VMware Workstation 5.0

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Configuring with vmware-config.pl

Use vmware-config.pl to configure your installation of VMware Workstation.

Note: If you run the RPM installer, you need to run this program separately from the command line. If you install from the tar archive, the installer offers to launch the configuration program for you. Answer Yes when you see the prompt.

Required Configuration Changes

Configuration with vmware-config.pl is required in the following circumstances:

  • When you install VMware Workstation the first time.
  • When you upgrade your version of Workstation.
  • When you upgrade your host operating system kernel. (It is not necessary to reinstall VMware Workstation after you upgrade your kernel.)
  • To reconfigure the networking options for VMware Workstation — for example, to add or remove host-only networking.
  • Location of vmware-config.pl

    The installer places vmware-config.pl in /usr/bin. If /usr/bin is not in your default path, run the program with the following command:

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