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Locking Out Interface Features

Locking Out Interface Features

Administrative lockout is a global setting that affects all virtual machines for all users on a host computer. It allows a user to impose any combination of the following restrictions:

  • Only a user who knows the password can create new virtual machines.
  • Only a user who knows the password can edit virtual machine configurations.
  • Only a user who knows the password can edit network settings.

Note: If no user has yet set administrative lockout preferences, any user may set them and set a password for access to the administrative lockout features. If any user has already set administrative lockout preferences, you must know the password in order to change the settings.

Take the following steps to set administrative lockout preferences:

  1. Open the Application Settings dialog box (Edit > Preferences).
  2. Click the Lockout tab. If a password is already set for the administrative lockout feature, enter the password when prompted.

  3. Be sure Enable administrative lockout is selected and select the actions you want to restrict. If this is the first time administrative lockout options have been set, enter a password in the Password field and again in the Confirm password field.
  4. Click OK to save the settings.
Removing a Forgotten Password

Removing a Forgotten Password

If you cannot remember the password and want to remove it, you must uninstall Workstation. Be sure to click Yes when asked if you want to remove the administrative lockout settings. After you reinstall Workstation, you may enable the administrative lockout features again and set a new password.

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