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Preparing Your Workstation 4 Virtual Machine for the Move

1. Use VMware Workstation 4 to open the virtual machine.

2. Be sure the guest operating system is completely shut down. If the virtual machine is suspended, resume it, then shut down the guest operating system.

3. Do one of the following:

  • If you are moving the virtual machine to a new host and have a network connection between the original host machine and the new host, you are finished with the preparations on the original host. Otherwise, you need to have a way of moving the virtual disk (.vmdk) files from the virtual machine's directory to the new host. You could move them to a shared network directory, for example, or burn them to CD-ROMs if they are not too large.
  • Once you know how you are going to move the virtual machine, go to Moving a Workstation 4 Virtual Machine to a New Host Machine.

  • If you are moving this virtual machine to another directory on the same host, you are ready to make the move. Copy all the files in the virtual machine's original directory to the new location. If you stored any files in directories other than the virtual machine directory, be sure to move them into a directory of the same name and same position relative to the location of the virtual machine.
  • 4. Start VMware Workstation 5 and open the virtual machine you just moved. Choose File > Open, then browse to the virtual machine's configuration (.vmx) file.

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