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Setting Up a Second Bridged Network Interface on a Linux Host

If you have two Ethernet adapters installed on your host computer, connected to two different networks, you may want your virtual machines on that host computer to bridge to both Ethernet adapters so the virtual machines can access either or both physical networks.

When you install VMware Workstation on a host computer with multiple Ethernet adapters, you have the option of configuring more than one bridged network. You can also configure additional bridged networks at any time by rerunning

1. On the host computer, become root (su -) and run the VMware Workstation configuration program.


2. If you have more than one physical Ethernet adapter, one of the prompts you see is similar to this:

The following bridged networks have been defined:
. vmnet0 is bridged to eth0
Do you wish to configure another bridged network? (yes/no) [no]

Enter yes.

3. If you have additional physical Ethernet adapters not yet connected to a bridged network, the prompt is repeated, showing information about all currently configured bridged networks.

4. When you have set up all the bridged networks you want, enter no.

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