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Moving a Workstation 5 Virtual Machine to a New Host

1. Make sure VMware Workstation is installed and working correctly on the new host computer.

2. Create a directory for the virtual machine you are moving. Locate the virtual disk files you are moving and copy them into the new directory. Be sure to copy all the files in the virtual machine's original directory. If you stored any files in directories other than the virtual machine directory, be sure to move them into a directory of the same name and same position relative to the location of the virtual machine.

If, for some reason, you are not moving a file, make sure you do not have any paths pointing to that file. Use the virtual machine settings editor and check to see if your virtual machine is pointing to the correct location for files you do not move. In the virtual machine settings editor, select each device and be sure that any devices with associated files are pointed to the correct files. Also, check the Options tab to be sure the location for the redo-log file is correct.

Note: If you have taken a snapshot of the virtual machine, be sure to move all files in the virtual machine's directory.

3. Start VMware Workstation and open the virtual machine you just moved. Choose File > Open, then browse to the virtual machine's configuration (.vmx) file.

See What Files Make Up a Virtual Machine? for a description of the files that you are moving.

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