VMware VMmark 1.0 Release Notes

Notes on VMware VMmark 1.0, Build 20070712

Build 20070712 is a release build of VMware VMmark 1.0.

The release notes contain the following:

What's new in 1.0?

We're pleased to announce the release of VMmark 1.0. Significant changes from the public beta are listed below:

  1. Enabled millisecond timing resolution on clients.
  2. The VMmark distribution is now packaged as a .zip file.
  3. Added additional troubleshooting notes to the VMmark Benchmarking Guide.
  4. Minor tilescore bugs fixed.
  5. Reporting scripts added.
  6. Added benchmark results section to the VMmark Benchmarking Guide.
  7. Updated VM templates to better support cloning.
  8. Updated VM templates to fix DNS resolution problems.
  9. Workload parameter updates to java server workload.
  10. Workload parameter updates to file server workload.
  11. Workload parameter updates to web server workload.
  12. Memory ballooning disabled for file server template.
  13. tilescore integrated with harness.
  14. tilescore script updated to allow for html output.
  15. Time synchronization addressed in the VMmark Benchmarking Guide.
  16. Tuning guide included in the /doc directory.
  17. Run and reporting rules updated.
  18. Improved disclosure html template.

Note that existing workload virtual machines based on the public beta templates should work as-is, but if you are running with memory overcommitment make sure you use the new templates or include the line:
sched.mem.maxmemctl = "0"
in your .vmx files. No other performance-sensitive changes were made to the workload virtual machine templates.

As a result of updates in the Run and Reporting rules, as well as changes in some workload parameters, results from earlier versions of VMmark will not be directly comparable to results from VMmark 1.0.

Known Issues

  1. For the mail server workload, the client side application (LoadSim) has been known to revert to its default setting of 3 threads. Please verify before initializing the mailserver and before each benchmark run that the number of threads is set to 64. More information is included in the VMmark Benchmarking Guide.
  2. On the clients, Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later is required for Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition to set processor affinity. Being unable to set processor affinity may sometimes result in client-side failures while running the mail server workload.

Further Information

For further information, contact vmmark-info@vmware.com.