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Checking for Product Updates

VMware Workstation checks automatically to see if updates for the product are available. By default, it checks once a week, at the time you launch Workstation. You can change the interval for the automatic checks, and you can check manually at any time by choosing Help > Check for Updates on the Web, or by clicking Check now in Edit > Preferences > Workspace.

To have VMware Workstation check for updates automatically.

1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Workspace.

2. On the Check for software Updates drop-down menu, set the interval.

The choices are: Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

On Linux hosts, the Software updates section of the Workspace tab shows the time and result of the most recent automatic check for updates, and the time of the next scheduled check. To check manually for product updates at any time, click Check now.

Note: Checking for product updates works only if the host computer is connected to the Internet.

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