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VMware Workstation 3.2

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VMware Tools Configuration Options

VMware Tools Configuration Options

This section shows the options available in a Windows Me guest operating system. Similar configuration options are available in VMware Tools for other guest operating systems.

To open the VMware Tools control panel, double-click the VMware Tools icon in the system tray.

If the VMware Tools icon is not displayed in the system tray, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.

The Devices tab allows you to enable or disable removable devices. (You can also set these options from the Devices menu of the VMware Workstation application window.)

The Shrink tab gives you access to the controls you need if you wish to reclaim unused space in a virtual disk.

The Other tab shows the Miscellaneous Options.

  • Time synchronization between the virtual machine and the host operating system

    Note: You can synchronize the time between the guest and host operating systems only when you set the clock in the guest operating system to a time earlier than the time set in the host.

  • Show VMware Tools in the taskbar

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