VMware Workstation 5.0

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LAN Segments

To configure LAN segments

1. Choose Team > Settings.

2. Click LAN Segments.

Link to w_tset_lsetbak.png

From this tab you can add, remove, and rename the LAN segments configured for the team. You can also configure network transmission properties for the LAN segment from this tab.

The list in the left pane displays LAN segments associated with the team. Click a name to select the LAN segment you want to configure.

The right pane displays parameters for the physical properties of the emulated LAN segment link.

  • Name — The name of the LAN segment.
  • To change the name, type a new name in the Name field.

  • Bandwidth — A drop-down menu of bandwidths for typical network links.
  • To change the bandwidth by connection type, choose another connection type from the drop-down menu.

  • Kbps — In this field you can set a custom bandwidth — one that is different from the choices in the Bandwidth menu. Changes here are overwritten when you make a selection from the Bandwidth menu.
  • To change the bandwidth, type a number into the field.

  • Packet Loss — A specification of the efficiency or faultiness of the link, measured in the percentage of packets lost from the total number of packets transmitted.
  • To change the packet loss setting, type a number into the field.

    Click OK to save your changes. Click Cancel to discard your changes.

    Note: LAN settings changes are ignored by virtual machines that are currently running. Changes to LAN settings become active for a given virtual machine only after that virtual machine is powered on, reset, or resumed.

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