VMware Workstation 5.5

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Host Virtual Adapter

The host virtual adapter is a virtual Ethernet adapter that appears to your host operating system as a VMware virtual Ethernet adapter on a Windows host and as a host-only interface on a Linux host. The host virtual adapter allows you to communicate between your host computer and the virtual machines on that host computer. The host virtual adapter is used in host-only and NAT configurations.

The host virtual adapter is not connected to any external network unless you set up special software on the host computer — a proxy server, for example — to connect the host-only adapter to the physical network adapter.

The software that creates the host virtual adapter is installed when you install VMware Workstation (on a Linux host, you must choose to make host-only networking available to your virtual machines). A host virtual adapter is then created automatically when you boot the host computer.

You can set up additional host virtual adapters as needed.

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