VMware Workstation 4.5

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Simplifying the Screen Display

Simplifying the Screen Display

If you prefer, you can turn off display of many of the controls visible in the VMware Workstation window.

Use the View menu to toggle the following controls on or off:

  • Favorites
  • Toolbar
  • Status bar
  • Virtual machine tabs

On a Windows host, you can also hide the menu bar. To do so, click the title bar icon, then choose Hide Controls.

Choosing Hide Controls hides the menu bar, the toolbar, the status bar and the Favorites panel.

For the simplest possible VMware Workstation window on a Windows host, first choose View > Virtual Machine Tabs to turn off the tabs. Then, from the title bar icon shortcut menu, choose Hide Controls.

Using the View menu and the title bar icon shortcut menu, you can remove all visible controls from the VMware Workstation window.

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