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Starting a Virtual Machine on a Windows Host

Starting a Virtual Machine on a Windows Host

  1. Start VMware Workstation by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop or launch the program from the Start menu (Start > Programs > VMware > VMware Workstation).

    The VMware Workstation window opens.

  2. Select the name of the virtual machine you want to use in the Favorites list at the left of the Workstation window.

    If the virtual machine you want to use is not shown there, choose File > Open and browse to the configuration (.vmx) file for the virtual machine you want to use. (On a Linux host, a virtual machine created with an earlier VMware product may have a configuration file with a .cfg extension.) To add that virtual machine to the Favorites list so you can open it easily the next time you want to use it, choose File > Add <virtual machine name> to Favorites.

    Note: By default, VMware Workstation 4 stores virtual machines in the My Documents folder of the user who is logged on when the virtual machine is created. On Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000, the default folder is C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\My Virtual Machines\<guestOSname>. On Windows NT, the default folder is C:\WINNT\Profiles\<username>\Personal\My Virtual Machines\<guestOSname>.

  3. Click the Power On button to start the virtual machine.
  4. If VMware Tools is not running in the virtual machine, click anywhere inside the virtual machine window to give the virtual machine control of your mouse and keyboard.
  5. If you need to log on, type your name and password just as you would on a physical computer.
Removing a Name from the Favorites List

Removing a Name from the Favorites List

You can remove the name of a virtual machine from the Favorites list at any time. Removing the name from the list does not affect the virtual machine's files. You can add the virtual machine to the list again at any time.

To remove a name from the Favorites list, take these steps.

  1. Click a name in the list to select it.
  2. Choose File > Remove <virtual machine name> from Favorites.

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