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Installing VMware Workstation 5 on a Windows Host

Getting started with VMware Workstation is simple. The key steps are

1. Install the VMware Workstation software as described in Installing Workstation on a Windows Host.

2. Start VMware Workstation and enter your serial number.

You need to do this only once — during the installation process when prompted or through Help > Enter Serial Number.

If you don't already have a serial number from a previous installation, the installer prompts you for the serial number during installation. If you choose not to enter the serial number during installation, you can enter it later by going to Help > Enter Serial Number.

3. Create a virtual machine using the New Virtual Machine Wizard. See Creating a New Virtual Machine.

4. Install a guest operating system in the new virtual machine. You need the installation media (CD-ROM or floppy disks) for your guest operating system. See Installing a Guest Operating System and VMware Tools.

5. Install the VMware Tools package in your virtual machine for enhanced performance. See Installing VMware Tools.

6. Start using your virtual machine.

Before you begin, be sure you have

  • A computer and host operating system that meet the system requirements for running VMware Workstation. See Host System Requirements.
  • The VMware Workstation installation software. If you bought the packaged distribution of VMware Workstation, the installation software is on the CD in your package. If you bought the electronic distribution, the installation software is in the file you downloaded.
  • Your VMware Workstation serial number. The serial number is included in the VMware Workstation package or in the email message confirming your electronic distribution order.
  • The installation CD or disks for your guest operating system.
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