VMware Workstation 5.0

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Displaying the Console View

The console view for an active virtual machine is like the monitor screen of a hardware PC.

Link to w_main_window.png

Windows host console window

Link to l_main_pwron.png

Linux host console window

When a virtual machine is active, the name of the virtual machine — or the name of the team it is on, if any — is always displayed in a tab at the top of the console. To switch from the active virtual machine or team, click the tab of another virtual machine or team. You can use the console tabs in the windowed view, and also in the quick switch view.

Link to w_summary_tabs.png

Tabs make it easy to switch among active virtual machines (Windows host)

Displaying Multiple Virtual Machines at the Same Time

If you want to view more than one virtual machine when they are not all on the same team, you can open multiple Workstation windows and launch one or more virtual machines in each Workstation window. Alternately you can use a team to coordinate and use multiple virtual machines within a single console window. See Displaying Teams for a complete description of the console view for teams.

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