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Linked Clones and Access to the Parent Virtual Machine

You cannot power on — or resume — a linked clone if Workstation fails to locate the parent virtual machine. This section discusses the following topics:

Moving a Linked Clone

You can move a linked clone or its parent within a file system or network, but you must ensure VMware Workstation can continue to access the clone and the parent virtual machine. For example, place the parent in a shared directory or on a network file server so Workstation can use the linked clone from any host computer with network access.

See Moving and Sharing Virtual Machines for a discussion of moving virtual machines.

Example: Using a Linked Clone on a Disconnected Laptop

If you put a linked clone on a laptop, and the parent remains on another machine, the clone can be used only when the laptop connects to the network or drive where the parent is stored. If you want to use a cloned virtual machine on a disconnected laptop, you must use a full clone or you must move the parent virtual machine to the laptop.

Protecting the Parent of Linked Clones

To prevent anyone from deleting the parent virtual machine for a linked clone, you can designate the parent as a template. The two parts of the process are discussed in the following sections:

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