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Creating a Linked Clone From a Template

— When you create a linked clone of a template virtual machine, the Clone Virtual Machine Wizard includes several special options.

To create a linked clone from a template:

1. Select the virtual machine to use as a parent of your linked clone.

2. Verify that the parent has at least one snapshot. Open the snapshot manager and create a snapshot if none exists.

3. Verify that template mode has been enabled.

See Protecting the Parent of Linked Clones.

4. With the virtual machine still selected, launch the Clone Virtual Machine Wizard.

5. Click Next to display the Clone Source panel.

6. Select a snapshot from the drop-down menu and click Next.

Link to w_clone_source_template.png

Note: The wizard does not allow you to clone from the current state when the virtual machine has template mode enabled.

7. Name the linked clone and click Finish.

Workstation creates the linked clone and displays a status panel.

8. Click Done to exit the wizard.

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