VMware Workstation 5.0

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VMware Workstation on a Linux Host

Note: The items in this section describe performance of VMware Workstation on a Linux host. For tips on configuring VMware Workstation on a Windows host, see VMware Workstation on a Windows Host.

Using Full Screen Mode

Full screen mode is faster than window mode. As a result, if you do not need to have your virtual machine and your host sharing the screen, try switching to full screen mode.

Note: The extreme case of this is VGA mode. VGA mode is any mode in which the screen is in text mode (DOS, for example, or Linux virtual terminals), or 16-color 640 x 480 graphics mode (for example, the Windows 95 or Windows 98 clouds boot screen or any guest operating system that is running without the SVGA driver provided by VMware Tools).

On a Linux host, full screen VGA mode uses the underlying video card directly, so graphics performance is quite close to that of the host. By contrast, window mode VGA requires more computer resources to emulate than window mode SVGA. As a result, if you need to run for an extended period of time in VGA mode (for example, when you are installing an operating system using a graphical installer) you should see a significant performance boost if you run in full screen mode.

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