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VMware Workstation 3.2

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Shutting Down a Virtual Machine

Shutting Down a Virtual Machine

As with physical computers, you need to shut down your guest operating system before you power off your virtual machine. In a Windows guest operating system, take these steps.

  1. Select Shut Down from the Start menu of the guest operating system (inside the virtual machine).

  2. Select Shut Down, then click OK.

  3. After the guest operating system shuts down, you can turn off the virtual machine. Click Power Off.

  4. Now it is safe to exit VMware Workstation.

    File > Exit

If you are using a different guest operating system, the procedure is similar. Follow the usual steps to shut down the guest operating system inside your virtual machine, then turn off the virtual machine with the Power Off button and exit VMware Workstation.

Note: On a Windows host, if you inadvertently attempt to exit VMware Workstation while the guest operating system is still running, a dialog box appears. It gives you the option of suspending the virtual machine before exiting.

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