VMware vRealize Air Compliance Release Notes

vRealize Air Compliance

Last Document Update: 14 December 2015

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

Introduction to vRealize Air Compliance

vRealize Air Compliance is an application that monitors your VMware vSphere infrastructure, including your vCenter Server instance, data centers, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, and distributed virtual port groups. It returns the results to your vRealize Air Compliance instance through a secure connection to your deployed service.

The vRealize Air Compliance Connect OVA is an on-premises OVA that you deploy in your environment. The OVA monitors changes made to your objects, gathers data about those objects, and assesses the compliance of those objects.

Before You Begin

Before you install and deploy the vRealize Air Compliance Connect OVA in your environment, you must perform several prequisite steps. See the vRealize Air Compliance OVA Installation and Deployment Guide. The initial setup wizard, which appears when you first log in to vRealize Air Compliance, links to the vRealize Air Compliance documentation center for information to install and deploy the OVA.


vRealize Air Compliance product licensing consists of trial, standard, and extended license levels.
  • Standard. Provides compliance content to assess objects against vSphere Hardening Guide versions. You can assess an unlimited number of objects in multiple vCenter Server instances, and you can change profile assignments on those objects.
  • Extended. Includes extended compliance content for assessments such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and so on. The number of objects you can assess is defined by your license. License counts only apply to the extended content. You can choose to assess additional objects and exceed the license count.
  • Trial. Supported for a single vCenter Server instance. The 30-day trial license includes all standard and extended content types. You can assess an unlimited number of hosts and virtual machines against the vSphere Hardening Guide versions and extended content types. If you attempt to export compliance scores and exceptions, the export produces fictitious results.


vRealize Air Compliance supports VMware vCenter Server 5.x Update x and later.

Connection Ports

The following ports are used between the vRealize Air Compliance Connect OVA and vCenter Server.
  • Host service. Use HTTPS port 443.
  • Local network to vCenter Server. Use ports 80, 443, 8085, 8089, 9443, 10109, 10443.

Browser Support

vRealize Air Compliance supports the following browsers:
  • Current versions and the immediate previous versions of Chrome and Firefox (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11

vRealize Air Compliance Connect OVA Install and Deployment

To use vRealize Air Compliance, you install the vRealize Air Compliance Connect OVA in your environment. For information to install and deploy the OVA, see the vRealize Air Compliance OVA Installation and Deployment Guide.

vRealize Air Portal and Services

As a vRealize Air subscriber, you use the vRealize Air portal to access your services and manage your user accounts. After you subscribe, you receive an email with a URL and user credentials. Then, you can access the portal, log in, and connect to the hosted vRealize Air Compliance server.

For information to use or manage services or users in the vRealize Air portal, see the vRealize Air Documentation Center and the vRealize Air Administration and User Guide.

Installation Notes

For guidance to install and deploy the vRealize Air Compliance Connect OVA, see the vRealize Air Compliance Documentation Center or the vRealize Air Compliance OVA Installation and Deployment Guide.

Standards and Profiles

The Standards and Profiles Workflow View provides an intuitive user interface to configure profiles for the assessment of objects in your environment. In the workflow view, you use workflow guidance buttons, which represent the content to configure and the step in the process that you want to complete. With this workflow design, you can easily see the logical progression of steps to take to configure the content used to assess the compliance of your objects.

When you enter the vRealize Air Compliance user interface and click Content, the Standards and Profiles view appears with a yellow banner at the top to indicate that you can click it to try the improved Standards and Profiles workflow interface. After you click the banner to see the improved workflow view, you can always click the banner again to return to the original view.


The vRealize Air Compliance documentation consists of:

The content in the vRealize Air Compliance OVA Installation and Deployment Guide is also included in the documentation center.

Fixed Issues

As vRealize Air Compliance is a new service, this section does not contain any fixed issues.

Known Issues

This section contains known issues for this service release of vRealize Air Compliance.

Known Issues
  • Duplicate vCenter Server names are not distinguished in the Search menu
    When you search for a vCenter Server instance, each instance is named localhost. A global search sorts the instances by the name of the vCenter Server instances, and the results appear under a single vCenter Server, even though the list is comprised of two vCenter Server instancess.
    Workaround: None

  • Check boxes appear for drop-down filter items appear to the right of the selections
    In grid filter selections such as the Analysis assessment results grid, when a file selection includes icons, the check box appears to the right of the selection instead of the left. In some cases, the selection overlaps the icon.
    Workaround: None

  • Creating exceptions from extended content results after license downgrade
    If you have historical results for extended compliance assessment content, then you downgrade your license from Extended to Standard, the assessment results for extended content are still visible and correct. If you select any of the assessment results, the Create new exception button appears as enabled on the Analysis tab and you can create an exception. The exception operation does not run, because the exception is hidden on the Exception page and all extended content is filtered out.
    Workaround: None