VMware VMmark 2.1 Release Notes

VMmark 2.1 | 04 Feb 2011 | Build 20110204

Release notes last updated: 04 Feb 2011

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New in VMmark 2.1?

Only the harness and vclient directories have been refreshed for VMware VMmark® 2.1. The notable changes include the following:

  • Addition of conditional support for virtual clients, provided all hardware and software requirements are met. Contact VMware at vmmark-info@vmware.com before using virtual clients.
  • Addition of conditional support for clients running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition 64-bit. Contact VMware at vmmark-info@vmware.com before using Server 2008 clients.
  • Uniform scaling of infrastructure operations as tile and cluster sizes increase. Previously, the dynamic storage relocation infrastructure workload was held at a single thread.
  • Allowance for multiple Deploy templates as tile and cluster sizes increase.
  • Improved host-side reporter functionality.
  • Improved environment time synchronization.
  • Updates to several VMmark 2.0 tools to improve ease of setup and running.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to configuration checking, error reporting, debug output, and user-specified options.

All currently published VMmark 2.0 results are comparable to VMmark 2.1. Beginning with the release of VMmark 2.1, any submission of benchmark results must use the VMmark 2.1 benchmark kit.

Upgrading From VMmark 2.0

Benchmarkers upgrading from a VMmark 2.0 installation will need to replace the harness and vclient directory on all clients with the corresponding directories from the 2.1 kit. Existing VMmark 2.0 workload virtual machines can be reused if they were built according to the instructions in the Benchmarking Guide.

Benchmarkers must also modify the permissions of one script. From a cygwin shell in the VMmark2\tools directory on client0, execute the following:

chmoda+wrx vSphere-get-config.sh

Known Issues

There are no known issues.

Further Information

For further infomation, contact VMware at vmmark-info@vmware.com.