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Process Priority (Windows Hosts Only)

Process priority determines the precedence that the Windows process scheduler gives to your virtual machines when mouse and keyboard input are going to a particular virtual machine and when input is not going to that virtual machine.

You can adjust these settings to improve overall system performance based on the relative priority of work you are doing in various virtual machines and on the host computer.

To change the settings for a particular virtual machine, and override the global settings, open the virtual machine you want to adjust, choose VM > Settings, click the Options tab, select Advanced, then use the drop-down lists under Process priorities to make the setting you want for that virtual machine.

There is no corresponding setting on a Linux host.


If you select Take and restore snapshots in the background, you can continue using your virtual machine even when Workstation is taking or restoring a snapshot. Enabling background snapshots for a host with slow hard disks may affect performance. If you experience significant performance problems when taking or restoring snapshots, turn off this option.

Workstation supports only one background snapshot process at a time for a virtual machine. If you take or restore a second snapshot before a previous snapshot operation completes for the same virtual machine, Workstation displays a progress bar until the previous snapshot operation completes. Then the second snapshot operation continues in the background.

A virtual machine that is powered on does not recognize any change to this check box until you restart that virtual machine.

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