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Setting the UUID for a Virtual Machine that Is Being Moved

If you plan to move a virtual machine and want it to have the same UUID it did before the move, you must note the UUID being used before the move and add that UUID to the configuration file after the move. Follow these steps:

1. Before moving the virtual machine, examine its configuration file. You need to use a text editor. The configuration file is located in your virtual machine's directory; the file has a .vmx extension.

2. If the virtual machine's UUID has been set to a specific value, the configuration file has a line that begins with uuid.bios. Note the 128-bit hexadecimal value that follows. This is the value you should use in the new location.

3. If there is no line beginning with uuid.bios, look for the line that begins with uuid.location and note the 128-bit hexadecimal value that follows it.

4. Move the virtual machine's files to the new location.

5. Start the virtual machine, then shut it down.

6. Edit the virtual machine's configuration file to add a uuid.bios line, as described in Specifying a UUID for a Virtual Machine. Set the value of uuid.bios to the value you recorded in step 2.

7. Start the virtual machine. It should now have the same UUID as it did before the move.

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