ UI
Bug HHQ-4420 Closed Major InetAddress Ping isn't thread safe in JRE shipped with agent
Bug HHQ-4385 Closed Major Trim white spaces from end of agent.properties lines
Improvement HHQ-4382 Resolved Minor Activemq plugin does not allow for jmx.url, username, and password fields
Bug HHQ-4297 Closed Major Incorrect time displayed on resource charts with smaller time ranges
Bug HHQ-4123 Reopened Major Agent measurement_schedule disklist size needs to be increased
Bug HHQ-3150 Closed Trivial FileServer File Plugin default *Path configuration is wrong for V4.x environments.
Bug HHQ-2894 Closed Major Deleted platform stays in HQ-Health -Agent tab
Developer HHQ-2209 Closed Trivial Edit Configuration page for NTP needs to be updated

Known Issues in vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ

Known Issues in vFabric Hyperic

This section lists the known issues in vFabric Hyperic vFabric Hyperic also includes the issues listed in Known Issues in Hyperic HQ

LDAP Authorization Issue In vFabric Hyperic, LDAP authorization fails, and a stack trace is generated. The problem is fixed in In vFabric Hyperic For more information see https://jira.hyperic.com/browse/HQ-3828.

Failover Issue with with a PostgreSQL 9.x Hyperic Database In environments that use an external PostgreSQL 9.x server for the Hyperic database, the second node in a Hyperic Server cluster fails to start. The problem occurs relates because, by default, PostreSQL 9 uses a new hex format for I/O (the bytea datatype) that Hyperic's PostgreSQL 8.2 driver does not support.

To work around this issue, you can configure the PostgreSQL server to use the escaped format, which the Hyperic Server's PosgreSQL driver supports, instead of hex. To do so, run this command before starting the nodes in the Hyperic Server cluster:

ALTER DATABASE SET bytea_output='escape';

For more information, see Section 3.1 on http://postgis.refractions.net/docs/PostGIS_FAQ.html.

Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HQ-3839 Open Major Unable to install only agent through MSI
Bug HQ-3835 Open Major i18n: The subject name of the alert Email can't support Non-ASCII characters
Bug HQ-3834 Open Major i18n: Report displays as garbage when exporting as CSV.
Bug HQ-3833 Open Major i18n: Date/Time display garbage in Report Center.
Bug HQ-3832 Open Minor i18n: "€"(U+20AC) is converted to a sequence of garbage characters in agent log dir or name.
Bug HQ-3831 Open Minor i18n: Double byte characters in a resource name displays as garbage when exported from report.
Bug HQ-3829 Open Minor Operations Center 'Duration' sort incorrect
Bug HQ-3827 Open Critical Plugin Manager doesn't sync plugins via nodes in failover configuration
Bug HQ-3826 Open Critical Plugin Manager UI doesn't show plugin on new primary node when plugin was uploaded via old primary node in failover configuration
Bug HQ-3821 Open Major Operation Center doesn't load in Performance environment
Bug HQ-3820 Open Major Plugin Manager UI is not displaying Alerts and Analyze drop down correctly
Bug HQ-3819 Open Major Upgrading Performance environment displays "Using "small" installing profile" during upgrade
Bug HQ-3818 Open Minor i18n: inconsistent behavior in use of non-ASCII characters for password
Bug HQ-3817 Open Minor i18n: non-ASCII characters in the username are displayed as garbage during setup
Bug HQ-3816 Open Major i18n: double bytes characters display as garbage when create a new application

Known Issues in Hyperic HQ

This section lists the known issues in Hyperic HQ

Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5531 Open Critical Unable to use special characters / < > & * ? % in resource names in UI
Bug HHQ-5527 Open Major Alert calendar picker does not close or filter alerts by date
Bug HHQ-5526 Open Critical Favorite Resources Portlet Display Issue
Bug HHQ-5524 Open Critical TCserver availability issue
Bug HHQ-5522 Open Critical Agent installation using MSI does not exist
Bug HHQ-5520 Open Minor "Too many certificates in chain" error when trying to deplyed 4th agent using App director - Intermittently
Bug HHQ-5519 Open Minor Hyperic agent throws error when trying to Add to Inventory in App director deployment Intermittently
Bug HHQ-5518 Open Critical Deleting platforms in a scaled env causes orphaned resources which in turn causes stack traces in the UI
Bug HHQ-5496 Open Critical When using HQApi to create a log track resource the agent log_track plugin isn't enabled
Bug HHQ-5494 Reopened Critical Can't use < > % in alert definition names
Bug HHQ-5493 Open Major A user with Full privileges can shutdown agent/server
Bug HHQ-5491 Open Major Random logouts
Bug HHQ-5490 Open Major Server reports key errors when agent is in bad state
Bug HHQ-5489 Open Minor Stray "<" on Escalation Schemes configuration page
Bug HHQ-5482 Reopened Major websphere-plugin doesn't free connections
Bug HHQ-5479 Open Major The link "Performance data not available" in vSphere UI is not valid
Bug HHQ-5478 Open Major Config Track (Frantic) If root tracked folder is deleted, files will no longer be tracked even if recreated until agent is restarted.
Bug HHQ-5477 Open Major Config track (Frantic) does not support folder rename
Bug HHQ-5475 Open Major Limit local repository size for config change tracking (Frantic)
Bug HHQ-5474 Open Major Pass full config track (frantic) event diff
Bug HHQ-5470 Open Major Hostheader for HTTP resource not used in GET request
Bug HHQ-5469 Open Major Cannot Monitor Postgres 8.4
Bug HHQ-5467 Open Minor Hyperic installation doesn't support in space in the name of folder on windows 2008
Bug HHQ-5465 Open Minor Metric Data Extrapolation for group resources doesn't show the graphes
Bug HHQ-5464 Open Minor Plugin Manager UI should be refresh automatically when Adding or Update any plugin
Bug HHQ-5463 Open Major DB duplicate key errors
Bug HHQ-5461 Open Major Alert Center changes background color of unfixed alerts during refresh
Bug HHQ-5460 Open Trivial Unable to delete user due to FK constraints (oracle)
Bug HHQ-5458 Open Trivial Unable to see more than 15 Groups when trying to add additional Compatible Groups to an existing Mixed Group
Bug HHQ-5457 Open Major configuration changes on windows machines are case sensitive on directory names
Bug HHQ-5454 Open Major "[HHQ-4619] - Server should make sure the JRE being used is at least 1.6" is not working any more.
Bug HHQ-5453 Open Major mv commands are causing a "rename" configuration event altough file name was not changed (the file changed location)
Bug HHQ-5452 Open Major many 'garbage services' are being discovered for ERS
Bug HHQ-5447 Open Major Apache-ERS 4.x (HttpServer) VHost HttpServer:80 - server path is not auto-discovered correctly
Bug HHQ-5446 Open Minor PostgreSQL 9.0 plugin doesn't discover new tables in autodiscovery
Bug HHQ-5442 Open Trivial Weblogic 10.3 Plugin UI - Modification of the start command path while WLS is down is unsupported
Bug HHQ-5441 Open Trivial Weblogic 10.3 Admin plugin Inventory->Control->program (path) attribute is missing the domain name
Bug HHQ-5440 Open Major There is no field in control action schedule page to insert Control Arguments for control action schedule for vSphere VM
Bug HHQ-5439 Open Minor Weblogic 10.3 Plugin Commandline exeuction - wrong t3 host while connecting to WLS MBean during UI command execution
Bug HHQ-5438 Open Minor Error in control action schedule page when selecting end date same as start date for VC4
Bug HHQ-5437 Reopened Trivial Apache-ERS 4.x (HttpServer) missing documentation for linux envitonment
Bug HHQ-5436 Open Trivial Weblogic 10.3 Plugin start control Commandline exeuction - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: weblogic/jndi/Environment
Bug HHQ-5435 Open Major PostgreSQL 9.0 plugn on Linux Data Space Used metric not working
Bug HHQ-5434 Open Trivial Weblogic 10.3 Plugin Commandline exeuction - Stackoverflow exception
Bug HHQ-5431 Open Minor Errors in vSphere5 Linux agent log for VSphereCollector and VSphereHostEventPlugin
Bug HHQ-5427 Open Minor log/agentstats makes access agent.log file more time consuming
Bug HHQ-5423 Open Major Groups and Application Resource Types are displayed as N/A in Favorite Resource
Bug HHQ-5420 Reopened Minor The value of field Agent Sync Status in Plugin Manager page when there are too many agents displayed just the first digit of the number
Bug HHQ-5413 Open Trivial Database Version Information Query in administration doesn't show the database type when connect to mysql database
Bug HHQ-5410 Open Minor Not all vSphere metrics appears in the metrics list
Bug HHQ-5407 Open Minor Error message in control action create snapshot is not clear enough
Bug HHQ-5405 Open Critical Clone platform is missing the list of "Available clone targets"
Bug HHQ-5402 Open Major Hyperic - Spring Insight integration broken
Bug HHQ-5398 Open Minor postgresql-plugin doesn't release db connections when reconfigured
Bug HHQ-5392 Open Major Plugin Manager update plugin -there is no user error message when the type of file different from type permit
Bug HHQ-5381 Reopened Minor Remove UI/Client side files from change tracking definitions
Bug HHQ-5370 In Progress Major no configuration changes are traced for IIS server by default
Bug HHQ-5360 Open Major vSphere plugin documentation contains conflicting information
Bug HHQ-5353 Open Critical memcached-plugin not working due to ssl changes
Bug HHQ-5352 Open Major Malformed xml in memcached-plugin's hq-plugin.xml
Bug HHQ-5351 Open Trivial Cannot collect FileServer Mount Disk Writes per Minute and Disk Read Bytes per Minute on Solaris 10
Bug HHQ-5345 Open Critical Cannot start agent because of EOFException while reading the keystore file
Bug HHQ-5342 In Progress Minor some metrics in VMware vSphere Host and VMware vSphere VM doesnt't collect data
Bug HHQ-5340 Open Trivial Blank username and password can be created
Bug HHQ-5337 Open Major Agent installer suggests as the default IP for communication.
Bug HHQ-5324 Open Major Start agent after I stopped it fails
Bug HHQ-5318 In Progress Critical Trigger Initialization reports success if database queries timeout and server remains in not started state
Bug HHQ-5317 Open Minor Availabiltiy summary Portlets displays false status
Bug HHQ-5315 Open Major Error is thrown while starting the server due to a Sigar bug.
Bug HHQ-5294 Open Minor Mysql Stats plugin getting wrong values if same table name exists on multiple databases
Bug HHQ-5269 Open Major NPE caused loss Availability data
Bug HHQ-5240 Open Major Inconsistent interaction in setup.{sh,bat}
Bug HHQ-5238 Open Trivial hq-server.conf has OOD values for server.database
Bug HHQ-5232 Open Trivial WebSphere plugin uses deprecated calls
Bug HHQ-5221 Open Major Filter broken in Add Resources to Favorite Resources
Bug HHQ-5217 Open Minor IE7 and IE8 does not properly display the columns on the agents table in hq health.
Bug HHQ-5216 Open Major Websphere plugin classpath needs to be adjusted for WAS7
Bug HHQ-5210 Open Major netservices-plugin HTTP Service has incomplete metric template for sockaddr (netstat) metrics
Bug HHQ-5198 Open Minor Error verifying if HQ schema is valid
Bug HHQ-5190 Open Major Agent plugins are being built with JDK 1.6.0_21 when they should still being built with 1.5 compatible version.
Bug HHQ-5187 Open Minor Avail balloon bar is not correctly calculated on group level
Bug HHQ-5178 Open Major Diagnose refresh issues on Ops Center
Bug HHQ-5177 Open Critical Investigate performance issues for Alert Center
Bug HHQ-5172 Open Critical Investigate slowness for all dashboard portlets
Bug HHQ-5167 Open Major When trying to install Hyperic server on MacOSX with mysql, it fails on the db installation.
Bug HHQ-5157 Open Minor agent.properties has *NIX line breaks on Windows
Bug HHQ-5140 Open Critical Few of the agents(platform) disappeared from the Inventory after upgrading groups of agents
Bug HHQ-5131 Open Minor MeasurementManager.syncPluginMetrics broken
Bug HHQ-5130 Open Blocker WebSphere plugin - Unable to configure WebSphere 6.1; The configuration has not been set for this resource due to : Invalid configuration: Error contacting resource: The WebSphere plugin needs a IBM JVM !!! (agent jvm=Sun Microsystems Inc.)
Bug HHQ-5128 Open Major Nagios plugin - Nagios Server 3.2.3 not auto-discovered
Bug HHQ-5126 Open Major Server.log reports Unhandled exception org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Batch update returned unexpected row count from update [40]; actual row count: 0; expected: 1
Bug HHQ-5123 Open Major MSI installer fails to uninstall if only server or agent is initially installed and also when both Server and agent are install at the same time
Bug HHQ-5119 Open Critical Agent.log reports ERROR [Poller Client] [PollerClientImpl$PollingRunnable] Error connecting the undirection poller client to the hq server: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Bug HHQ-5116 Open Major javascript:displayStackTrace() not working
Bug HHQ-5106 Open Trivial Solaris install - ./hyperic-hqee-installer-4.6.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT/setup.sh: reset: not found
Bug HHQ-5104 Open Trivial RabbitMQ plugin - typo for nondurable in Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-5097 Reopened Major RabbitMQ plugin - command line discover fails with ERROR AutoScan failed for RabbitMQ
Bug HHQ-5095 Open Minor Filtering resource hub page on an expired session causes login page to return with an error
Bug HHQ-5086 Open Major vSphere plugin - Command line discover finds zero servers
Bug HHQ-5073 Open Minor Agent installer should not show NumberFormatException stack trace and break after user input invalid server ip
Bug HHQ-5037 Open Major WebSphere stack overflow prevents agent communication after successful auto-discovery completes
Bug HHQ-5032 Open Minor 'Currently down resources' page list 1000 option does not work
Bug HHQ-5002 Open Major NullpointerException when updating a platform from autoinventory
Bug HHQ-5001 Open Minor PlatformDetector not passing product configs to server scan methods
Bug HHQ-4954 Open Trivial WebSphere MQ plugin descriptor needs <help>
Bug HHQ-4939 Open Critical charting is unreliable
Bug HHQ-4932 Reopened Critical Unable to reset transaction isolation state to connection.
Bug HHQ-4873 Open Minor Issue with "boolean" config option type in resource plugins
Bug HHQ-4869 Open Major WebSphere 6.1 Plugin "org.apache.commons.logging.LogConfigurationException: Invalid class loader hierarchy"
Bug HHQ-4867 Open Major AgentDListProvider is limited to the UTF encoded string length
Bug HHQ-4862 Open Minor SSL - Security Warning error in IE when viewing XLS Reports
Bug HHQ-4844 Open Major Cache tab on HQ-Health page takes around 1 minute to load in functional environment
Bug HHQ-4785 Open Minor Fail installer with correct message if postgres port is busy
Bug HHQ-4772 Open Minor Method exceeded message in server log "void org.hyperic.hq.measurement.shared.MeasurementManager.disableMeasurementsForDeletion"
Bug HHQ-4761 Open Minor Method exceeded message in server log ''org.hyperic.hq.hqu.shared.UIPluginManager.findAttachments(AttachType,AuthzSubject) "-Intermittently
Bug HHQ-4751 Open Trivial SAPS - "C:\fakepath\<pluginname>" shows in upload files in Chrome and Safari
Bug HHQ-4741 Open Minor IE 7:Breadcrumbs are not wrapped properly
Bug HHQ-4740 Open Major When a monitored DB2 database is deleted, the agent fails to connect and runs out of memory.
Bug HHQ-4723 Open Major Enforce ResourcePrototype uniqueness
Bug HHQ-4703 Open Major Investigate repeated agent reschedules
Bug HHQ-4675 Open Minor Dashboard tab is not highlighted with the first login (Intermittent)
Bug HHQ-4671 Open Trivial Ctrl + on browse resource page hides the controls
Bug HHQ-4636 Open Trivial NPE in UI if metric used in condition set has been removed.
Bug HHQ-4626 Open Major NPE occuring intermittently in dashboard while creating roles from Administration tab, occurs when the user's session expires
Bug HHQ-4618 Reopened Trivial Nagios HQU plugin broken in 4.5
Bug HHQ-4603 Open Trivial Deleted VMs cause error in agent log, takes 15 minutes to be removed from inventory
Bug HHQ-4600 Open Major Changing metric interval from Monitoring Defaults for a type having many resources gives stack
Bug HHQ-4594 Open Major Compatible Groups has blank page and NullpointerException
Bug HHQ-4591 Open Minor java.lang.NullPointerException in UI when trying to add a server tye:File Server to Availability Summary portlet
Bug HHQ-4590 Open Major Unsafe creation of agent dlist
Bug HHQ-4588 Open Major Duplicate Apache httpd discovered on windows
Bug HHQ-4583 Open Major HQ Agent stop from windows services throws error but completes successfully
Bug HHQ-4578 Open Major Allow SNMPTrapReceiver to be used from multiple plugins.
Bug HHQ-4563 Open Trivial NullPointerException in AlertDefinitionManagerImpl.findAllAlertDefinitions(AuthzSubject)
Bug HHQ-4541 Open Major Zip and MSI installer on 64 bit windows 7 fails with default install path [c:\Program Files (x86)]
Bug HHQ-4524 Open Minor Process cpu usage chart on solaris can be more then 100%
Bug HHQ-4522 Open Major Cannot start agent on zlinux; unable to locate binaries
Bug HHQ-4521 Open Minor MSI installer doesn't install HQ Agent service if the path contains parenthesis
Bug HHQ-4520 Open Minor When a server resource is restarted, don't restart the file watcher
Bug HHQ-4512 Open Major Delete service from resource hub sometimes takes more than 4 seconds to complete in a basic single platform HQ inventory
Bug HHQ-4510 Open Critical WebLogic plug-in to auto-discovering Managed Servers
Bug HHQ-4500 Open Major Duplicate entry for key 'PRIMARY' on inserting into EAM_SRN
Bug HHQ-4494 Open Major MeasurementCommandsService throws error getting VM measurement
Bug HHQ-4491 Open Minor Console log off shuts down server
Bug HHQ-4487 Open Major Unidirectional agent ran out of memory while monitoring 1000 http service checks
Bug HHQ-4486 Open Major Deleting 15 services from browse resources give stale state exception
Bug HHQ-4466 Open Major No availability is send because of oracle driver getting locked up
Bug HHQ-4465 Open Major Agent logs no performance metrics for VMs message intermittantly but vcs is collecting it fine
Bug HHQ-4464 Open Major JBoss plugin - control action start does not complete and reports error
Bug HHQ-4463 Open Major JBoss plugin - control action restart does not complete start and errors
Bug HHQ-4461 Open Minor Gemfire plugin - should remove services from inventory that are no longer available
Bug HHQ-4446 Open Major Error running binary '/export/home/kymeng/testings/ers/400/apache-2.2.9/apache2.2-64/bin/httpsd.worke': not found reported in Solaris SPARC agent.log
Bug HHQ-4445 Open Minor Apache Tomcat 5.5 is auto discovered as Tomcat 6
Bug HHQ-4441 Reopened Major Disabling all metrics doesn't unschedule collection on agent
Bug HHQ-4437 Open Trivial RabbitMQ plugin - Help Docs link to Monitoring and Managing RabbitMQ opens in existing window
Bug HHQ-4433 Open Minor "java.io.FileNotFoundException:" error is displayed after the starting the upgraded server from OSS to EE
Bug HHQ-4412 Open Minor vSphere plugin - Error setting availability for deleted VM not found reported in agent.log
Bug HHQ-4404 Open Minor Gemfire plugin - HQ GemFire view intermittently does not display updated Distributed System details without clearing IE browser cache
Bug HHQ-4390 Open Minor Adding 16th agent does not show in HQ Health Agents
Bug HHQ-4379 Open Major Deleting a platform displays a stack trace in server log(StaleStateException)
Bug HHQ-4377 Open Major foreign key constraint error in UI and server log while deleting 100 services during the 10th hour
Bug HHQ-4375 Open Minor Gemfire plugin - user entered values are not validated for Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-4367 Open Major bug while setting baselines
Bug HHQ-4364 Open Major Gemifre plugin - no indication to setup configuration properties
Bug HHQ-4362 Reopened Minor Hovering over icon is partial displayed for Auto group pages
Bug HHQ-4357 Open Major Gemfire plugin - auto-group for Cache Servers show available and uptime metrics even when one server is unavailable
Bug HHQ-4353 Open Minor bootstrap.log contrinues to collect errors while server is up
Bug HHQ-4338 Open Trivial Updating resource configuration should re-set modification time (mtime)
Bug HHQ-4333 Open Major Deleting a resource does not remove references of the resource from alert action configurations
Bug HHQ-4330 Open Trivial Default value for agent.setup.camSecure in agent.properties is incorrectly set to yes
Bug HHQ-4328 Reopened Major UI page load does not timeout on pages taking longer than 15 mins
Bug HHQ-4327 Open Major Agent SenderThread sending same measurements more than once in one batch
Bug HHQ-4325 Open Major WebLogic command discover results in Exception in thread "ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'default'" java.lang.StackOverflowError
Bug HHQ-4323 Open Trivial MSI Shortcut to stop HQ server displays "cannot stop message" ,but eventually server is stop
Bug HHQ-4318 Open Minor WebSphere error javaVendor does not exist reported in server.log
Bug HHQ-4315 Open Trivial set maxIdle to same value as min pool size
Bug HHQ-4312 Open Trivial java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in server log
Bug HHQ-4310 Open Major TransportDisposedIOException and Illegalstate exceptions in log right after restarting the server
Bug HHQ-4305 Open Major ObjectNotFoundException from MetricsNotComingInDiagnostic@ on deleting a resource that was not reporting metrics
Bug HHQ-4301 Open Minor Empty server.log with yesterday's date is created
Bug HHQ-4296 Open Major Stalestate exception related to set userprefs on clicking elements in indicator page of MySQLtable stats open in 2 browser tabs
Bug HHQ-4292 Open Major Unable to Deploy an Application on tc Runtime server
Bug HHQ-4291 Open Minor Status for tc Runtime server Managed Deployed Applications show as Stopped
Bug HHQ-4290 Open Minor Unable to Start & Stop Managed Deployed Applications for tc Runtime server
Bug HHQ-4288 Open Trivial Delete a user that is associate with alert for Notification displays warning message in server log
Bug HHQ-4287 Open Major The tc Runtime server jmx.password is displayed as plain text in agent.log
Bug HHQ-4286 Open Major Cannot start tc Runtime server via Control Actions
Bug HHQ-4278 Open Trivial RSS Feed displays "Username and Auth token do not match" error in server log
Bug HHQ-4276 Open Trivial BindException during server startup
Bug HHQ-4268 Open Minor Errors in server log regarding couple of constants that already exist
Bug HHQ-4263 Open Major Warnings from GAlert Event Listener in server log on shut down
Bug HHQ-4257 Open Major Metric Default schedule update gives BatchUpdateException: Statement cancelled due to timeout or client request
Bug HHQ-4252 Open Major Exception from SinglemetricMultipleResource chart page because JDBC pool was empty
Bug HHQ-4241 Open Major HQ ActiveMQ 5.3 indicator page causes "Data point value higher than ceiling" error in server log
Bug HHQ-4240 Open Major Deleting Platform resource and shutting down oracle rac1 stops HQ server
Bug HHQ-4239 Reopened Minor HQ Server upgrade does not maintain comments in hq-server.conf
Bug HHQ-4238 In Progress Major purging alerts fails at scale
Bug HHQ-4230 Open Minor HQU exceptions in HQ server log on server start up
Bug HHQ-4218 Open Major Command line plugin invocation throws NoClassDefFoundError
Bug HHQ-4212 Open Minor Resin plugin command reports java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.management.AttributeNotFoundException
Bug HHQ-4211 Open Minor Resin Plugin command line discover shows java.io.IOException: Operation not permitted
Bug HHQ-4208 In Progress Major WebLogic plugin - Control Actions fail for WebLogic WebApp due to MBean instance not found error
Bug HHQ-4207 Open Minor WebLogic plugin control start action shows IsWeblogicRunning False Error in agent.log when trying to start running WebLogic Admin Server
Bug HHQ-4206 Open Minor Re-registering the agent using hq-agent.sh setup between unidirectional and bi-directional can prevent the agent from registering
Bug HHQ-4205 Open Trivial Exception shown attempting to create a new platform with no agents in the inventory
Bug HHQ-4204 Open Major Running Plugin command line discover results in StackOverflowError
Bug HHQ-4195 Reopened Major HQ perf server does not stay up, something keeps killing it
Bug HHQ-4193 Open Trivial Group count in HQ-Health and Resource Browse page are different
Bug HHQ-4191 Open Major ui calls have too much overhead grabbing jdbc connections
Bug HHQ-4184 Open Major Setting alert condition measurement Id to 0 Error in server log
Bug HHQ-4183 Open Major Large compatible group indicator page gives IndexOutOfBoundsException
Bug HHQ-4177 Open Major Make the query property-based in the plugin to monitor multiple Spring applications on one machine
Bug HHQ-4173 Open Major java.lang.ClassCastException: when running autodiscoverer for plugin: OC4J 10
Bug HHQ-4168 Open Trivial Weblogic does not set a timeout on metric collection
Bug HHQ-4161 Open Major HQ 4.5 server crash after running for 6 days
Bug HHQ-4155 Open Major tcsadmin set-jvm-options command not handling --servername correctly
Bug HHQ-4153 Open Trivial Inappropriate exception thrown from ApplicationManagerImpl.removeAppService when a bad appServiceID value is passed in.
Bug HHQ-4139 Open Trivial Hq is failed to add resources to inventory when the installation path of resource is too long
Bug HHQ-4127 Open Trivial HQ Server config settings: Data validation missing for some of the input fields
Bug HHQ-4118 Open Trivial Wrong path to log file if HQ fails to start
Bug HHQ-4100 Open Major ESX-Host and VM's Groups display Live exec button,but individual Host and VM doesn't
Bug HHQ-4099 Reopened Minor git bundle is part of our installer
Bug HHQ-4096 Open Major Stack trace in server log when deleting all the platforms from UI"integrity constraint (NIPUNA.FKEEEB4C1162B21414) violated - child record found"
Bug HHQ-4091 Open Trivial Sigar Win32Exception while opening RegistryKey-subkey
Bug HHQ-4056 Open Minor Custom changes made to wrapper.conf are not persisted when agent upgraded
Bug HHQ-4050 Open Major agent nowrapper ping should exit with a non-zero status when it cannot connect
Bug HHQ-4037 Reopened Major Measurement Scheduling still occurs on VMs when ESX host moved from one vCenter server to another vCenter server
Bug HHQ-4008 Open Trivial Enable config tracking for the JBoss server displays error
Bug HHQ-4004 Open Trivial VIM plugin creating excessive login events
Bug HHQ-4000 Open Minor HQ-Health displays unknown FQDN after deleting HQ-Agent server
Bug HHQ-3999 Open Minor Resin plugin: AttributeNotFoundException reported for several attributes when running command line discover
Bug HHQ-3996 Open Minor XenServer plugin: not all CPUs shown as available for Xen Host CPU Autogroup
Bug HHQ-3994 Open Minor Xen Plugin: Add Information to Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-3993 Open Trivial The WebSphere Help information shows ${server.name} variable on Windows; not actual Server Name
Bug HHQ-3992 Open Trivial The WebSphere help information to export HQ_JAVA_HOME needs to be related to Windows
Bug HHQ-3991 Open Minor The hq-agent requires restart to auto-discover new resources for plugin applications
Bug HHQ-3990 Open Major Inconsistency with 32 and 64 bit support on Windows 2008
Bug HHQ-3989 Reopened Major WebLogic Plugin Control Action Start cannot start WebLogic
Bug HHQ-3988 In Progress Minor WebLogic plugin does not Auto-Discover WebApps and Applications
Bug HHQ-3982 Open Minor Oracle 11g plugin does not auto-discover newly created tablespaces or user instances
Bug HHQ-3980 Open Minor java.util.NoSuchElementException: DiskList$DiskListIterator -errror in agent log
Bug HHQ-3973 Reopened Minor DB2 Plugin: Add Information to Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-3970 Open Trivial Blankspace below footer on viewing large compatible or auto group
Bug HHQ-3969 Open Minor NavMap fails to load with 9000 resource compatible group
Bug HHQ-3966 Open Trivial Stats for MeasurementScheduleZevent and MeasurementZevent are not displayed in hq health
Bug HHQ-3957 Open Major NPE error in UI after clicking Add to Inventory twice
Bug HHQ-3953 Open Major Agent response-Time out error in server log
Bug HHQ-3950 Open Minor DB2 notes to enable monitoring metrics needs to be in Configuration Properties
Bug HHQ-3940 Open Trivial http service check using HEAD on HQ server gives exception
Bug HHQ-3938 Open Minor DB errors during RPM installation of HQ points to wrong path (missing logs dir in the path)
Bug HHQ-3935 Open Trivial License agreement text is incorrect
Bug HHQ-3929 Open Trivial Monitoring Defaults should be listed in alphabetical and numerical order
Bug HHQ-3903 In Progress Minor NPE: Unexpected error running autodiscoverer for plugin: WebSphere Admin 6.1 or 7.0: null
Bug HHQ-3902 Open Major LDAP case insensitive authentication may lead to unwanted users
Bug HHQ-3900 Reopened Major Exceptions in AvailabilityManagerEJBImpl.sendDataToEventHandlers can cause availability to not be stored
Bug HHQ-3897 Open Minor Initiating a Control Action when none is selected clears the controls from the screen
Bug HHQ-3896 Open Major Metrics that are not collected by Solaris shouldn't be ON by default
Bug HHQ-3879 Open Major Oracle plugin needs to throw MetricUnreachableException if managed Oracle instance is not available due to read timeout
Bug HHQ-3878 Open Minor Installation default for DB doesn't accept default value
Bug HHQ-3877 Open Minor Hyperic HQ tc server installer should exit normally instead of with an ERROR when the user exits the installer option
Bug HHQ-3876 Open Minor Error message during install fail is confusing
Bug HHQ-3875 Open Minor Simple install fails if localhost is not
Bug HHQ-3873 Open Minor Executing a command line plugin operation yields ClassNotFoundException: com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver
Bug HHQ-3870 Open Minor WebSphere message 'SEVERE: ssl.client.config.parse.CWPKI0019E' received running command line discover
Bug HHQ-3869 Open Minor Collection Interval for Individual Resource doesn't display any warning if value is added as "0"
Bug HHQ-3851 Open Minor Clicking on Availability indicator which displays as 0% throws stack trace in UI and server log
Bug HHQ-3835 Open Minor on windows 64, can't easily manage 64 bit jre for hq agent and 32 bit jre for hq server
Bug HHQ-3832 Open Trivial IBM Java Version shows incorrect version number
Bug HHQ-3828 Open Minor Negative values graphed above 0 instead of below 0
Bug HHQ-3826 Open Major tc Server plugin deployment fails after upgrade due to Foreign Key Constraint violation when removing old server type
Bug HHQ-3825 Open Major Resources listed for the group ,all have the same machine name listed
Bug HHQ-3822 Open Trivial NPE error in agent log for WindowsServer
Bug HHQ-3821 Open Major After deleteing a Platform and restart the agent,Platform and services are displayed in Resourcehub page
Bug HHQ-3802 Open Trivial Command Line discover metrics for non-mssql plugin reports warning message 'WARN [main] [MetricsTag] MsSQL 2000 include not found: mssql-cache'
Bug HHQ-3795 Open Minor Upgrade the hq server database is ending up with ERROR message
Bug HHQ-3794 Open Minor Overwrite the HQ server database is ending up with ERROR message
Bug HHQ-3787 Open Minor Agent list in HQ Health dojo table differs from that in the print report
Bug HHQ-3780 Reopened Minor Security, auth and permisions holes with users in view only role (including guest)
Bug HHQ-3769 Open Major Stopping one oracle rac when alerts are firing displays stack trace in server log "No more data to read from socket"
Bug HHQ-3766 Open Minor Can't use & in HQ MySQL DB password
Bug HHQ-3749 Open Trivial consistent slow method calls in AvailabilityManager.addData to HierarchicalAlertingManager.suppressMeasurementEvents
Bug HHQ-3716 Open Minor HQ does not unschedule metrics determined to be coming from the wrong agent
Bug HHQ-3700 Open Minor java.io.FileNotFoundException: ..\..\bundles\agent-\pdk\mibs when starting agent in platform neutral agent (tcserver licensed restricted bundle)
Bug HHQ-3699 Open Major noJRE package - agent seems to still be looking for bundled jre on startup
Bug HHQ-3696 Open Trivial Bad use of getUpdateCount
Bug HHQ-3627 Open Trivial DaemonDetector does not set control configuration
Bug HHQ-3615 Open Major Olders agent appears in AI queue a newly install 4.3.0 server
Bug HHQ-3601 Open Trivial Skip Checked Resources button on Dashboard doesn't look right
Bug HHQ-3595 Open Minor JVM parameters in hq-server.conf on windows are ignored
Bug HHQ-3570 Open Trivial NPE when MBean ObjectName key properties have extra spaces before property name
Bug HHQ-3553 Open Minor Sendmail plugin's ptql does not account for the sendmail client processes, this causes the availability metric to change when multiple processes that match the ptql are found.
Bug HHQ-3536 Open Trivial Duplicate alerts created when refreshing page
Bug HHQ-3523 Open Major mysql _stats plugin doesn't reconnect after wait_timeout disconnect
Bug HHQ-3511 Open Minor After setting baselines from the Metric Data view by checking the checkbox and selecting Set Baselines does not seem to set them (at least in the UI)
Bug HHQ-3489 Open Minor Errors in server.log after AMS 2.0 -4.2 upgrade
Bug HHQ-3487 Reopened Minor Add to inventory displays "Block_size"error for oracle 11g
Bug HHQ-3461 Open Critical Updating and Deleting Resource Type Alert Definitions are not Atomic Operations
Bug HHQ-3450 Open Major Agent is displayed as unavailable if the postgres db plugin is stopped
Bug HHQ-3445 Reopened Critical Exchange 2007 server is displaying "java.io.EOFException"
Bug HHQ-3441 Open Major Send mail server is down,but the services are displayed as available
Bug HHQ-3440 Open Minor Hoste server select all for Application doesn't work for firefox
Bug HHQ-3439 Open Major Sendmail plugin is not Auto discover on Ubuntu platform
Bug HHQ-3402 Open Major Stoping HQ-server via services on windows displays NPE error in server log
Bug HHQ-3393 Open Major Custom plugin Log Tracking configuration defaults not being applied without manual intervention
Bug HHQ-3389 Open Critical StaleStateException while deleting Alert Definitions
Bug HHQ-3385 Open Trivial Disk Service Time not Collected for Windows based Servers
Bug HHQ-3382 Open Trivial Counter trigger alert email should provide counter condition
Bug HHQ-3378 Open Major Error in server log"ould not open relation 1663/16384/16644: Invalid argument"
Bug HHQ-3364 Reopened Major Approving 25 agents in AIQ leaves some agents with no schedule and unavailable in HQ
Bug HHQ-3321 Open Minor Down/Recovery alert may fire immediately after recovery alert fires
Bug HHQ-3308 Open Major Configuration options marked as type="secret" do not inherit default values
Bug HHQ-3305 Open Minor ObjectNotFoundException when deleting an escalation that doesn't exist
Bug HHQ-3304 Open Major RollbackException and java.lang.IllegalStateException in server log
Bug HHQ-3303 Open Minor Transaction timeout when enabling all platform alerts from resource hub
Bug HHQ-3266 Open Trivial Inconsistent times given on indicators page
Bug HHQ-3255 Open Major JMX plugin continues to reconnect jmx monitored app even when its down
Bug HHQ-3250 Open Major Change to problem resource portlet under Role dashboard gets saved to user dashboard
Bug HHQ-3243 In Progress Major Xen plugin uses agent fqdn for server names instead of it's own fqdn
Bug HHQ-3121 Open Minor DataManagerEJBImpl throwing a "Hibernate Exception: Unable to find current session" every minute
Bug HHQ-3072 Open Minor Native wrapper library not found on HP-UX
Bug HHQ-2002 Reopened Major Conversion issue with Bits received/transmitted per second in alert condition
Bug HHQ-2001 Open Major Alert center skipping one alert on every page transition
Bug HHQ-1758 Reopened Major JSW:All hq-agent command fails on HP-UX

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