VMware Workstation 5.5

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Before Installing on a Linux Host

Before you begin, be sure you have

  • A computer and host operating system that meet the system requirements for running VMware Workstation. See Host System Requirements.
  • The VMware Workstation installation software. If you bought the packaged distribution of VMware Workstation, the installation software is on the CD in your package. If you bought the electronic distribution, the installation software is in the file you downloaded.
  • Your VMware Workstation serial number. The serial number is included in the VMware Workstation package or in the email message confirming your electronic distribution order.
  • The installation CD or disks for your guest operating system.
  • Check the following notes and make any necessary adjustments to the configuration of your host operating system.

  • vmware-distrib — If you have a previous tar installation, delete the previous vmware-distrib directory before installing from a tar file again. The default location of this directory is /tmp/vmware-distrib
  • Clock — The real-time clock function must be compiled into your Linux kernel.
  • Parallel port — VMware Workstation for Linux requires that the parallel port PC-style hardware option (CONFIG_PARPORT_PC) be built and loaded as a kernel module (that is, it must be set to m when the kernel is compiled).
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