VMware Workstation 5.0

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Displaying the Summary View

When you select a tab for a powered-off virtual machine or team, Workstation displays a summary of the configuration information about that item. Workstation also displays a summary for a suspended virtual machine or team.

Link to w_ws_inactive_vm.png

Summary view for a virtual machine (Windows host)

You can examine settings in the Summary view at any time by clicking the Summary toolbar button. However, some settings can be changed only when the virtual machine or team is powered off (not running or suspended). See Adding, Configuring, and Removing Devices in a Virtual Machine or Editing Team Settings for information about editing settings.

Note: Summary tabs are displayed only for virtual machines that are currently open. To open a virtual machine that is not displayed, choose File > Open > Virtual Machine, navigate to the virtual machine's .vmx file, and select Open. The summary/console tab remains visible as long as the virtual machine remains open.

The Status Bar —

In the Summary view, messages from VMware Workstation appear in the status bar, at the bottom left of the summary window.

Link to w_guest_dotools.png

The status bar

For example, the status bar displays an alert if the version of VMware Tools in a virtual machine does not match your version of Workstation.

The status bar displays an icon for each removable device. On a Windows host, you can right-click an icon to disconnect it or edit its configuration.

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