VMware Workstation 5.0

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The Startup Sequence

In the start-up sequence, you can specify

  • The order in which team virtual machines start and stop — Team virtual machines start one at a time, in the order you set in the start-up sequence. Setting the start-up sequence is useful, for example, if you have a virtual machine that runs an application to be tested and you want it to start before the virtual machines running an automated testing script.
  • The delay between team members in the sequenceYou can set the time that Workstation delays after starting or stopping a virtual machine, before starting or stopping the next virtual machine in the sequence. This delay can be useful to reduce the load on the host CPU, and to allow applications on a virtual machine to launch before another team virtual machine attempts to connect.
  • The start-up sequence applies to power on, power off, suspend, and resume operations.

  • Power on and resume operations for virtual machines occur in the order of the sequence shown in the team settings list.
  • Power off and suspend operations for virtual machines occur in the reverse of the order shown in the team settings list.
  • To set the start-up sequence for a team, see Changing the Start-Up Sequence for a Team.

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