VMware Workstation 5.0

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Creating a Virtual Machine for Use in Full Screen Switch Mode

To create new virtual machines, you must run VMware Workstation in standard mode. The instructions in this section assume that you are creating the virtual machines on a separate administrative computer. However you may, if you prefer, create the virtual machines directly on the user's computer.

Create the new virtual machine following the instructions in Creating a New Virtual Machine. Be sure to make the following choices:

  • In step 5, select Custom to perform a custom installation.
  • In step 8, make a note of the folder in which you create the virtual machine. You must copy all the files in this folder to the user's computer after you finish creating and configuring the virtual machine.
  • In step 15, specify the desired size for the virtual disk and select Allocate all disk space now. This selection is not required, but it is strongly recommended. If you do not make this selection and the host computer's hard disk runs out of space for a growing virtual disk file, the user sees no warning message and does not know what is causing the problem in the virtual machine.
  • Make all needed configuration settings before you configure the user's computer to launch VMware Workstation when the computer starts. You cannot change Virtual Machine Settings using the virtual machine settings editor when VMware Workstation is running in full screen switch mode. You may find it most convenient to finish configuring the virtual machine and to install the guest operating system and application software before you move the virtual machine to the user's computer.

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