VMware Workstation 5.0

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Overview of the VMware Workstation Window

A VMware Workstation virtual machine is like a separate computer that runs in a window on your physical computer. However, VMware Workstation displays more than the screen of a physical computer. From the Workstation window, you can access and run your virtual machines and teams, and switch easily from one to another.

This section shows you how to navigate and use the VMware Workstation window, and how to set up a list of favorites — virtual machines and teams that you use often and want to access quickly

To open the Workstation application, see Launching VMware Workstation.

To create a new virtual machine and install a guest operating system, see Creating a New Virtual Machine.

One Window or Many — Your Choice

In VMware Workstation 5, you can open multiple virtual machines in the same Workstation window. Or you can launch multiple instances of VMware Workstation. You can even run multiple instances of VMware Workstation and have more than one virtual machine in each window. Just be sure you have enough memory and processor power to handle the number of virtual machines you want to run.

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