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VMware Workstation 3.2

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Corel Linux OS 1.1, 1.2 Installation Guidelines

Corel Linux OS 1.1, 1.2 Installation Guidelines

Before installing the operating system, be sure that you have already created a directory for the new virtual machine and configured it using the VMware Workstation New Virtual Machine Wizard (on Windows hosts) or Configuration Wizard (on Linux hosts).

Note: These versions of Corel Linux are not supported. During the installation, the video resolution is set to 320X240 and the mouse does not move outside of the initial visible screen, which is only part of the entire display. Because of this, the installer cannot see all of the options needed for an installation. The workaround provided below lists the keystrokes necessary to perform a successful installation.

Installation steps

Installation steps

Note: These instructions have been created for an installation on a new (unpartitioned and unformatted) virtual disk The steps tell you what screen buttons or questions you would be able to see if you could see the entire screen, what the default option is for that installation step and what you actually need to type.

  1. Screen buttons/question: Accept, Decline
    Default button: Accept
    You type: <Tab>, <Enter>

  2. Screen buttons/question: User Name
    Default button: N/A
    You type: <machinename> (in lowercase and numbers only), <ENTER>

  3. Screen buttons/question: Install Standard Desktop, Show Advanced Options
    Default button: Install Standard Desktop
    You type: <Enter>

  4. Screen buttons/question: Take Over Disk, Use Free Disk Space, Edit Partition Table
    Default button: Use Free Disk Space
    You type: <Tab> <Space> <Enter>

  5. Screen buttons/question: Warning erase all data, Yes, No
    Default button: Yes
    You type: <Enter>

  6. Screen buttons/question: Ready to Install
    Default button: N/A
    You type: <Tab> <Tab> <Tab> <Space>

  7. When the installation begins, the lower left-hand corner of the screen displays "ting disk" Wait a long time (approximately 30 minutes). The actual time depends on the type of host system and the resources available on it. Reboot the virtual machine when prompted by the Corel installation procedure. (Be sure to remove the CD.)

  8. Corel Linux OS 1.1: The next time you boot the virtual machine, choose 3. Linux-Console. If you accidentally choose the default option, 1. Corel Linux, the screen blinks at the command prompt. Reboot and choose option 3.

    Corel Linux OS 1.2: When you reboot, the guest operating system may display a login prompt on a blinking screen. If this happens, click Reset on the Workstation toolbar. The next time the virtual machine boots, choose 4. Linux-Text Mode. If you accidentally choose the default option, 1. Corel Linux, the screen blinks at the command prompt. Reboot and choose option 4.

  9. Log on as root.

  10. Follow the directions for installing VMware Tools (see Installing VMware Tools) until you reach the point where you are instructed to run

    Instead, type

    ./install.pl other

    and press Enter.

  11. After VMware Tools is installed, log out of the root account.


    Corel Linux OS configures your system, then launches the graphical interface, using the VMware SVGA driver.

  12. Launch the VMware Tools background application.

    /usr/X11R6/bin/vmware-toolbox &

Known Issues

Known Issues

On a Linux host with an XFree86 3.x X server, it is best not to run a screen saver in the guest operating system. Guest screen savers that demand a lot of processing power can cause the X server on the host to freeze.

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