VMware Workstation 4.5

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Windows Me Guest

Windows Me Guest

  1. Power on the virtual machine.
  2. Allow Workstation to upgrade the virtual hardware.
  3. Click OK to dismiss the message "A legacy SVGA driver has been detected."
  4. Several Plug and Play messages appear. You can safely ignore them.
  5. Log on to Windows Me. More Plug and Play messages appear. One refers to the VMware SVGA driver.

    Click Yes to restart your computer.

  6. Log on to Windows Me. The SVGA driver is not working properly.
  7. From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Display Adapters.

    Manually remove the two SVGA drivers.

  8. Restart Windows Me.

    A VMware SVGA II adapter is detected and Windows installs it.

    Windows notifies you to restart your computer.

    Click Yes.

  9. The SVGA driver should be working correctly.
  10. Install the new version of VMware Tools. See Installing VMware Tools for details.

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