VMware Workstation 5.0

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The Active Virtual Machine

Team Thumbnails

When a team is powered on, the team console displays thumbnail views of all team members in a row at the top of the console. You may have to scroll the thumbnails to view all your virtual machines on a large team. The thumbnails are displayed in the same order as the team's start-up sequence, starting on the left with the first virtual machine in the sequence.

Workstation updates thumbnails in real time, to display the actual content of the virtual machine screens. The active virtual machine — the one appearing in the lower pane of the console — is represented by the VMware icon.

Workstation menus and commands directly affect only the active virtual machine, and you can use the mouse and keyboard to interact directly with the active virtual machine.

Changing the Active Virtual Machine

Click a thumbnail of a virtual machine to make the virtual machine active. The virtual machine you clicked appears in the lower pane of the console, and its thumbnail becomes the VMware icon.

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