VMware Workstation 5.0

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Snapshots and Legacy Virtual Machines

When you power on a virtual machine created in Workstation 3 or 4, a dialog box gives you the choice to upgrade the virtual machine or to leave the virtual machine unchanged. For full Workstation 5 functionality, you must upgrade. If you do not upgrade, whenever you power on the legacy virtual machine, Workstation 5 offers you the choice to upgrade.

Upgrading Legacy Virtual Machines to Workstation 5

You can upgrade a legacy virtual machine from Workstation 3 or Workstation 4 to VMware Workstation 5. Any snapshot of the upgraded virtual machine is upgraded, and commands for multiple snapshots become available.

Note: An upgraded snapshot retains disk contents, but discards memory contents. When you power on that snapshot, it appears as if the virtual machine has crashed.

Using Legacy Virtual Machines without Upgrading

If you choose not to upgrade, you preserve the ability to use the virtual machine in older Workstation 3 or 4, but in Workstation 5 there is no snapshot functionality allowed. When you open a legacy virtual machine in Workstation 5, you see a warning message to this effect.

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