VMware Workstation 5.5

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Legacy Virtual Disks

VMware Workstation 5 introduces features that were not available in previously released VMware products. See What's New in Version 5 for a list of these features.

Workstation 5 achieves its new functionality by using a new virtual machine format, a format that is not compatible with the legacy disk format used by these VMware applications:

  • Workstation 4.x
  • GSX Server 3.x
  • ESX Server 2.x
  • VMware ACE 1.x
  • VMware Workstation 5 does work with legacy virtual disks, allowing easy integration into environments using these other VMware products.

    The following sections discuss your options for using Workstation 5 in a mixed environment with legacy virtual machines created in Workstation 4.x, GSX Server 3.x, ESX Server 2.x or VMware ACE 1.x.

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