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Startup Options on a Linux Host

The following list describes various options available when you run VMware Workstation from the command line on a Linux host operating system.

VMware [-x] [-X] [-q] [-s <variablename>=<value>]
[-m] [-v] [/<path_to_config>/<config>.virtual machinex ]
[X toolkit options ]

You can type these commands manually in a terminal window, or create scripts to run multiple commands.




Automatically powers on the virtual machine when VMware Workstation starts. This is equivalent to clicking the Power On button in the VMware Workstation toolbar.


Automatically powers on the virtual machine, then switches the VMware Workstation window to full screen mode.


Closes the virtual machine's tab when the virtual machine powers off. If no other virtual machine is open, it also exits VMware Workstation. This is particularly useful when the guest operating system is capable of powering off the virtual machine.


Sets the specified variable to the specified value. Any variable names and values that are valid in the configuration file may be specified on the command line with the -s switch.


Starts the program in quick switch mode on a Linux host.


Displays the product name, version and build number.


Launches a virtual machine using the specified configuration file.

X toolkit options can be passed as arguments, although some of them (most notably the size and title of the VMware Workstation window) cannot be overridden.

X toolkit options are not relevant on a Windows host.

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