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Adding Floppy Drives to a Virtual Machine

You can add floppy drives to your virtual machine, to a total of two floppy drives. A virtual floppy drive can connect to a physical floppy drive on the host computer, to an existing floppy image file or to a blank floppy image file.

Adding a Floppy Drive

1. Open the virtual machine settings editor (VM > Settings) and click Add to start the Add Hardware Wizard.

2. Click Floppy Drive, then click Next.

3. Select what you want to connect to — a physical floppy drive on the host computer, an existing floppy image file or a new floppy image file. Click Next.

4. If you selected Use a physical floppy drive, choose the drive's letter (on a Windows host) or device name (on a Linux host) from the drop-down list, then click Finish.

If you selected Use a floppy image, type the path and filename for the floppy image file you want to use or click Browse to navigate to the file. Click Finish.

If you selected Create a blank floppy image, use the default path and filename or type in a new one. To navigate to a location, click Browse. When the field contains the path and filename you want to use for the new floppy image file, click Finish.

Note: By default, only one floppy drive is enabled in the virtual machine's BIOS. If you are adding a second floppy drive to the virtual machine, click inside the virtual machine window and press F2 as the virtual machine boots to enter the BIOS setup utility. On the main screen, choose Legacy Diskette B: and use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys on the numerical keypad to select the type of floppy drive you want to use. Then press F10 to save your changes and close the BIOS setup utility.

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