VMware vRealize Business Advanced or Enterprise 8.2 Release Notes

vRealize Business | 09 DECEMBER 2014 | Build 2321050

Last updated: 09 DECEMBER 2014

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

VMware vRealize Business Advanced or Enterprise product provides fast time to value with more automation and focused information and business cases, by focusing on the following areas:

  • Service planning and optimization
  • Usability improvements
  • Installation and Deployment enhancements

Service Planning and Optimization

Administrators will be able to create users with service owner role, add the services for the new user and define the service owner dashboard as a home page.

  • You can enable the Service Owner Role for all modules and the service owner dashboard is set as a home page.
  • You can create a new dashboard filter type that lists all cost objects for services.
  • You can assign or add a service owner in the owner list for services cost object. An ability to assign the user to the authorization list on the cost object group, folder and item.
  • You can enable the Service Planning Dashboard to work on monthly granularity.
  • You can use the existing Service Planning module, formerly known as business case generator to support a new service planning.

Usability Improvements

  • You can create a Dynamic Value Set through the user interface.
  • Swiss-German locale is now supported in the locale list.

Installation and Deployment

  • Supports connecting and importing the data from MS-SQL 2012 server into vRealize Business Advanced and Enterprise products.
  • Product name is changed from IT Business Management to vRealize Business in application, installer and in technical documentation.
  • For the most up-to-date time zone information for a Windows and Linux OS, you must stop any running instances of the JDK/JRE software to be operated before you run the TZUpdater tool on the installed JDK/JRE software image.

Other vRealize Business Documentation

vRealize Business includes the following product documentation.

  • vRealize Business Installation and Administration Guide
  • vRealize Business User Guide
  • vRealize Business System Requirements Guide

The vRealize Business installer can upgrade any version from 6.3.74 or 6.3.77 up to the latest version. If you upgrade vRealize Business from a version earlier than 7.5, see the legacy version release notes from each interim version to review sections about changed functionality and security integration.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release of the vRealize Business Advanced or Enterprise product.


  • Random cases where the duplicate expenses were showing. This is handled and there will be no more any duplication.
  • Cost Model data in a month which is not falling in the cost model calculation period is not lost even when the Closing Date is set to later time in that given month.
  • If the cost model is not refreshed upon cost calculations, you can refresh the cost model for the same month and get the updated version.
  • Plan Model is created successfully even if there is some invalid value set that the plan model functionality depends on.
  • Correct target report title is displayed when you drilldown from the report in dashboard to the target report.
  • Chrome and Safari browsers now support navigation through dimension levels of a table report.
  • Agreements and customers are now displayed in the user interface after re-naming the customer folder.
  • When you try to save the cost model it used to enter into an infinite loop when some of the cost table was filled. Now it is cleaned, as part of edit session cleaner process and hence the problem will not appear.
  • IT Financial Management cycle performance was improved as a result of some SQL improvements to handle huge amount of allocation records.
  • vRealize Business 8.2 ships with an upgraded version of xstream 1.4.7 library.
  • vRealize Business 8.2 ships with an upgraded and an up-to-date JDK 1.7.0_72 version.
  • The labor external and internal costs that shows Labor Cost - Current Month is now showing the correct results, even in case there is an edit session of the cost model.
  • Drilldown is disabled from IT statement dashboard for cost groups that were allocated by unit price.
  • Now it is possible to click the Finish button on all different configuration screens of cost group as dimensions.
  • In iPad application, the fixes to application behavior on server connection failure and session timeout were carried out.
  • An error used to occur when logging in with a role that had a blank report field as home page. Now, the blank report path is not allowed to be saved and an error pops-up.


  • When you create a large number of dimensions, a scrollbar becomes active and all the dimensions from the designer are visible.
  • When you create a table report and check the Allow Comparison checkbox in the advanced settings, there are no longer duplicate records displayed in the color and ordering group.
  • When you create a business unit with the headcount property in the cost model and add a headcount with zero, IT Financial Management calculation runs as expected.
  • Adjusted flat file adaptor now has Beginning of current month and Beginning of previous month option to be set as default for date fields.
  • The START_TIME identifier is retained after saving the flat file adaptor when you revisit the configuration.
  • Run adaptor button runs the adaptor when you view it in a flow.
  • Correlate operator with Date identifier and Month type is now supported.
  • In a table report, the comparisons are displayed correctly when more than one column is compared.
  • In a flat file adaptor the file is read and deleted with no dependency of time zone difference.
  • System default is no longer available for selection as Date and Duration format.
  • In the webform edit attachment record, only the selected files are deleted.
  • If the headcount property is set to zero, a few Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) flows that use headcount field in calculation do not throw any error.
  • Out-of-the-Box IT Financial Management cycle batch's flow Cost by Account, Fixed or Variable and Capex or Opex runs as expected and not longer than it should.
  • When upgrading from IT Business Management 7.5 environment to vRealize Business 8.2 the dimensions which were configured as flat hierarchies without IDs, are now synchronized successfully.
    In some scenarios, to successfully synchronize the dimension with auto generated node IDs after the upgrade, you must add to serviceflow.properties the following line to use an application server default character set for encoding: ENCODING_CHARSET_FOR_GENERATING_DIM_IDS=NONE
    If the database is migrated to another environment and the default character set has changed you can specify an old character set, for example:
    Note: By default it uses UTF-8 which is the standard since IT Business Management 8.0
  • When there was a very large number of business rules which used schedules, adding and changing these schedules now do not cause errors in the log file. Also the performance of adding and changing schedules was significantly improved.


  • If a group member common name (cn) has comma, then the LDAP is synchronized correctly and the user is added to the group.
  • During installation or upgrading vRealize Business, database password policy now confirms with the Oracle password policy even while you use the special characters in passwords.
  • In vRealize Business 8.2 installer logs, the passwords are in encrypted format and no longer in the clear text format.
  • During an upgrade from IT Business Management 8.0 to IT Business Management 8.1 we were unable to connect to the system in HTTPS when using windows service to start up. Now we are able to connect to the system using HTTPS, since APRLifeCycleListener xml tag is disabled by default in new installations in vRealize Business 8.2.
  • New property is added to the installer to enable user to set the permissions for the installed files.

Known Issues

The following issues are known to exist in this release of the vRealize Business Advanced or Enterprise product.


  • When you navigate to any Planning Service Dashboard and click on any link, you need to save the changes before leaving the dashboard.
  • When you move to the higher level in the Service Planning Cost by business units framelet, the variance value shows the maximum value from the child level.
  • In the cost model when you select the Setup Group or Setup Object on service group or standalone service object, there is a need to click Save or Cancel. The cancel will not revert addition of the service owner.
  • Cost objects that receive costs from other cost object with different unit type, the cost allocation summary does not show the volume and unit type data.
  • Creating user fails when using 120 non-ASCII characters as user name and this issue does not occur when using 120 ASCII characters.
  • In Service Cost Analysis Dashboard an unexpected error occurs when setting a title using characters with more than 264 bytes.
  • Fails to create the plan model using too long non-ASCII string as name and this issue does not occur using too long ASCII strings.
  • Cost by Account table reports in IT statement shows duplicate values for folders and global levels.
  • Upgrade installation from pre vRealize Business 8.2 release to vRealize Business 8.2 release, the IT cost manager does not have permissions to search users. Therefore you will not be able to assign permissions to the cost model.
    Workaround: If this functionality is required, you need to enable the search user for the role.
  • Selection of Service Cost Group in domain does not refresh page to show the cost object field.
    • Select the cost group and click Save.
    • When you click Edit the cost object appears, and you can select it.
  • About.html file contains link to licenses which does not work in Firefox browser due to wrong direction of slashes.
  • Using the Advanced Global Search, different kinds of exceptions are returned upon drilldown in the server logs or you are unable to drilldown to the objects found.
  • The Upload Data Sources report which is used for uploading the data into the Out-of-the-Box cost model is not functional and an error dialog appears.
    Contact the Global Support Services (GSS) team for a solution and this is available only upon request.


  • Microsoft SQL database error occurs when using non-ASCII characters as Microsoft SQL database user name.
  • When you create a new database connection string of ODBC data source type fails, when using non-ASCII characters as database or uid name. This issue does not occur when using ASCII characters as database or uid name.


  • When you configure the Mail Distributor (sender mail) with non-ASCII characters the sender name characters are not intact or they are changed.
  • If there is large number of discarded rows in the cost model due to an upload, while processing the system displays the Server Inaccessible error message.
    Workaround: You need to increase the Java memory allocation to maximum of 2GB in the setenv.bat in Windows and setenv.sh in Linux file.