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Configuring a Virtual Network

VMware Workstation provides virtual networking components that let you create a wide range of configurations.

If you select the Typical setup path in the New Virtual Machine Wizard when you create a virtual machine, the wizard sets up bridged networking for the virtual machine. You can choose any of the common configurations — bridged networking, network address translation (NAT) and host-only networking — by selecting the Custom setup path. The wizard then connects the virtual machine to the appropriate virtual network.

You can set up more specialized configurations by choosing the appropriate settings in the virtual machine settings editor, in the Virtual Network Editor (on Windows hosts) and on your host computer.

On a Windows host, the software needed for all networking configurations is installed when you install VMware Workstation. On a Linux host, all components are available if you choose to have both bridged and host-only networking available to your virtual machines at the time you install VMware Workstation.

The first topics in this section give you a quick look at the virtual networking components that VMware Workstation provides and show how you can use them with your virtual machine. The rest of the section provides more detail on some networking capabilities and specialized configurations.

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