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Converting a VirtualPC Virtual Machine

VMware Virtual Machine Importer is a separate downloadable application that creates a new VMware virtual machine from a Microsoft VirtualPC virtual machine in a few simple steps.

You must install Virtual Machine Importer to use this procedure. The most up-to-date instructions appear the Virtual Machine Importer User's Manual. See http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vm_importer_manual.pdf to download the Virtual Machine Importer manual.

To migrate a VirtualPC virtual machine:

1. Ensure the VirtualPC virtual machine is powered off.

Note: You cannot migrate a virtual machine while it is operating.

2. Launch Virtual Machine Importer to start the wizard.

Start > Programs > VMware > Virtual Machine Importer

3. From the opening panel, click Next.

Link to vmi_01welcome.png

4. Select the configuration and click Next.

Link to vmi_02config.png

5. Browse (or type the path) to the source VirtualPC virtual machine. Click Next.

Link to vmi_03source.png

Virtual Machine Importer inspects the file momentarily.

Link to vmi_03source_inspect.png

6. Browse or type the path to the location you want to create a VMware virtual machine and click Next.

Link to vmi_04target.png

7. If you did not select Custom in step 4, skip to step 9.

Select the format of the virtual machine.

Link to vmi_06_custom_format.png

  • Select New if you want to use the virtual machine only with Workstation 5.0.
  • Select Legacy if you want to use the virtual machine with Workstation 4, ESX 2.x, GSX Server 3.x or ACE 1.x.
  • Click Next.

    8. Select the import options for the new virtual machine

    Link to vmi_07_custom_import_opt.png

  • Make a complete copy of the source virtual machine — This creates a VMware virtual machine with no dependencies on the original VirtualPC virtual machine.
  • Link to the existing virtual machine — This creates a VMware virtual machine that shares the virtual disk of the source VirtualPC virtual machine. This option is disabled if you chose to create a legacy virtual machine in step 7.
  • Caution: Linking to the disk file is faster than making a complete copy, but selecting this option means your VMware virtual machine can stop functioning if you ever use the source virtual machine in VirtualPC again.

    Click Next.

    9. Review the description of the migration settings. To make changes, click Back. When you are satisfied with the settings, click Next.

    Link to vmi_05summary.png

    Virtual Machine Importer creates a VMware virtual machine from the source VirtualPC.

    Link to vmi_08progress.png

    A progress bar appears. To stop the migration, click Cancel.

    The migration process can often take more than a minute per gigabyte of disk space of the migrated virtual machine. When the migration is complete, Virtual Machine Importer displays a completion dialog box.

    Link to vmi_09complete.png

    10. To use the virtual machine immediately, select Start my virtual machine now. Virtual Machine Importer then launches VMware Workstation when it closes.

    11. Click Finish.

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