VMware Workstation 5.0

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Teams Overview

VMware Workstation teams allow you to set up a virtual computer lab on one host computer. You can now power on multiple associated virtual machines with a single click.

Team virtual machines can use networking just as other virtual machines can. In addition, team members can communicate in private networks called LAN segments. LAN segments are completely independent of — and invisible to — the host computer's network.

Team settings control the start-up order and timing for team virtual machines. you can set up specific delays between booting virtual machines so the host CPU load is spread out. Teams automatically launch virtual machines in the right order, with delays that you specify to ensure that each virtual machine stabilizes before the next virtual machine boots.

You can use teams to

  • Virtualize multitier environments — Start separate client, server, and database virtual machines with one click. Configure start-up delay times so clients don't submit queries before the server is ready.
  • Virtualize multiple-machine testing environments — Set up a software package for QA on a virtual machine, and configure automation on other virtual machines to test the first.
  • Virtualize network performance and securityLAN segments offer enhanced performance and security. A team LAN segment is fully contained — undetectable and inaccessible from any other network, inside or outside the team. Team networking lets you
  • Isolate a team completely from the host network
  • Create a virtual DMZ or proxy server to securely bridge the team members to the outside network
  • Allow specific network bandwidth and packet loss to each virtual machine on the team
  • Connect all team members fully to host resources
  • You control all traffic allowed between the host network and team virtual machines

  • Monitor multiple virtual machinesUse thumbnail views of the virtual machine displays to review activity on team virtual machines simultaneously.
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